The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys and Shower Curtain Basket Towel Starbust Mirror Brass Blue White Shibori

I’m not sure when or even how, but somewhere along the line my tiny baby bird became a much bigger babe and moved right into the glorious age of bath time water sports and other miscellaneous shenanigans. Oh the pride he shows as he helps most of the water out of the bath, oh what an adorable nightmare it is. Naturally, I thought this was a good time to move him into his own bathroom. Of course where there is a new space to be used, there must be style and function in place.

Shower Curtain / Bamboo Bowl / Mirror / Basket / Tank Basket / Bath Towel / Hand Towel Gray

Starburst Mirror Tank Basket Brass Planter Shibori Shower Curtain Tea Towel Hand Towel for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

I knew Target would have everything I needed and I didn’t leave empty handed. Not even close. I think they should make carts that can attach to each other like a train, just in case you do an impromptu redesign and you don’t plan your cart packing as well as you could have.

Mirror / Basket / Tank Basket / Bamboo Bowl / Bath Towel / Hand Towel Gray / Shower Curtain / Gray Marble Towel

Blue Ceramic French Bulldog Cookie Jar Wooden Sphere Hammered Brass Tray Framed Landscape Photography Feather for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

There is a connecting bath between Penn’s room and Blake’s room that they will ultimately share. Until now, neither of them have really used this bath much. With the 5 year age difference between them, they have different needs in this space. My biggest babe is now able to do much of his bathing and bedtime routine himself, but the little babe is not and is still a general hazard where many of the bath time tools are concerned. Storing items like q-tips in containers is a must and the French Bulldog Cookie Jar is perfect for my little animal lovers.

Framed Art / French Bulldog Cookie Jar / Wooden Sphere / Hammered Gold Tray

Basket Towel Holder Throw Blanket Navy Moroccan Pillow Teal Arrow Stripe Rug Gray Chunky Rug Woven Bench Brass Planter Shibori Shower Curtain for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

The floors in this space are tiled so rugs are also an absolute requirement in here, especially with the extra splashing going on these days. There are no towel bars near the actual place where a person might be looking for one, so a basket serves as easy storage with extra towels for those particularly wet and wiggly kiddos of mine.

Arrow Rug Teal / Chunky Rug / Bench / Throw / Pillow / Basket / Wastebasket / Shower Curtain / Hand Towel Gray

Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light Bamboo Tumbler Toothbrush Holder Framed Landscape Art Bamboo Soap Dispenser and Hand Towel for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

I found these fabulous kitchen towels to use next to their sinks, and love the pattern and interest they add. A big focus on hand washing is always happening in this house so they each have their own soap dispensers and Penn (the littlest) has a bench that can be moved next to the sink so he can reach. When he isn’t washing hands, the bench can be used by Blake for sitting (shocking I know) so he can remove those tricky bits of clothing that love to stump a 7 year old, like socks!

Gray Marble Towel / Salt Lamp / Bath Towel / Hand Towel Mint / Soap Dispenser / Tumbler / Framed Art

Blue Ceramic French Bulldog Cookie Jar Hammered Metal Tray Brass Wooden Sphere Bamboo Soap Dispenser for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

With both boys wanting to be big boys so very badly, a new space decorated just for them with their particular needs and wants is pretty exciting.

Wooden Sphere / Hammered Gold Tray / French Bulldog Cookie Jar / Tumbler / Soap Dispenser

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DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

I am so excited to share this project with you guys today. This was definitely the showstopper from Blake's Boho still Boyish and Beachy Bedroom Makeover and It is one of those that looks really complicated or like you need to have a special skill in painting to get this right, but you do not, I assure you. I know this because I redid this dang wall 189 times just to be sure that someone who has never done any painting, artistic or otherwise, could still absolutely do this project! My first 188 attempts didn't work. Or at least they didn't end up resulting in something that was easily reproduced and so... they didn't work. 

To complete your project like this, you will need an few things:

  • - 2 - 2" paint brushes - short bristle is easier to work with, flat angle (not angled), light weight is a good idea. 
  • - dark color paint - I used a dark indigo color, you can use any color you like.
  • - white or light color paint - if your walls are builder grade white you can use your wall color, otherwise just use a white or something close to it. 
  • - easy hold paint container - similar to the one you see pictured below. This will help tremendously, though it isn't a requirement obviously.
  • - water

Each stage pictured in the following steps will be a mixture of your colored paint, white paint and water in varying amounts but the process will be the same all the way through, only your placement will change along with your formula. Easy peasy.

