I kinda love that I am posting a reveal on a project you didn't even know was happening! Ya, that's how we roll here at TDC. Everything is strictly confidential these days... and it's definitely been a tad silent around the old blog lately between the new site overhaul and all of the behind the scenes work happening on that front (thank you John!) and some other gorgeous projects going on at the TDC homestead (I post occasional sneak peeks on my Instagram, if you are interested)!

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This room is still very much a work in progress. I was hoping to finish up last weekend, and the weekend before that, and the one before that... but life and babies get in the way of my DIY and design aspirations, on the regular! So, while A full reveal isn't quite ready, since projects still need to be finished, I thought I might share one corner of this space that is finished, for now. At least kind of... 

With small children still very much underfoot in this house, a kid friendly aesthetic is crucial to keeping my sanity. If it's not a space the kids enjoy, it's hard to find time as adults to enjoy it. If it's too precious, there will be chaos... and broken things... many, many, broken things. Especially in a house full of boys (yes I am the ONLY female, including the dogs, eek). For me, a balance between live and play must be found because let's face it, toys happen. Clever storage solutions, non-deadly furnishings, and toys that are beautiful enough to fit right in to the decor are just a few of the ways I like to handle this stage in my life. One day this won't be necessary, and while the grass is always greener regardless of your current situation, I know I will look back on this era with such fondness, and so I embrace it. 

True to form, this space of mine is eclectic, to say the least, collected over time and kid friendly with a mix of modern and vintage and a lot of color. For me, this is perfection. It may not be for everyone, in fact it's quite likely for a very small few of you, but that's not important... what is important is that it's livable, and a mix of things I love. Somehow, if you stick to pieces you love wholeheartedly, when you mix them altogether, they have a way of working out. Style is more about proportion and placement than it is about the pieces themselves. Things go out of fashion, this will never change, but proper placement and proportion will always reign supreme. Here's to hoping I didn't at least screw that part up... 

How do you deal with kids in the house? Hide the stuff away or make it work in plain sight?


Various Art:

Various Accessories

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There is an elephant in the room, to be sure, luckily he's a cute little brass elephant and I love him! I am on the hunt for fabulous accessories to finish out my family room design (and for every room of my home truthfully) and this beauty was the perfect addition. 

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UPDATE: We have a WINNER!!! Kimberly Kostiew you will be receiving an email to track you down and get your shipping info! congratulations!!

I have mentioned a couple of times, briefly, that we moved last week! Well it's a true story and our new home has an abundance of ceramic tile throughout the ground floor. In truth I have a renewed appreciation of hardwood flooring now, because you guys, tile is FREEZING! Yikes...  

Why yes that is a vintage copy of Lord of The Flies... and why of course that is entirely appropriate reading material for a 5 year old (parenting genius here, folks...). Thankfully he can't read and has no idea of the actual subject matter of his favorite book. It might make the indoor camp out into something different entirely, and not in a good way? My amazing little monster mash guy lovingly refers to this book as FaceBook, given the large face on the cover of the book, and decidedly checks in several times a day to his 'FaceBook', just to see what's happening in the world. Just love this kid... 

All was quiet on the western front with our fun little pretend adventure and so far no spills, stains, or other ephemera to deal with! Be sure to enter the giveaway, I promise you will want this prize! 

DISCLOSURE: Thanks to Mohawk Flooring for sponsoring today's discussion and giveaway

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As I mentioned in this post, with baby on the way, not many 'actual' projects have been getting done around here... But, I have been doing my fair share of shopping in the meantime. Gal's gotta keep busy, right? One of the many problem areas of my home is the extreme heat we face in the backyard each summer. With temperatures in my regions climate starting to climb, this has been a looming concern for the last couple of months. 

Since we are currently renting our casa, building a permanent structure, like this, is out of the question. With the occasionally very windy day, a ready-made version of a gazebo, like this, becomes problematic as well, not to mention our patio is just a tad too large for one to suffice, and so there's that... We would need 2 and really have no way to secure them adequately. 

The cantilevered umbrella seems to be a very viable option except that the price point puts most of them well beyond reach and I still need 2 to provide enough shade to make the backyard sufferable. 

Then I found these gorgeous specimens at IKEA... Sold! $200 for a pair, plus the cost of pavers to provide proper weight for the bases, about $16, and I am still coming in at a fraction of the cost of just one cantilevered umbrella from another retailer! Score! 

Ask me how long it took me to send the hubs down to the nearest IKEA to get these beauties? About 5 seconds... yep! done and done! I chose the white variety since the fabric is washable and I think white tenting and umbrellas look quite resort-chic... LOVE them. 

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