The Design Confidential in Partnership with and Styling // Gorgeous Gathered Goods with Vintage Fiber Art  Lamps Table Art Plants

I had the distinct pleasure of working with and styling for some of the amazing Makers from my Boutique and the even more distinct pleasure of getting to see, touch, and feel a few of their pieces in real life. I am completely over the moon for these pretties and utterly blown away by the stellar quality of each and every one of them.

Fiber Art Modern Candle Holder Ceramic Cup and Ceramic Planter for The Design Confidential in Partnership with and Styling // Gorgeous Gathered Goods with Vintage Fiber Art Hanging Ceramic Crochet Planter Ceramic Cup Candle and Plants
Candy in Ceramic Cup for The Design Confidential in Partnership with and Styling // Gorgeous Gathered Goods
Art Prints Pillows and Neon for The Design Confidential in Partnership with and Styling // Gorgeous Gathered Goods

Cloud Planter // Emanate Jilly Cup in Blue // This is My Beetles Poster Print// Handwoven Petel Pillow Black + White // Block Cushion Cover Black

The ceramic and crochet Cloud Planter is just amazing, and adds such fabulous interest to this spot. The Emanate Jilly Cup in Blue has a couple of hidden design gems that make this multi-functional cup a total knock-out. As a huge fan of the Beetles, but not such a fan of the traditional band poster, this print is perfect. The Handwoven Petel Pillow has a gorgeous understated pop of neon that you absolutely must see and admire up close, it is to die for, and the bold graphic Block Cushion is just a show stopper... You might have seen these pillows put to good use in my Indoor / Outdoor House Bed Playhouse and Lounge, they have become my new favorite duo. A bit like a pair of styling and decor super heroes... and I kinda love them!

Ceramic and Crochet Hanging Planter and Vintage Portrait for The Design Confidential in Partnership with and Styling // Gorgeous Gathered Goods
Pencils in Ceramic Decorative Cup for The Design Confidential in Partnership with and Styling // Gorgeous Gathered Goods
Beatles Print Pillows and Brass for The Design Confidential in Partnership with and Styling // Gorgeous Gathered Goods
Ceramic and Crochet Hanging Planter for The Design Confidential in Partnership with and Styling // Gorgeous Gathered Goods

I absolutely love that each and every one of these items is handmade and that the purchase of them supports small businesses and Makers around the world - quite literally. I think this is such an important thing in this day and age of mass production. I hope you will take a gander at what these amazing folks are capable of and how their creative genius manifests. It is just lovely.

Cloud Planter Made by Margie Rahmann of My Very Own Eye Goggles// Emanate Jilly Cup in Blue Made by Jill Rosenwald of Jill Rosenwald Studio // This is My Beetles Poster Print Made by Traci Yau of 45Wall Design // Handwoven Petel Pillow Black + White Made by Ibrahima Wagne of Petel Design // Block Cushion Cover Black Made by Ellie Bradley of Xavier & Me


I promised you guys yesterday that I would be posting tutorials for handmade holiday decor and gifts for the next few weeks, and true to my word I am excited to share this project with you guys that could easily be considered both and would make a fabulous gift for someone special. It's not precisely holiday-ish, but that makes this all the more exciting to give (or receive), since you won't be giving a gift with a shelf life of no longer than the holiday season!

 The materials you will need for this will vary depending on the size you want to make your painting and whether or not you want it framed or unframed. I recommend framed if you are planning a larger piece like the one I did here (30"x24"). 

  • Frame in size of choice (I purchased mine from Target for $30).
  • Poster Board, Canvas or Watercolor Paper in coresponding size (I actually used the frame backing and skipped this).
  • White Acrylic Paint - this will act as a primer for your poster board or canvas
  • Watercolor paint in your choice of color
  • Paint Brush

You will want to paint your poster board, canvas, watercolor paper or frame backing to give it a good priming. Poster Board is a nice thickness but it tends to have a bit of a sheen to it that makes it difficult to use with watercolors unless it's primed so be sure to not skip this step. It also helps tremendously when you are painting on canvas. 


Set up your palette. You can use any type of plastic shallow bowl or plate and simply add a bit of water and your chosen color. You want your water to appear fairly opaque (not see through) so you will add a decent amount of color to it. If you can't get enough saturation, you can also add a drop or two of craft paint or acrylic paint. It will work in a similar way.

Lay down your general pattern or shape. I began with my darker areas and added color in a relative wave shape, running all the way across the bottom and up one side and part of the top on that side. I used applied my color in a horizontal messy pattern at first and then switched to a circular pattern, only to switch back later to a a horizontal application. You will be able to feel it out as you go and do what feels most natural to you. 

Keep in mind that the idea here is to have the outside edges be the darkest, working your way to a lighter shade near the middle or inside edges of your shape. You will want to 


You can layer your color to darken where necessary and honestly just slap it on there. You don't have to worry about keeping a 'wet' edge since we are basically working with water, so if you need to fix something along the way, you can!

Once you have your darker section applied in the shape you want, you will dilute your paint puddle by half and basically apply this lighter shade just above your previously painted section all the way around the inside edge.

You can vary the shape of this inside section from the outer section, so it isn't too uniform and looks organic and realistic (for whatever it might be). You can see in the images above and below that I didn't keep the exact same shape going and made it just slightly different.

Project Image

Last year I didn't put up my standard big tree in the living room, because I simply didn't have time. I was frantic the entire month of November preparing for a live tv segment I was doing, for my local News 10 channel. Throw in the actual holidays themselves (Thanksgiving hosted at my house) and my monster mash boy Blake's birthday (also at my house) and you have one frazzled mommy blogger on crack. Ya true story...

Stay tuned for more holiday decor from this year to come, and my holiday card to all of you (late of course)... what can I say... 

Being a brand new mommy of 2 boys has put my schedule so far behind that it will very likely take me until the end of the first week, of the new year, to finish sharing all of our Christmas adventures, but hopefully you don't hold it against me. #newbornbabymamadrama

Project Image

I finished these fabulous cubby shelves (plans for them can be found here) a while back, but haven’t had a moment to snap a few pictures to share. This build is so fast, it literally goes together in about an hour, even if you have the worst selection of boards ever…which I did, thanks to my screaming, fussing, tantrum throwing monster mash of a boy. He is so distracting at the worst moments, like while I’m trying to make sure I am not purchasing warped, curved, or wavy boards..which apparently I was! 

Having faulty boards makes a build so much more difficult to perfect, I can assure you.  Getting it right the first time around would have been highly preferable with this particular project too, since most of it is dependent on one type of board, a 1x12. Since you really only need to purchase a couple of boards total to build this plan, if one or both of those boards are problematic, the entire build is problematic. But sometimes going back to fix the error isn’t an option and honestly my complete lack of patience, more often than not, means I will give it a go anyhow and just end up with a frustrating experience overall. Word of advice…leave the kiddos at home if you can (which I never can, so if you can, I’m jealous)! Ugh. you may regret it if you don’t…just sayin… Misshapen Boards = Monstrous Build All in all, it worked out moderately and I don’t notice the flaws that much, which were rather major in this instance.  Just need to pile it full of stuff! Problem Solved! I actually had a board that was wider on one side than the other by almost an inch! But to a glancing eye, not noticeable…just don’t look too closely.

Estimated Cost 

Under $25

Length of Time 

About a week off and on given the *ahem* problematic boards I purchased... 

Lumber Used 


Finishing Technique 

Oolong Tea by Martha Stewart for Home Depot in Eggshell Finish with a double coat of wipe on poly in Satin finish.

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