Paint Mixture for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint
Apply First Circles for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

Our first step requires a 1:2:1/2 ratio of color to white to water with half the amount of your color to the amount of white and half of that still in water. You need a decent amount of product for this step so you can start with something like 1/4 cup of your colored paint, 1/2 cup of white and an 1/8 cup of water.

You will work about 2/3's of the way up your wall and the total area you cover will be about 2 feet in height for the majority of the paint application and a few scattered swirls will fall in the foot above and the 2 feet below this strip of swirls. 

We are going to be using a circular swirling motion for every single step of this project. For this step you will swirl your brush into a circle that is approximately 4 inches in size like you see above. They don't need to be perfect, in fact this will be better in the end if they aren't and have some white showing through or if you can see your brush strokes. If you find your paint to be a bit to thick to easily make the circles, just add a few more drops until it's easy to swirl it on, but doesn't run or drip when you apply it. 

** This is very important. Drips will be a problem during any of the steps that have colored paint so make sure your formula is never too runny that you have drips. 

Expand Circle Area for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint
Fill In Circles for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

You will continue making your circles all the way around your room in a section that is 2 feet high and scattered as you see in the first image above. Once you finish doing this you will follow it up by filling in the white space for the middle portion of your section with a slightly concentrated number of circles that overlap like you see in the second image above. It's easier to do this in two steps so that you don't have a solid 2 foot section and instead end up with the middle being more concentrated than the top and bottom of this section. I learned this the hard way. 

Lighter Color Circles for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint
Lighter Circles Above Below for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

For this next step you are going to use a formula of 1:6:1 with 1 part colored paint, 6 parts white paint and 1 part water. This will be a much lighter concoction that you will sprinkle over the top of your section in a scattered very spaced out manner. Then you will pull this color down below your section and place your swirls in a very scattered pattern that runs about 2 feet below your section. Once you do that you will also scatter this color above your section sporadically, about a foot above your section. 

Wash Out Circles for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

While this step might seem counterintuitive, I promise it will be important for helping you get that watercolor look later without using watercolors or knowing how to paint, so just go with me on this. You will need a mixture of 1:1 white paint to water. This should be about the color of milk but not quite as runny, though not much more thick. You don't want to be painting for this step, you will want to be washing, which means when you apply this it will be see-through a bit but will wash out the color your applied so you will need to judge your consistency by testing in a discreet area. 

You are going to keep on swirling and essentially swirl right on over the top of everything you just painted. This includes all of the scattered circles above and below. You want to wash out the color quite a bit so you are left with a milk mess of something that used to a paint project. It will look cray for just a bit. Don't worry. 

If your paint is too thick and it actually just blocks out the color you applied in the previous steps, completely, just add a few more drops of water at a time until it's not so thick. You can use a bit of water over the top of your test spot to 'undo' your test spot so that it isn't different from the other areas of your project. 

Add Light Indigo Circles for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

Now we will go right over the top of our original scatter section only in a more sporadic way using a formula of 1:1:1 ratio of colored paint, white paint and water. You want this to be easy to apply and a bit see-through-ish as you swirl, but not runny or drippy. Your circles will be spread out and you can do just a few that sit above the top of your section and a few that sit below it as well. Sparse is the name of the game here, you can always build, but less is definitely more.

Add Darker Indigo Circles for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

For the final bit of color before the final step, you will want a ratio of 1:1/2-1 of colored paint to water. You will not use any white paint for this step, only the color itself watered down. This will make it runny to the point where your color is see through even in your paint pan. When you apply your swirls for this step you will need to put your color on your brush and then wring your brush out so that when you actually put it on the wall it's watery, but doesn't run. You can wring your brush out by pressing it against the sides of your container until most of the wetness runs out. If it is still coming out of your brush when you push it agains the side of your container, then it's probably going to cause drips... very dark drips. This isn't a project you can touch up very easily so I warn you against getting sloppy here. 

You are going to apply this layer in small and larger circles that overlap the previous layer and are more frequent than the previous layer, but are still sporadic.

Wash Over Entire Wall for DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

Woot woot! Your arm is probably very tired after all this swirling and whirling around your space. Mine was, especially since I did this project over and over again. Also, I learned you can actually wear the bristles on your brush down into a nub if you work it like this for an extended period of time... who knew? 

So for your final step we are going to create a wash again, similar to our wash earlier in this project, only this time it will be more runny and much more watery. Use a formula of 1:2 white paint to water and adjust until it looks like watered down milk. It won't matter quite that much if you have drips of this since it's white, but to avoid drips, wring your brush as in the previous step, and then apply covering the entire area you have painted. It will look like the image above after you apply your wash. You can see that the colors aren't saturated and look as though they have been painted over with a bit of milky water. 

