It seems that regardless of your preferred design style, there is a fabulous version of it floating around the interwebs (aka pinterest...duh) that is bathed in the most beautiful white light. I took me until last week to realize that part of this amazing 'lightness and brightness' comes from white walls! I know, I'm slow... #newbornbabymamadrama

The more I perused my inspiration boards on Pinterest and my saved images on my computer, the more I realized that virtually ALL of my most favorite spaces have white walls! Gah! I kind of always considered myself a sophisticated gray paint on the walls kinda gal. Who knew I was actually a purist... ya it's a real thing. You see a design purist believes that the art and decor should be the spotlight of the room and the color of the walls should actually simply fade away behind this drama. Now I won't go crazy on the all white kick and say that paint on the walls is terrible in any way shape or form. No, in truth, as a renter I envy those design and DIY bloggers out there who get to paint their walls in any way they like. Heck I adore a good striped wall and want one in the worst way! Yes it's true and it's straight up envy. But what will I do when I have this option in the future? Now I'm truly not sure. I think I need to start listening to my inner designer a bit more than I currently do. I am clearly, and have been for a while now I think, living in a design bubble based on a lie. I don't always go for high contrast, blues and greens and yellows (as we discovered here) and gray on the walls... No. As it turns out I like corals and pinks and white walls a plenty... seriously you guys I feel like I don't even know my design self. Every time I take a closer look I'm shocked by what I find...

How about you guys? Are any of you ever surprised by what you actually like versus what you have always believed yourself to like?

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I always try my best to find the original sources, but that is much easier said than done sometimes. Especially when people pin from tumblr...sheesh folks.. please click on the image to go to the post and THEN pin so it returns to the pinned image and not page 40 out of one billion never to be seen again! end rant....

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