DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

I am so excited to share this project with you guys today. This was definitely the showstopper from Blake's Boho still Boyish and Beachy Bedroom Makeover and It is one of those that looks really complicated or like you need to have a special skill in painting to get this right, but you do not, I assure you.

DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint
DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

Our first step requires a 1:2:1/2 ratio of color to white to water with half the amount of your color to the amount of white and half of that still in water. You need a decent amount of product for this step so you can start with something like 1/4 cup of your colored paint, 1/2 cup of white and an 1/8 cup of water.

You will work about 2/3's of the way up your wall and the total area you cover will be about 2 feet in height for the majority of the paint application and a few scattered swirls will fall in the foot above and the 2 feet below this strip of swirls. 

We are going to be using a circular swirling motion for every single step of this project. For this step you will swirl your brush into a circle that is approximately 4 inches in size like you see above. They don't need to be perfect, in fact this will be better in the end if they aren't and have some white showing through or if you can see your brush strokes. If you find your paint to be a bit to thick to easily make the circles, just add a few more drops until it's easy to swirl it on, but doesn't run or drip when you apply it. 

** This is very important. Drips will be a problem during any of the steps that have colored paint so make sure your formula is never too runny that you have drips. 

DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint
DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

You will continue making your circles all the way around your room in a section that is 2 feet high and scattered as you see in the first image above. Once you finish doing this you will follow it up by filling in the white space for the middle portion of your section with a slightly concentrated number of circles that overlap like you see in the second image above. It's easier to do this in two steps so that you don't have a solid 2 foot section and instead end up with the middle being more concentrated than the top and bottom of this section. I learned this the hard way. 


DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint
DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

For this next step you are going to use a formula of 1:6:1 with 1 part colored paint, 6 parts white paint and 1 part water. This will be a much lighter concoction that you will sprinkle over the top of your section in a scattered very spaced out manner. Then you will pull this color down below your section and place your swirls in a very scattered pattern that runs about 2 feet below your section. Once you do that you will also scatter this color above your section sporatically, about a foot above your section. 

DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

While this step might seem counterintuitive, I promise it will be important for helping you get that watercolor look later without using watercolors or knowing how to paint, so just go with me on this. You will need a mixture of 1:1 white paint to water. This should be about the color of milk but not quite as runny, though not much more thick. You don't want to be painting for this step, you will want to be washing, which means when you apply this it will be see-through a bit but will wash out the color your applied so you will need to judge your consistency by testing in a discreet area. 

You are going to keep on swirling and essentially swirl right on over the top of everything you just painted. This includes all of the scattered circles above and below. You want to wash out the color quite a bit so you are left with a milk mess of something that used to a paint project. It will look cray for just a bit. Don't worry. 

If your paint is too thick and it actually just blocks out the color you applied in the previous steps, completely, just add a few more drops of water at a time until it's not so thick. You can use a bit of water over the top of your test spot to 'undo' your test spot so that it isn't different from the other areas of your project. 


DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

Now we will go right over the top of our original scatter section only in a more sporadic way using a formula of 1:1:1 ratio of colored paint, white paint and water. You want this to be easy to apply and a bit see-through-ish as you swirl, but not runny or drippy. Your circles will be spread out and you can do just a few that sit above the top of your section and a few that sit below it as well. Sparse is the name of the game here, you can always build, but less is definitely more. 

DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

For the final bit of color before the final step, you will want a ratio of 1:1/2-1 of colored paint to water. You will not use any white paint for this step, only the color itself watered down. This will make it runny to the point where your color is see through even in your paint pan. When you apply your swirls for this step you will need to put your color on your brush and then wring your brush out so that when you actually put it on the wall it's watery, but doesn't run. You can wring your brush out by pressing it against the sides of your container until most of the wetness runs out. If it is still coming out of your brush when you push it agains the side of your container, then it's probably going to cause drips... very dark drips. This isn't a project you can touch up very easily so I warn you against getting sloppy here. 

You are going to apply this layer in small and larger circles that overlap the previous layer and are more frequent than the previous layer, but are still sporadic.