You can also now see all the layers come together into what looks like an entirely watercolor application, and why you did the first several steps as the colors blend a bit and water down into this beauty! Yahoo! It gives you the look of blending with only the need to apply layer after layer of circles one on top of the next. 

A Bohemian Bedroom Makeover for a Boy that is Beachy and Bold

I had the distinct pleasure of partnering with Bing to completely overhaul Blakey's room and give him an updated space. One that suits us both a bit better than his last room did. I have been working around the clock for what seems like years... But, of course it hasn't been years, only weeks, and I am so excited to share it with you guys today! It has been quite the rollercoaster of experiences and is one of the reasons for my absence lately and I am glad to finally have something to show for it! Feels amazing... even though I am still waiting on a few last minute details to arrive by mail, so technically it's not quite complete, it's close enough to share with you before I head out of town next week for SNAP Conference, where I shall be teaching and speaking on something near and dear to us here at TDC, but more on that later! 

For now a feast for the senses and some fun details about how I reward myself for something I do constantly anyhow. Since I know you all do this too, you might as well be rewarded with Bing Rewards also, especially since it requires absolutely nothing on your part except for a login.. which is exactly nothing in this day and age!  This won't be a post with very many words, so browse and stick around till the end for the fun details... then stay tuned through out the week for all of the project DIY's that went into this room and a full source list to come! Yahoo

DIY Project Update // 

Easy DIY Vintage Inspired Yarn + Fiber Art Wall Hanging

Easy DIY Custom Wire + Wood Modular Shelving with Washi Tape Trim

Macrame Hanging Planter

DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment 

A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy

My sweet adorable, sometimes demon seed 6 year old gave me quite a few 'rules' to work around for this project. The first being, no baby stuff. Of course, he is still quite attached to many of his younger memories so his shelves that are up high are for exactly those things that he doesn't play with but wants to keep around to remember. I was required to use a very particular blue, he wanted plants 'like I have', comfy pillows, and given his age he has needs that are pretty tricky since he is still small yet isn't small, if you folks with 6 year olds out there know what I mean. He doesn't quite need a desk yet, but he will so he is kind of in between larger furniture pieces and smaller stuff that still suits his comfort level so I made sure to mix the two for now till we are fully transitioned into the land of the big. Besides, the Bird loves to hang in brother's room so having the smaller chairs in there is perfect for him as well. For my own needs, I need to not see all the stuff he plays with, or his clothes. So the bins I found are precisely for my non-viewing pleasure, and they look good too. Don't you love a good set of storage bins? I have 2 cute sets in this space, and I will share all of the details in the next day or so! A night light was also important so that I don't end up with 12 legs in my own bed. Honestly I don't think there are actually 12 legs crammed in my bed, who really knows...but it feels that way in the middle of the night and as a mom you lose count after the first set comes crawling in for the 2nd (or 3rd) time, don't you? Ugh. Pretty was also on his list and I'm pretty sure 'cool' was thrown in there somewhere too... right along side 'some shiny stuff' and, 'don't make it look dumb'.

As if... don't they know by now? 

What do you think? You guys!!! I am so excited about this room. It challenged me in so many ways I can't even tell you. I planned, and pinned, and researched for the best deals online. I made a several of the projects for this space and I hunted for the perfect inspiration for the wall treatment (and then redid that sucker about 89 times). I surfed craiglist, and stalked a few people until they sold me their goods whether they wanted to or not and I earned a mighty sum of  Bing Rewards  in a very short amount of time. They now have an app, which is perfect for me since I do a lot of surfing of those interwebs from my phone. You know, while I am doing other tasks like feeding the baby or riding in the car, so in just a few weeks I racked up enough points on just this project to earn myself Silver status! Yahoo, and now I shall be able to redeem those points for gift cards to Amazon (yahoo), Starbuck's (yahoo), Sephora (if I ever left the house other than to run to Home Depot this might be nice). I shop from Amazon so much for projects so this is a perfect marriage of work and reward for me! Like truly madly deeply, love! 

You can sign up for  Bing Rewards  and earn your own points every time you search or just for jumping on the internet, even for playing along in a fun little game or learning a fun fact, which is cool. You don't have to do anything but sign up. No cost, no effort, just their way of saying thank you for using Bing. And that my friends is pretty cool! 

I am awfully grateful to them for sponsoring this project and grateful to you for sharing in this project with me. It almost killed me here this last week trying to get it done before I leave, so it feels amazing to see if virtually completed. I hope you like it, and share it, and sign up and earn some coffee... on me... actually on Bing (I'm just the pretty room behind the big cool brand!) #BingRewards is where it's at my friends

This post was created in partnership with Bing.


