The perfect holiday for me is one that is warm, cozy and festive and yet doesn’t add any unnecessary effort or stress to an already chaotic time of year. It should be more about the experience and less about over the top and time consuming décor that gets in the way of memory making and time with my family.

Faux Fur Stool / Snowflake Tall Tumbler / Snowflake Short TumblerMercury Glass Salad Plate / Gold Porcelain Dipping Bowl / Gold Glitter Tree Large / Gold Glitter Tree Small / Polar Bear Figurine

I think achieving this elusive balance is always the goal for me, with our busy lives, large extended family and no less than 16 birthdays between the months of October and January. Of course this is certainly much easier said than done, most of the time. 

White + Gold Candle Holders - In Store Only

This year I have held hard and fast to this notion of an easy and effortless holiday and have decorated with gorgeous holiday décor from my BFF’s at Target. Their holiday collection blends seamlessly with my existing everyday décor and will look amazing well after the holidays are over and I still haven’t managed to take things down. This is of course a crucial component in my plan for less chaos and stress.  

White Small Candle Holder / White Large Candle Holder / Gold Small Candle Holder / Gold Large Candle Holder

If everything I add to my home will look just as good in February as it will in December, then it is a keeper in my book. I have found that the ideal balance between effortless holiday décor and capturing that warm holiday feeling, for me, is in fact a streamlined smattering of festive details and is how I define a modern holiday. My modern holiday is easy and carefree and still looks amazing alongside all of the décor I have worked so hard to create during the rest of the year. 

Bottle Brush Tree Large / Bottle Brush Tree Small / Happy Holidays Glittery Garland / 4.5' Prelit Tree

Sometimes keeping things simple means getting creative with my décor. I like to add a handmade touch to my tree and mantle, but I don’t always have the time to do this. This year I let the folks at Target do the heavy lifting for me, and I added those handmade touches by choosing decorations that are unique and made from natural materials. Glittery paper garlands hung from the mantle and cut into sections to adorn my tree add just the right amount of texture and don’t require any significant time investment on my part. Perhaps semi-homemade is a more appropriate turn of phrase as even some adorable wooden snowflake and tree shaped gift tags I found became the most gorgeous ornaments. Beautiful bottle brush trees grace my hearth and add a bit of that wintery feeling with ease and elegance. I used shimmery tablecloth for a tree skirt and added just the right amount of shine without stealing the show.


A cookies and milk station for Santa along with a note from each of my boys is always a holiday favorite in our house. The holiday dinner and barware pieces in this collection make this experience just a bit more special and filled with the type of holiday spirit that I truly adore which is that of gorgeous details and stylish holiday fun.

Faux Fur Stool / Snowflake Tall Tumbler / Snowflake Short Tumbler / Mercury Glass Salad Plate / Gold Porcelain Dipping Bowl / Gold Glitter Tree Large / Gold Glitter Tree Small / Polar Bear Figurine

My home is both festive and carefree with these easy holiday pieces and it has taken much of the thought and effort out of the process. I could not be more glad of that… now that I am finished with most of my holiday chores, I’m off to sit by the fire and watch my boys fight over who gets to redecorate the tree for the eighteenth time. Please tell me your kiddos do this too? It’s a wonder anything ever stays in the same spot longer than a minute. At least if everything coordinates, I suppose it doesn’t matter much if my holiday trimmings end up in a different place every hour on the hour, and it certainly makes things fun for my babes to get involved in dressing our home this time of year.

Faux Fur Throw / Fur Pillow / Bottle Brush Tree / Glittery Garland / Silver Garland / Tablecloth

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The Design Confidential Gifted // Handmade Gift Guide for Spreading the Holiday Cheer

Sometimes it is the people who are not family, that are the hardest to shop for! You know... those folks who you want to give a little something special to, but that you don't necessarily know well enough to give something very personal or personalized to... or those folks who are a family and where the gift needs to suit multiple people, sometimes with a very wide age range and taste. This is where I think spreading some holiday cheer is in order.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

I have rounded up a few of my faves for spreading some happy holiday spirit. This collection of items also happens to be perfect for keeping on hand so that you can reciprocate in kindness for those occasional unexpected gifts and people that surprise you! It would be amazing to have the foresight to buy these early, which I typically don't, or even after the holidays to stock up for the following year! I have a whole series of collections in my shoppe for just such a thing, and an expanded list of holiday cheer in the form of a pinterest board.

