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I can't tell you how amazingly thankful I feel today while I tell you that all of you guys voted this little site to be a finalist for Best Home Projects & DIY Blog for The Homies! Thank you thank you thank you! I haven't posted about this here yet because I think I was afraid to jinx it... is that even a thing still? You know now that we aren't in 1985 anymore... 

I hate to ask for your vote but it would mean so very much to this little site if I might win something like this. It would bring many new readers, more traffic and a bit of credibility for all of our hard work here! I hope you will take a second and lend us your time! It's really simple to register, takes only seconds and they won't spam you, I promise. Then please cast your vote for TDC and I will loves you tons for ever and ever... 

Thank you, sincerely management (you like that? sounds professional doesn't it?)

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