I'm required to disclose a sponsored partnership between our site and Bing. I have been compensated in exchange for this post in the form of payment, product or experiences.

Project Image

This is happening..... yahoo! Someone is getting a room makeover and I'll give you a clue: his name starts with Monster and ends with Mash! The last update I gave you all for this space still included his Low Loft Bunk, and was back when his room was being updated with his new Industrial Cart Bed which you can see below. Needless to say he was sad to see those go. BUT on the brightside, both those items are getting a whole new purpose in life and one will be in an entirely new location and I can't wait to share all the deets with you guys! 

There are quite a few projects yet to be done in here, but it will likely take me 2 years to finish things so I will give you a list of the resources you see here so far... Some are built and some are made.

Source List:

Project Image

Aside from the Low Loft Bunk I built for Monster Mash, This desk has been the best thing that ever happened to MY FEET! And of course by 'my feet' I loving refer to the fact that it's the perfect storage cubby containment for those deadly leggos and other terribly painful things like train tracks! Yes deadly and terribly painful...any of you with toddlers and kids who adore leggos, small cars, train tracks and other tiny, sharp, little things know exactly what I mean! eek!

I began this build with the intention of making the Ann Marie Storage Cubby Shelves, and since I didn't have a car that could carry a whole sheet of MDF...I had my local Home Depot cut my sheet down into the appropriate measurements.

Of course they did a mediocre job on my cuts...after the grumpy gentlemen argued with me for 5 minutes about how all of the cuts couldn't possibly fit on one sheet. Of course they could...and no I didn't need him to shave off a 1/4" here and a 1/4" there, thank you very much! Ugg...so back to the drawing board where I determined that my mis-measured (and mis-cut)pieces could be cut down and modified (even further) into the Desk! yay...and truly it was a happy accident because the desk gives MM a fabulous place to play with all of the toys we have stuffed into it!

Estimated Cost 

About $25 since I already had paint and some of the trim pieces.

Lumber Used 

I used 3/4" MDF for the Entire unit with 2x3 legs and 1x2 mdf trim pieces with the exception of one 1x3 trim piece on the top trim of the cubbies.

Finishing Technique 

I used Rustoleum Stone Gray (I think) in High Gloss to create a durable washable surface and make it easy to get into all of the nooks and crannies on this piece. Spray Paint was definitely the way to go for me since I get a bit lazy sometimes and for me lazy = sloppy and drippy, so this was really best for everyone!

Project Image

I've been building, building, and more building!  I should warn you that building is hard work.  It's fun and so completely satisfying...but between the building and the painting even my fingernails are sore.  Mainly from the painting, since I decided I really don't enjoy painting, and that spray paint might be the way to go...boy was I wrong!  Oh is it ever hard work spray painting, and you know...it actually takes longer to a certain extent.  Have I ever mentioned to you how impossible it is to get good coverage fast without creating drips...yes...almost impossible, for someone with my lack of patience. So, first up on the list of "recently checked off the to-do list" items is a fabulous low toddler activity table, for my monster mash of a boy.  Plans are here, and I am about to adjust them slightly since I was able to make it less expensively, and didn't lose any of the stability or sturdiness.  Mine is without the casters, since he is not quite ready for that in my opinion, and only has 2 cubbies since I was quite literally using scraps to build this (limited my options a tad).  The table top surface is a tad smaller as well (again limited by scrap remnants) but I am oh so happy with the result and so is my Mr. Blakey!

Length of Time 

Did I mention this took me less than an hour to throw together, and an extra 30 minutes for paint?  Yes well, if you look closely you can tell that I did this at 8:30 at night, and the lighting wasn't great, and neither was my level of effort or precision...but Blake can't tell, in fact he couldn't love it more if he tried and moved himself right on in!

Lumber Used 

To be honest, the cuts on this aren't straight, thanks to some mistakes my nearest Orange made on the measurements I gave them for the Storage Cubbies I was originally planning on building.  In fact they were so bad that I scrapped the whole plan, so to speak, and built this instead...so you can see in the image above that some of the boards don't line up perfectly and that I didn't even bother to sand or fix them.  

I think my actual dimensions ended up right around 2.5 x 3' for the surface and it still fits his race track, not to mention his entire body just fine!  My house is small and I feel like this coincidence actually worked out nicely.


Additional Project Details 

Below is another photo so you can see how it sits in the room where it lives! Perfectly underneath the Low Loft Bunk!

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