I would love to know some of your go-to gifts for spreading holiday cheer! Let's swap ideas!

If you are shopping for the boys, check out My Gift Guide for the Guys, my Gifted // Guys Shoppe collection and Gifted for Guys Pinterest Board

If you are shopping for the girls, check out My Gift Guide for the Gals, my Gifted // Gals Shoppe collection and Gifted for Gals Pinterest Board.

Gifted // Handmade Gift Guide for the Gals

For all of the girls on your list this year... a few of my favorite handmade gifts that I would love to receive (hint, hint to the mister in my house). Many of the items in my shoppe are made by independent makers all over the world, so if you are a last minute shopper then you can simply shop local from the makers in your area. Cool, right?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

I have rounded up dozens of gorgeous goods in my Shoppe that are perfect for the Gals you need to buy for, whether family or friends there is something special for everyone and this list is just the tip of the iceberg babes! For an expanded list of gifted perfection, check out my Gifted for Gals pinterest board. All items are perfect for your most special gal all year round and will help me keep track of what I would love to buy for my fam and friends as well! Yahoo.

Psst... is gifting two lucky shoppers their entire order EVERY day through the 16th! So go forth and shop small business and get your girls something handmade and fabulous!

If you are shopping for the boys, check out My Gift Guide for the Guys, my Gifted // Guys Shoppe collection and Gifted for Guys Pinterest Board

The Design Confidential Gifted // Handmade Gift Guide for the Guys

Happy Cyber Monday and first day of December my friends! I hope those of you in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving and stuffed yourselves silly! Did you head out into the hustle and bustle on Black Friday or do you prefer to shop from the safety of your own computer? I am definitely not a crowd loving kind of gal so in true form I have shopped my fingers to the bone with all of the amazing deals out there! This year I am focusing more on handmade and specialty gifts rather than what I am typically forced to do for my video game and Lego loving kiddos. I am thinking many of you are feeling the same need to keep things centered this year and prefer to shop small, so I have rounded up a few of my handmade faves for the boys. Head on over to shop the entirety of my handmade gift guide for the guys and I am working on a Pinterest board filled with both handmade and specialty retail gifts alike. If you are looking for some exciting and unique gifts for the guys in your life, be sure to pop on over and check things out. I will be adding to it all week so check back often to see what I have rounded up! Yahoo...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

1 //.2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

Essentials from Target for The Design Confidential Feeling Fall // Essentials for Creating a Cozy Mantel

We had a brief moment last week, where the temperatures dropped slightly and it was rainy and overcast. It was glorious and just a taste of what is to come. It left me wanting nothing more than to sit by the fire and snuggle in with my boys. So naturally, my mantel is the first area of my home to get a seasonal update.

My favorite way to usher in any new season is to add a few easy pieces to my fireplace mantel that have the feel and color palette I am craving.  No major sweeping changes, just a smattering of new details to create the perfect ambiance. Target is my first stop when I need change in my home, and I never leave empty handed, or without an overflowing cart full of gorgeous décor. My recent field trip there to find some fabulous fall accessories for a seasonal update was no exception. I found so many amazing pieces to help me set the mood for the coming months.

This fall I am coveting simple and pared back decor with natural elements and warm subdued brassy touches. I always adore a timeless black and white look, and this season I am giving this classic a fresh take by adding neutral and natural decor, graphic geometric lines, and warm brassy metallic accessories.

Light Sparkle and Natural Elements from Target for The Design Confidential Feeling Fall // Essentials for Creating a Cozy Mantel

Must Have Essentials for bringing a warm and cozy feel to your Mantel //

Light / As the days begin to grow shorter and a the temperatures begin to drop, having more light and warmth in your home is necessary. I add a bit of both by lighting a fire in my fireplace. When a fire isn’t possible, I love to add an extra light fixture or two to my space. Since I love to do something unexpected, adding a lamp or pair of lamps to my mantel is one of my favorite ways to spice things up and add a bit more functionality to my room.

