The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home

I have something of a major obsession happening with small but chic rectangular pools. Naturally, I have spent a fair share of time dreaming about how to make this happen in real life. I'm not entirely sure this is even a remote possibility, but for now, I am attempting to figure out how it might be...

Many of these pools are very small and that suits me well. Regardless of size, every single pool here is visually stunning and perfectly designed. It just goes to show that good things come in small packages sometimes... I might even love a rectangular wading pool, just deep enough for me to float. If you have a thing for small but chic pools too, I have an entire pinterest board filled with gorgeous poolside inspiration! Go crazy...

The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home

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The Design Confidential Bathe Well Rounded Mirrors in the Bath Marble Vintage Floating Vanity Sconces Round Mirror

I have been secretly working on a big project behind the scenes here at the House of TDC, with the amazing folks at Kohler. Consequently bathroom design has been on my mind in a very big way. The bath is a funny space, that both requires an immense amount of functionality and encompasses all of the challenges of small space living at it's finest. It is often difficult to add style and personality to something that is so completely dictated by function but I am determined to do precisely this. With an overload of visual inspiration, it is hard to sort through all of the spaces I am drawn to, but eventually some patterns begin to emerge from the rubble and I can see that I am drawn to certain features time and time again.

Generally this is a pretty darn good indication of where my head space is with a particular project and where I am likely to find myself ending up when all is said and done. Right now that path appears to be paved with unique options for the ever important bathroom mirror and streamlined and minimal floating vanities. This roundup of bathrooms is riddled with subtle nods to a bygone era that I happen to adore and each space flaunts a unique spin on a gorgeous round over-sized mirror in place of the more typical rectangular version found in bathrooms around the world. I just love a break with tradition so perhaps this is precisely the kind of risk I might take in the bath.

The Design Confidential Bathe Well Rounded Mirrors in the Bath Smitten Studio Bathroom Round Mirror Floating Credenza Vintage Herringbone Tile Pendant Lights
The Design Confidential Bathe Well Rounded Mirrors in the Bath Vintage with Inspired Sinks Wood Paneling Double Sink Hanging Brass Pendant Lights
The Design Confidential Bathe Well Rounded Mirrors in the Bath with Marble Vintage Floating Vanity

What do you think? Too outside the box? Risky in that I might like it only for a short while? Do you like to take risks when you make changes in your home or do you prefer to play it safe with bigger decisions?

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Oversized Moroccan Wool Blanket with Pom Poms for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed

Life around here is utter chaos almost all of the time. While I wish I could say I live in an orderly, beautiful home, it very rarely is. We are busy, and even though I know that a well made bed each morning would make everything feel just a little less so, I still don't manage to remember to do this. Yet, it is my absolute habit to make up and straighten out the bedding before I head to sleep. Go figure.

I am trying to embrace the little moments just a bit more, all of life's messy stuff. I know that one day it will all be something I look back on and wish for just a few more minutes of. But one thing I can say for now, is that these beautiful unkempt and tousled beds make me think there is more than just a special moment to find in the day-to-day, perhaps there is even beauty.

Gorgeous Fabric Covered Pendant Lights the Kuu Pendant Lamps and Leather Bag for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed
Black and White High contrast Minimal Bedroom with Hat for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed

It is nothing if not extremely difficult, to style bedding in a casual slightly messy way. So hard. When I see these gorgeous spaces styled just so, it makes me truly appreciate not only the small details that life brings my way, it certainly makes me see that my messy bed is a representation of my very full life and how busy my many wonderful things keep me.;

Given the extreme skill it requires to make blankets look lived in and casual, without being a straight up mess, I am keenly aware of the amazing efforts of the stylist behind these images. And now I have taken us in an entirely different direction from gratitude and chaos to photography and interiors... yep, that is just about how this old head of mine works. Eek

Black Walls White Bedding and Minimal Tube Light Sconce for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed
Natural Woolen Bedding White Floors and Minimal Bedroom Space for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed

But seriously, don't these spaces make you want to have a loungy stay-cation in a very minimal bedroom? Ya, me too.

For more Blissful Bedroom Inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board!

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Blue Retro Beachy Comfortable Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

We are nesting! But not the ‘having a baby’ kind of nesting, let’s not get crazy… We do have a new addition to the family with these nesting tables, however. They create a highly functional set and they work easily with many different styles – so many that I’m having a hard time deciding where they will ultimately live. At the moment, I have them in my family room, since they give my boys a great surface for playing with their Legos, that can slide out of the way when they’re done (read… not be seen by me and not on the floor). I tend to incorporate quite a bit of vintage into every single space in my home and it has been fun to see these tables work that look.

I styled these cuties with three completely different looks, and for three completely different uses. While every single one of these spaces has a mix of modern and vintage with both high and low price points, I think the various styles will give you a good grasp of their versatility. There is nothing quite like a fab mix of pieces that is entirely unexpected! Don’t you love that?

Close Up of Blue Retro Room for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials items for this space // Nesting tables / Scholar lamps / Mug

For this look I channeled my global granny self, added a bit of that hipster handmade vibe with a dash of Copacabana thrown in, for a Beachy Brazilian touch. Yep, totally random, but oh how happy I would be in this space.

