Design Moments in my Kitchen Nook with my Indoor Outdoor Bar Cart

You may have spied one fabulous little bar cart in my Outdoor Oasis Reveal a few days ago, and I'm excited to share the details about this beauty! I think my two favorite things about this cutie are that it's actually meant for outdoor use and that I nabbed it at a serious discount from one of Wayfair's Daily Sales.

Favorite Finds for a Staycation from Wayfair Daily Sales

I have the great outdoors and entertaining on my mind, and I'm determined to find myself every single possible luxury I can for my personal staycation, and I would like to find these things for as few dollars as possible! Of course... 

I am a deal finder by nature. I will research the best deals on something till my scrolling fingers are tired and then start again once I have rested. No joke. I personally scour the Wayfair Daily Sales almost daily because I'm a tad cuckoo like that, but for the rest of you normal things out there, you might like to scan the daily sales headlines to see if something appeals to you and then of course do a happy dance when you find a screamin' deal. My barcart was one of those happy dance inducing items for me and I did indeed gt a screamin' good deal on it! 

Above you can see some of my staycation staples and current faves from the daily sales that are happening right this minute. The individual links for these beauties are further down but most of these items come from the Outdoor Furniture Favorites Sale. If you are looking for some fab stuff at a great price, you are welcome to sign up for the daily sales using the email submit form below! It's a tad addicting, but totally worth taking on a new obsession if you are in the market for anything home related! 


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I was provided with a gift card from Wayfair, all opinions and staycation dreaming are 100% my own! 

Hammock and Lounging Area for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition

I gave you the sneak peek last week, and today I get to share the full reveal of this formerly unused space in my backyard! I was asked by my friends at Home Depot to create a fun DIY outdoor game as part of a new edition of their Style Challenge Series.

Macrame Badminton Net and Outdoor Living Space for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition
Picnic and Entertaining for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition
Lounge Area for Kids and Pets for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition
Teepee Tent Fort for Kids in the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition
Kids Enjoying Outdoor Picnic in Outdoor Oasis for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition

Here in this crazy yard of ours, it's hot in the summertime. Too hot to actually enjoy, which is such a bummer when you have young kids who want to run and jump and play all the live long day. It's also a pretty big bummer for this gal who loves to be outside and adores outdoor entertaining that doesn't involve a sweat off as the designated group activity. With virtually no mature trees in the entire yard except for this little cluster of plum trees in the far corner, it's fairly slim picken's if you are hoping to nab a cozy spot in the shade.

And then it occured to me... If I couldn't bring the shade to outdoor living space, then perhaps the solution is to bring a new living space to the shade. And just like that my Outdoor Oasis was born, and she's quite the star of the show. 

Bar Cart with Refreshments for Outdoor Sitting Area for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition
Little Kids Playing Badminton for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition
Big Kids Playing Badminton for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition
Outdoor Games and Fun with Relaxing Outdoor Living Space for the Home Depot Style Challenge Outdoor Games Edition

Without wanting to incur the cost of an entire backyard renovation at this moment in time, I decided to improvise by using items that would create a non-permanent living space and one that I can bring in a store away during the wet season here. I used a heavy duty jute rug as the foundation and then built in the fun that would keep even the littlest occupied while the grown ups got down to business with some friendly competition. There were sword fights, bug stomping, fort making, and some good old fashioned r and r. I even managed to sneak in some healthy treats that are normally pretty tough to get these kids to eat. Of course it helped that it was 100 degrees plus in the sun and that I froze some of the fruit to give it just a bit of refreshing coolness. Anything cold and sweet is considered a popsicle to the Bird so he was on cloud 9 with the crazy good spread to choose from. 

It makes me feel pretty damn good to finish another space here and to have created something that works overtime in the memory making department. We definitely don't get as much of that as I would like... But now we have the Oasis to call our own and something fun for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their age! 

Sneak Peak of Home Depot Style Challenge for Outdoor Games

I know I have been a horrible, no good, downright rotten blogger for the past few weeks, but life is kicking me in the pants these days. Aside from my little seesters wedding, which is tomorrow (yahoo), and all of the duties that come with that, I have had some rather major projects going on behind the scenes here at the House of TDC.

Materials for Sneak Peak of Home Depot Style Challenge for Outdoor Games

Likewise, this gal loves a good set of DIY supplies. How about these pretties? I won't let the cat out of the bag on what these gorgeous materials are actually for, but I am a sucker for the amazing aisles of 'stuff' at Home Depot that I can imagine as becoming something great. Hopefully you guys share my nerdy love for all things home improvement store related because I know for sure you will share my love for what these babies become. So so good! Promise! 

In the meantime, I have quite a few other fun things to share with you and I will be back shortly to do exactly that! Yahoo! 



I'm excited to share all of the crazy fun pieces that went into the making of my Bold + Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover. Aside from the glorious DIY wall treatment, it really is all about the textures and layers in here, so naturally the 'things' that make up this space are a pretty important bit of info. Also, it's just fun to talk shop... and by shop I mean shopping. So yahoo for that. 


I was provided with product courtesy of Wayfair, all opinions, ramblings and crazy talk are 100% my own. 

