It's Friday! Somehow as my boy has gotten a bit older and is now in school 5 days a week, I am so much more aware of the days and that means Fridays are now something I look forward to from first thing Monday morning on. It's kind of a bummer I have to admit. I think I preferred living in bliss and completely in ignorance of which day of the week it is or even what month, much of the time. But... such is life, right? 

As I have been working my fingers to the bone on some amazing projects here at the House of TDC (literally I'm afraid... bloody knuckles and all), I am dreaming about all of the things I would love to buy with the simple click of a button. Maybe if that tree right there was actually made of money, I could make it so... 

I am still loving the idea of a simplified and thoughtful space at the moment, filled only with items I love and that are useful to me. This hoop mirror has my heart (even though I seem to be anti-mirror at the moment) with it's easy minimal style and unfussy personality. Maybe because I'm feeling precisely the opposite of that right now - le sigh. Don't washed linen sheets sound so utterly luxurious? Maybe if I'm more intentional with each individual piece in my home, then one day when I grow up, those pieces might become a bit more luxe themselves... maybe. Who am I kidding.. this is entirely unlikely, but a gal can dream. Gorgeous ceramic mugs are right in line with how I envision my idyllic life, which is of course nothing even remotely close to my real life, which happens to be ridiculously out of control at the moment. This gorgeous tree via Daniella Witte isn't so much a product or a find as a beautiful reminder that baskets are a fabulous planter option and a lovely way to bring some texture into a space when baskets themselves might not otherwise work or be necessary. A narrow profile, adjustable, interesting, coat rack slash ladder looking cool thing with potentially multiple uses is exactly the kind of piece I absolutely need, adore and want. But it's these oversized neon wire baskets that are way out of my price range (now and forevermore) that I am completely obsessed with at the moment. Ugh. I could fill them with so many amazing things and I just know they would make me be so organized and on top of things, I might even be 15 minutes early to every meeting and fold all my laundry for a whole week... You see how that self-bargaining thing goes... It's all downhill from here folks. 

1 // 2 // 3 via D*S // 4 // 5 // 6


It's been a little while since we I've published some of my Friday loves at first site! Life has been absolute chaos these past few months, to say the least. But not to worry, I will be getting back into the swing of things again and hopefully we will be keeping a relatively consistent publication schedule once again! Maybe. Except for next week of course, since I will be traveling to Salt Lake City for ALT! Very excited... and also completely nervous and overwhelmed. Eek. 

This week I am utterly consumed with all things lighting and leather and all I can think of while I am so stressed out is escaping to someplace amazing with minty colored water and warm sandy beaches. This print is dreamy and fills me with a wanderlust that I would donate an organ to fulfill. Doesn't stress make you want to run away too? Let's run away together shall we? I would love to curl up in this rocker and read a book for a bit. It's amazing how life can get so overbooked that these little things that many people have the time to do, become a desire or in my case an obsession.  While this gorgeous quartz mirror is more art than functional item, it's stunning and I would love to see this sort of thing available to the general public. What gorgeous wall decor it would make, no? I have been focusing a bit on my kitchen lately, and I can't wait to share my plans with you, they will knock your socks off, to be sure. I am making it a point to pay attention to the smaller details, like these matte black tipped bamboo spoons, for this space since often times it's those that really make the area stand out!

What are you loving this week? Do you find that your loves are often influenced by your life and current events? If you would like to browse other editions of this series, click here.

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Feeling festive but not quite ready to put up a tree? Maybe you aren't working on the same holiday timeline retailers seem to be, and frankly who is... All the same, perhaps a bit of sparkle in your space might be just the thing to help bridge the gap between Fall and Winter without committing one way or the other. This roundup of gorgeous metallic pieces will actually work year round, so don't feel limited by the seasons for adding that extra bit of special to your place. After all, everyone loves a bit of shine... Image Source: West Elm

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

There is nothing more glamorous than a gilded tablescape and with accents of black and smoky metallic silver, I would be me over the moon in love. I adore a touch of the unexpected, and trust me when I say dark colors like black and gray are still, even in this modern day and age, a bit unexpected around the holidays. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

From brass to mercury glass and every gorgeous sparkly urchin in between, these pieces are phenomenal year round, but during the holiday season, they especially work well, regardless of which holiday you are focusing on.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Fun barware and a gilded ram are sure to be the talk of the town for your next holiday festivity. A few tips from the bottle service provided on the antique brass finish rye tray and honestly your party will be a hit regardless, but you may as well let it shine, and with sparkly decor dangling delicately nearby.


It's Friday! I would love to pretend that that means something around these parts, but in all honesty I barely ever know what day of the week it is except that I am vaguely aware of the days when my boy has school! Vaguely... At least I can say he makes it to school on time each day, but I can pretty much call it a day with that accomplishment. It's kind of a big one afterall. 

I'm channeling my inner Fall lover this week with items that have a subtle yet rich cognac hue to them, and a bit of a gray and overcast feeling. These pieces definitely suggest a foggy day in a cooler clime and while we aren't quite that, around these parts, we have definitely been having a bit of a cool down here. Bring on the holiday season... except that means for me, 87 birthdays along with the typical holidays... so maybe I'm not quite ready for that. Forget it... let's go back to summer. 