We will call the gal who lives here “Babs,” and she is a veritable 'Girl from Ipanema' (World Famous Brazilian Bossa Nova song)and boy she has lived quite the life. She loves to reminisce about all of the memories she has made along the way and throughout her travels. She could sure tell you a tale or two about her go-go dancing days, but your mother probably wouldn’t like that much. But now she is settling down a bit and prefers to stay closer to home where she can sip her hot cocoa in her big cozy chair and knit blankets for her grandkids – or the new neighbors down the street.

Black and White 80's Glam Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

I channeled my inner 80’s glam girl self, with a punch of black lacquer and brass, and then threw in some beachy natural texture to the mix for the perfect 'Barbie and the Rockers' goes to Big Sur design moment. Ya, I kinda love a look that is equal parts chic and yet still totally weird.

Close Up of 80's Glam Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials Items //  Nesting tables / Bathroom tray / Desktop Storage 

I call this gal Gemma and she is a true downtown girl who loves the art scene and can be found at every hip new spot in the city. From art gallery openings to coffee shops, she is constantly on the move and never stays in one place too long. She wears black like it’s her uniform and loves the way her red lipstick pops against her pale skin, especially when her hair is pulled back in a sleek low slung ponytail. 

Red Orange Yellow Retro Happy chic Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Meet Zoe, my inner flower child babe with a quirky fun loving outlook on life. This gal is a bit more feminine, and fresh out of college with her first real world job. She loves to hit up the flea market when she isn’t driving down to visit her parents in Connecticut, for the weekend.

Close Up for Retro Happy chic Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials Items // Nesting tables / 3x4" candles / 3x6" vanilla candles / Embroidered Pillow / Wire bins / iPhone dock / Kitchen towels / Bubble tumbler / Dinner Plate 

She’s a single gal who loves her nephews and can’t wait to start a family of her own one day. For now she is content with her two cats, though she thinks she may have over done it in the mothering department, since they are a bit on the bratty side. They absolutely never do as they are told. Zoe loves to listen to music and sing along with the broom handle as her microphone, but of course she always sounds better in the shower… who doesn’t?

So which look resonates with you most? Are you more of a downtown girl or a flea market vintage loving gal? Maybe you love to knit and travel is your favorite pastime! 

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.


Aaaaahhh yes, and yes I couldn't quite tell you if that was a sigh or a bit of a scream and this week has been like that in a nutshell. While this space and this article have nothing whatever to do with Singapore or cocktail recipes, I do indeed enjoy myself a good Singapore Sling, one of my faves actually, and the easy minimal styling of this space by Weekday Carnival has me curled up in fetal position (in my mind of course), wishing this week would hurry to a close. I am daydreaming of travel to a faraway place, exploring locales where long ago furniture designs of this nature were a bit of a necessity, and the the only thing on my schedule is a late afternoon date with generous bartender and overwhelming humidity. And maybe a fan... possibly a mosquito net as well, bugs have a bit of a thing for me. Probably all of the candy I eat. 

Also as a quick side note... THANK YOU for your amazing response to this post. I couldn't be more grateful to your reaction and all of your creative ideas! Please keep them coming! I have updated the info a bit to reflect some of my thoughts in response to some of your ideas, and also in regard to my own personal drama which you will see below. So please check it out again if you haven't already and spread the word! 

In light of the recent craze that seems to be sweeping the interwebs regarding the American Blogger trailer, which I have only managed to catch bits and pieces of, I thought it was important to check in during my feverish sprint to the finish line with a few of my major deadlines (can't wait to show you what I have been working on in all my MIA glory) and resume my Roomy Envy / 5 Things series to help you get to know the real side of TDC... the good, the bad, and the weird. Lot's of weird around here, but mostly messy these days. Actually everyday, who am I kidding. 

You can check out the first Room Envy / 5 Things here.

Of course if you are in neeed of a little staycation, you can shop this look just below and bring a bit of this style into your own space! Now, on to my 5 things. Let's get personal shall we?


One // My house is a hot mess 99.9% of the time. This is not an exaggeration. We even have house cleaners, because if we didn't, they would haul us off to hoarders anonymous and take our kids away. But it is no joke to say that within 3 hours of having our house spotless, it's already heading down the slippery slope of doom. By the next morning, it's a wreck again. Life is messy, and having young children is messy, but life as a DIY blogger is exceptionally messy. Projects, shipments, pieces and parts are everywhere all of the time. Always. And have I mentioned I'm the only girl in the house. It's a pig sty.

Two // It's my life long dream to design products. Not just one type of product, but all varieties of things. I have wanted to do this since I was a wee little girl and I think about it constantly. From hardware to notebooks, lighting and furniture, bedding, tools, you name it, I think about it. It's all consuming, all the time... literally.

Three // The Bird (my toddler for those of you who are new here) loves to dance. Seriously loves it, complete with a little baby fist pump, which I may or may not have taught him... no comment. I foster this love of music and dancing by singing him silly songs (of course) and letting him watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua III - Viva La Fiesta, which happens to have some of the best baby dancing music around. Also, he has just recently learned to say 'movie', so naturally I help further his understanding of language by reaffirming his proper use of the word and showing him said 'movie'. One might also assume that these woofs help with a bit of the babysitting and distracting around these parts since we are in dire need of both, much of the time.  