My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes here at the House of TDC to actually complete many of the spaces in my home. Working full time as a DIY + Design Blogger quite frankly leaves your home in full time project mode virtually all of the time if your pipeline is even marginally full. For those of you who happen to do what I do for a living you know this first hand, but for those of you who don't, this is chaotic on the best of days and completely wild and untamed when things are busy.

Sitting Area in My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I mentioned in my latest Room Envy article that I obsess about function and this is true even for a makeover of this nature. As I overhaul a space like this and I'm thinking about making it gorgeous, I'm completely focused on adding the function my little family needs to survive without getting burried alive in clutter, toys and garbage. We seriously produce so much garbage, I really have no idea why, especially since I'm a borderline hoarder with my 'I might use it for a project one day' mentality. Or laundry. Though I'm still working on the laundry part of this whole scheme. I wish it could just put itself away. With a house full of boys, everything must be washable and not precious. Toy storage options and things to climb on that won't cause your children to die need to be an actual part of the thought process, so it's not the easiest thing to make a space pretty and keep the maintenance fairly low at the same time. It can be an all day job just to keep up with a young family so making this as easy as possible for everyone involved is an absolute must, and of course by everyone, I mean me. There isn't much in this space that isn't easily moved, used for another purpose, or easily cleaned when my Demon Seeds smear something sticky on it. Just to be on the safe side, where at all possible I have attempted to make those mystery sticky spots blend in with their surroundings while they wait to be found, because sometimes it takes me a while.

Chair and Pouf in My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

While I am in no way a girly girl, I am the only single solitary female in this entire house, and this is really the only space where it is not going to be an issue to use peach or pastels. So of course I needed to have at least one pale moment where I can have all of my girly things and not deal with the backlash of that. My color palette for this room is perhaps a bit surprising with a nice mix of drab and fab - always my go to choice for a color palette, it's just well balanced this way. I have a nice mix of army green, pale gray blue, and peach with pops of navy and mustard all tied together with some graphic and bold black and white. It's hard to show the palette in all it's glory on screen, but in person it's quite amazing.  

I will be posting all of the Sources + Details early next week along with a few other projects that went into this space. Stay tuned for those... and I can't wait to share my latest oddball obsession with you guys, there are 2 in this space and yep loving them! 


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I'm still playing catchup big time. But the sources for Blake's boho and beachy but boyish room are something I am excited to share with you all, mainly because I shopped many of them from around my own home, from craigslist and thrifty spots, but also because all of the new items I purchased for this space were so budget friendly that they are entirely affordable for real people on real world budgets.

A couple of the items were already in his space like his bed which is expandable and from Ikea, but is not one I can find online there at the moment. He has two little vintage schoolhouse industrial style chairs which were a major purchase a couple of years ago for my Blake for Christmas and Birthday for him from Restoration Hardware. A type of purchase I won't likely make again because sure as they arrived they began to chip on the veneer just as any other less expensive chair might and instantly made me regret the expense.

A few of the items you can't likely reproduce since they were shopped from my around my home, found on Craigslist or things I found a garage sales, fleas, or thrifts,  so if there is an item I don't mention that is likely why, but please feel free to ask about anything in the comments just in case I got crazy and forgot something! 

The Console Table // Garage Sale - most wonderful shade of mauve formica under that worn white finish. Oh it's the 80's at their finest and I could eat it up all day long. That bit of Art Deco flavor is just fab and wouldn't you know I also have the coffee table and end tables to match that beauty, and have carted them around with me since I got them for a mere $10 for the entire set! The club chair is all seventies in my eyes, and all the great things about leather and wood sling type furniture, but my hubby claims his dad had the exact chair and loveseat (which I happen to have in my family room), purchased new in the early 80's so who knows which era it truly hails from. I can't find an exact match online. Lots of similar Danish beauties, but not an exact match for this guy. His nightstand is a cube end table that hails from Viva Terra, which I scored about 3 years ago at a sample sale in Marin, CA. Normally it retails for something like $199 or $299 (can't remember) but I got this baby for $40. So, so good. It gets moved around the house like a pair of slippers (as in very, very frequently, much to the chagrin of my hubby since it's insanely heavy). The low and long blue bench I found at Goodwill a few years ago and painted blue for his room shortly after I brought it home. A few of the art prints you may remember from other spots in my home and it seems the site 20x200 that they were purchased from has gone away with the wind. Such a bummer. The horse hair vase is absolutely stunning in person and is a keepsake I bought in Tombstone, AZ about 8 or 9 years ago. I used to live not all that far from the infamous spot, as did my Grandma and this piece will always be special to me. These are made in many other spots though so you could easily get one too!

So let's start on the new items shall we?

Lamp // Sexy Hexy - HomeGoods. Black + White Storage Bins //  Room Essentials from Target. Seagrass Baskets // Nake Berkus for Target. Wire Magazine Holders // Target. Dachshund Nightlight // Wayfair. Decorative Arrows // Fletcher + Fox. Bedding // H+M. Tie Dye Pillows // Threshold for Target. Sequin Pillow // H+M. Mustard Pillows // HomeGoods. Ceramic Pots // HomeGoods. Indigo Shade // Nate Berkus for Target. Kilim Pillow // One Kings Lane. Mint Box // Martha Stewart for Staples. Deer Flirtation Print // Minted. Horses at Dusk // Minted Throw Rugs // HomeGoods


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