This playa print by Michelle Armas is a bit of a tease with it's summertime subject matter yet gloomy color palette. Perhaps that is exactly what I need! Confusion... This Round Glass Bottle with Antique Brass Cube Stopper reminds me of a gentlemen's club and sitting around the fire smoking cigars, and while that has nothing whatsoever to do with me, it reminices of fall gatherings to be sure. The Angles Pillow is the perfect fall accent piece with it's yellow velvet over grey tweed design. It would be stunning on the Milo Classic Leather and Brass Lounge Chair. The Kyra Cain Large Chargers would be fabulous as a decorative addition to a fall table setting without being to obviously fall themed. Of course they are way out of my price range, already sold, and collectors pieces, it would appear, but perhaps in a dream world where I had a money tree in my backyard this would be possible... a girl can dream can't she? 

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Project Image

It's that time again my sweet friends... yes the time to celebrate all that is good in the world of fabulous home decor! That is cause for celebration on it's own merit, but even more exciting are the items I am crushing on for this week! I am feeling a taste of fall creeping in with my current love of all things camel, copper and black and these pieces are all that and the whole damn bag of chips, am I right? 

This painting by Pierre Soulages is not actually available, that I am able to find, but I think this is something you could definitely DIY. If you are a tad fearful of your skills as an artist, this type of work is a great way to cut your teeth and get used to the feel of a brush in your hand! Mistakes will only look that much more abstract... go for it! The pendant light is so fabulous and surprisingly affordable! I was expecting something in the upper triple digits if you know what I mean. Such a statement piece... I love the idea of adding new stylish towels to your bath to give things a quick updated look for this 'season of change'. What better way to do that with than a little faux croc and camel colored goodness? Oh this little stool, it makes my heart sing I tell you... A perfect little side table to add that extra bit of surface to your space and a whole lot of style! Onyx flatware? Yes please.. You make my nonexistent dinner parties look so totally amazing! 

What are you coveting right now? Anything fall related? Or are you still hanging onto summer like I am... 

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Project Image

Kitchen Design is something I have not had the pleasure of doing in real life, from the ground up, at least not yet. But when I dream of my ideal kitchen I find my wish list is a mix of styles with most of the spendy splurges being in the technology department. I am a bit over the top in the idea arena, always have been. But so much time is spent in the kitchen that there are just some things that would truly make that time so enjoyable don't you think? I am going to share a few of my 'dream kitchen' features with you... but I would love to know what you dream of having in your own kitchens? What have I missed on this 'must have' list? Anything?

Of course the exciting part for all of you folks is that the kind people at Wilsonart are so kindly providing one of you special people a $50 gift card to William Sonoma! Yahoo! You will find that giveaway at the bottom so just hold on to your socks friends, this next portion is about to get crazy... and a bit long winded... lot's to cover!

Dream Kitchen Idea 1: Mix of Textures 1 | 2

The images above show such a beautiful blend of texture and finish and I adore the eclectic mix. A Must for the overal look and feel of my own dream space. 

Dream Kitchen Idea 2: Open Shelving 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I am a huge fan of storage, and I prefer my storage to live behind closed doors for the most part, but a feature wall with some open shelving gives any kitchen space that little bit of style among the everyday items! A fabulous mix of dinnerware living alongside art and accessories is just perfection and why not err on the side of glam for how that open shelving is constructed with some fancy brass shelving... 

Dream Kitchen Idea 3: Antique Brass Hardware 1 | 2 | 3

Brass is back in a major way, but you guys I have always adored the golden side of life. I even buy jewelry in this ethereal tone.

Dream Kitchen Idea 4: Large Island 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

An Island is a must, and it must, must, must be large and in charge. This is the hub of the family in my house. The place we eat, work, hang out and chat. It must be large and also extremely functional which for me means that it needs fancy storage and perhaps a sink, but definitely can't have a stove top. I feel like that is sooooo dangerous when there are kids involved and also who the heck wants to lean on the counter next to a heat source. Not I...

Dream Kitchen Idea 5: Appliances 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Let's talk turkey folks. Because appliances and their functionality are truly the meat of the kitchen. The source of all life if you will. So why not get a bit of that life with a sparkling water dispenser? Yes please... I'm fully addicted to sparkling water. Completely and utterly. I guess the other stuff like an oven is important too, but seriously a still and sparkling water dispenser? Heaven on Earth... I Die!


Dream Kitchen Idea 6: Dark Accent Walls 1 | 2

Normally I am all about the light, bright, and airy. But I LOVE me a good dark accent wall, at least one or two. If that accent wall happens to be from chalkboard paint and I can color on it, well not a requirement but so much the better! 

Dream Kitchen Idea 7: Lighting 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Lighting is truly the make or break of a room. The best accessory, if you will. I like to go a little non traditional in my lighting applications and use a combination of lighting types in some unexpected ways. A table lamp flanking the island and hardwired in place is just the cozy unexpected touch. 

Dream Kitchen Idea 8: Surface Materials 1 | 2 | 3

I love the look of herringbone wood floors, and so I would very likely do something like that, or I might use a faux wood tile. Either way it would be a wood look in a herringbone pattern! I love a carrara marble or limestone look and so the HD Line from Wilsonart is perfect for covering a lot of square footage without the cost of the actual stone! As you will see in my next couple of dream idea items, I love a dark grout, but I would pair that with a gorgeous carrara marble subway tile.

Dream Kitchen Idea 9: Clever Storage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

I mean.. wouldn't you donate an organ or two for some of these clever storage solutions? I would... the end. 

Dream Kitchen Idea 10: Dark Grout 1 | 2

I never thought I would see the day where this was something I would like, but here we are and I am loving it! 


Now that I have exhausted you with this majorly extensive dream wish list, let's get to the part that's all about you... to enter the giveaway, use the form below! Good luck!

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