Four // The Mr. and I have been fighting like crazy over time. I mentioned that here as well, but I feel like it's at an all time high right now and I have reached a breaking point. From my perspective it seems as though he is tipping the scales in his own favor with things that are 'beyond his control' and I resent him for this. Naturally time taken in one direction is at the sacrifice of the other, and lately that has meant me. Since I have the crazier schedule at the moment, to be the one sacrificing time seems like sheer insanity and it's wearing on me both physically and mentally. I'm working on very little sleep and have only posted to this site once this week. I'm sure his perspective is different, as these things always go, but it's hard to see things clearly when you are deep in the midst of what feels like a personal crisis. I'm finding that it's hard to fight for a marriage when you spend so much time fighting for yourself as an individual, but I am hoping to learn to forgive and step outside of my own personal needs to see if we can overcome this. I just don't know how for the moment so it's a process I will have to grow into. Eek, how is that for turning picture perfect on it's head. More like falling apart at the seams around here. 

Five // I have a constant slew of silly songs running through my head at every moment of the day. My kiddos know the words and the rhythms to these well before they know any proper nursery rhymes or baby songs. Both of my boys immediately start to dance when I start to sing one of my silly songs. Blake, who is now 6 doesn't dance quite as much, or at least there was a period there where he didn't, but he seems to a bit more now... but the Bird... he is totally into it and fully jams to any beats I throw his way. It's awesome, and I adore this about them. I wonder if they like this about me? It's definitely not a normal sane person thing, I don't think, but it seems I spawn kids who are equally as weird as I am (yes, just ask my family, we are weird) and I am awfully glad of that because otherwise I would be the only weirdo on her weirdo island in a house full of boys. Eek. 

Image Credit: Weekday Carnival

Project Image

This article is sponsored by California Closets, all daydreaming, scheming and organizational musings are 100% my own.

I've become quickly aware that my master bedroom closet needs to be moved up the list of rooms to tackle in my home. It's one of the few rooms in my house that seems to be in constant chaos, right alongside my laundry room. There is clearly a connection between the two.

I find myself browsing through the beautiful custom closets on pinterest and wishing I could magically transport one of them into my own home. I have a decently sized space to work with, and it's virtually bare bones, aside from a few wire shelves, which means I can essentially start with a completely custom closet design and create my space from the ground up. I'm not going lie though... having this essentially blank canvas has made me paralyzed with indecision. Do you guys ever experience this? 

1 // 2 There are however, a few things I know without a doubt that I want and need in my space. Take for example my obsession with the 2 spaces seen above... I absolutely adore the retail feel they both have. They give off the vibe of luxury shopping and clothing on display which is bound to make a gal feel like a million bucks, am I right? I'm not sure I would mind putting the laundry away in either of these spaces. 


1 // 2 My love for high contrast spaces apparently carries right on over into the closet because the spaces above make me ridiculously happy. I think I might need to coordinate my wardrobe with my decor so that as I display it, everything looks beautiful. Perhaps if I simply pair down my clothing to only black and white items I might actually be able to see the floor in there. Imagine how much time I would save only having to worry about a handful of pieces. 

1 // 2 The idea of floor to ceiling storage goodness (not to mention the stacks of orange Hermès boxes) makes my heart sing. A place for everything and everything in it's place, that's how the saying goes... and in these spaces it might actually be true. To have enough shelving and hooks and hangers for every single piece of clothing I own, hardly seems fathomable. Yet I know with some smart decision making and planning it's entirely possible. Even more so if I stick with my black and white idea earlier... it's tempting.

1 // 2 // 3 The mountains of laundry and shoes that live in my closet right now are overwhelming to say the least. So naturally I am drawn to these minimal closet spaces. While a wardrobe of this minute size is not actually possible for me in real life, I can draw inspiration from these spaces above in the way that they incorporate non traditional storage into what might be an otherwise fairly standardized space. Why not hang clothing from thick branches or use wardrobe racks in place of boring closet rods. A combination of custom built-in beauties with a smattering of unusual storage solutions, might be just the thing to make a closet feel unique and give it some style and interest.

1 // 2 // 3 Specialized storage solutions and easy accessibility are the final pieces of the puzzle in a really good closet design. A place to put handbags and tall boots, sunglasses and ties... the unmentionables... these all need a place to live that suits them well or these things will clutter up an otherwise fabulous space. Tall ceilings? A rolling ladder is what you need to reach those top shelves (especially at the mere 5'2" that I am). Since a space isn't a good space without a bit of pretty and decor, leaving room for accessories and art is a must. I want my closet to be like any other room in my home only organized to the nines. I want the clutter hidden away and the items that aren't so cute, sitting behind closed doors, while the gorgeous things sit on display. It's not too much to ask, is it?

What are your closet 'must-haves'? Are they elaborate and color coded or sparse and calming?

This article is sponsored by California Closets, all daydreaming, scheming and organizational musings are 100% my own.


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