Subdued Sparkle / Since the Winter Holidays tend to require an overabundance of sparkle, by nature, I like to get my feet wet by adding a bit of warm subdued sparkle to my home during fall. Muted gold and brass is a great way to amp up that cozy feeling I am craving this time of year. The beautiful and unassuming ceramic bowl on the mantel provides just a hint of what's inside with it's gorgeous gold rimmed edge. 

Natural Elements / Nothing says fall to me like changing leaves and sparse branches so I love to add natural elements to my mantle, and bring a bit of the outdoors in. This creates the perfect textural layer to my decor.

Comfort and Simplicity from Target for The Design Confidential Feeling Fall // Essentials for Creating a Cozy Mantel

Comfort / As a family, we spend quite a bit of time on the floor. I suppose that comes with the territory when you have young children, especially boys. The boys are mesmerized by a nice fire in the fireplace, so adding a plush rug in front of the hearth and having a soft chunky cable-knit throw and several throw pillows within reach is the ideal way to entice the adults to join in and gather around to spend some quality time unplugged and enjoying each other.

Simplicity / With the chaos that is typical during the summer months, the Fall is when I want nothing more than simple uncluttered décor and life to move a slower pace. This time of year is my calm before the storm of the winter months, so unfussy surroundings that are easy to maintain and enjoy, bring me great pleasure.

Taste of Fall from Target for The Design Confidential Feeling Fall // Essentials for Creating a Cozy Mantel

Taste / We are a home filled entirely with boys, with the exception of me, so naturally food is something of a large focus here. The fall just happens to bring all of the flavors that I love most, from apple to pumpkin spice to every fall-inspired drink and baked good in between. These things provide a taste of the season that is so very welcome after the blistering summer months here. I always have healthy and easy to prepare food in my home, but during the fall this is one area where I love to do away with convenience and take the time to make and bake from scratch. It’s actually the only time of year I tend to do this so I try to keep these flavors close at hand and a cute accent table near the hearth is ideal for this. A well placed pitcher and ice bucket take an otherwise standard daily ritual to the next level and make it a bit more special. There is something magical about picking apples and choosing pumpkins as a family, and then making those fall fresh things into a sweet treat. It forces me to slow down and focus on nothing more than the task at hand and that is nearly impossible to do otherwise.

Are you excited to celebrate the cooler months? Do you have any family traditions that you are excited to rekindle once the fall season begins? How will you add a taste of fall to your home this season? I am a summertime loving gal, but it never fails that the soft metallics and natural elements of fall always pull me in. Bring on the gorgeous hues of changing leaves and a fire in the fireplace… I am finally ready.

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Décor for modern luxury made easy.

Bowl / Applique Pillow / Fur Pillow / Gold Wire and Wood Table / Spotted Ceramic Vase / Chunky Cable-Knit Throw / Stainless Steel Pitcher

Gathered Home Decor Goods Accessories Photography Horses Blanket Lighting Pillow from Makers in Green and Yellow Fall Tones for The Design Confidential Feature It's Friday I'm In Love // Green with Envy

We had rain! Two weeks ago now, and since then we have had temperatures in the upper 90's. Ugh. I am green with envy of those places that have cooled at least slightly. While I love my summertime, more than most, I am truly a tad tired of the heat. Sunshine I welcome any day of the week, but seriously it has been a bit more than even I care to indulge in. It seems we are stuck in limbo with leaves that want to change with the season but plants that are confused and have blossomed again. It is nothing if not odd. So while I lament the absence of lovely autumn inspired greens we typically see take over the otherwise golden rolling hills of El Dorado, and the gorgeous cool mornings with beautiful fall colors hanging on the trees... I will celebrate these long lost hues by loving on some gorgeous photography in foggy tones, indoor planters with an earthy feel, and lovely accessories in all the colors I seem to be lacking.

1 // Pampa Horse Black + White Prints 2 // Sweatshirt Plaid Green Blanket3 // Walnut and Beech Double Stripe Snack Bowls 4 // Ombre Yellow Striped Coasters 5 // Light Block 6 // Hand Woven Pillow 7 // Walsh Firewood Carrier 8 // Concrete Planters


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