DIY Faux Watercolor Wallpaper Wall Treatment with Paint

Woot woot! Your arm is probably very tired after all this swirling and whirling around your space. Mine was, especially since I did this project over and over again. Also, I learned you can actually wear the bristles on your brush down into a nub if you work it like this for an extended period of time... who knew? 

So for your final step we are going to create a wash again, similar to our wash earlier in this project, only this time it will be more runny and much more watery. Use a formula of 1:2 white paint to water and adjust until it looks like watered down milk. It won't matter quite that much if you have drips of this since it's white, but to avoid drips, wring your brush as in the previous step, and then apply covering the entire area you have painted. It will look like the image above after you apply your wash. You can see that the colors aren't saturated and look as though they have been painted over with a bit of milky water. 

You can also now see all the layers come together into what looks like an entirely watercolor application, and why you did the first several steps as the colors blend a bit and water down into this beauty! Yahoo! It gives you the look of blending with only the need to apply layer after layer of circles one on top of the next. 


I'm still playing catchup big time. But the sources for Blake's boho and beachy but boyish room are something I am excited to share with you all, mainly because I shopped many of them from around my own home, from craigslist and thrifty spots, but also because all of the new items I purchased for this space were so budget friendly that they are entirely affordable for real people on real world budgets.

A couple of the items were already in his space like his bed which is expandable and from Ikea, but is not one I can find online there at the moment. He has two little vintage schoolhouse industrial style chairs which were a major purchase a couple of years ago for my Blake for Christmas and Birthday for him from Restoration Hardware. A type of purchase I won't likely make again because sure as they arrived they began to chip on the veneer just as any other less expensive chair might and instantly made me regret the expense.

A few of the items you can't likely reproduce since they were shopped from my around my home, found on Craigslist or things I found a garage sales, fleas, or thrifts,  so if there is an item I don't mention that is likely why, but please feel free to ask about anything in the comments just in case I got crazy and forgot something! 

The Console Table // Garage Sale - most wonderful shade of mauve formica under that worn white finish. Oh it's the 80's at their finest and I could eat it up all day long. That bit of Art Deco flavor is just fab and wouldn't you know I also have the coffee table and end tables to match that beauty, and have carted them around with me since I got them for a mere $10 for the entire set! The club chair is all seventies in my eyes, and all the great things about leather and wood sling type furniture, but my hubby claims his dad had the exact chair and loveseat (which I happen to have in my family room), purchased new in the early 80's so who knows which era it truly hails from. I can't find an exact match online. Lots of similar Danish beauties, but not an exact match for this guy. His nightstand is a cube end table that hails from Viva Terra, which I scored about 3 years ago at a sample sale in Marin, CA. Normally it retails for something like $199 or $299 (can't remember) but I got this baby for $40. So, so good. It gets moved around the house like a pair of slippers (as in very, very frequently, much to the chagrin of my hubby since it's insanely heavy). The low and long blue bench I found at Goodwill a few years ago and painted blue for his room shortly after I brought it home. A few of the art prints you may remember from other spots in my home and it seems the site 20x200 that they were purchased from has gone away with the wind. Such a bummer. The horse hair vase is absolutely stunning in person and is a keepsake I bought in Tombstone, AZ about 8 or 9 years ago. I used to live not all that far from the infamous spot, as did my Grandma and this piece will always be special to me. These are made in many other spots though so you could easily get one too!

So let's start on the new items shall we?

Lamp // Sexy Hexy - HomeGoods. Black + White Storage Bins //  Room Essentials from Target. Seagrass Baskets // Nake Berkus for Target. Wire Magazine Holders // Target. Dachshund Nightlight // Wayfair. Decorative Arrows // Fletcher + Fox. Bedding // H+M. Tie Dye Pillows // Threshold for Target. Sequin Pillow // H+M. Mustard Pillows // HomeGoods. Ceramic Pots // HomeGoods. Indigo Shade // Nate Berkus for Target. Kilim Pillow // One Kings Lane. Mint Box // Martha Stewart for Staples. Deer Flirtation Print // Minted. Horses at Dusk // Minted Throw Rugs // HomeGoods


This is another project in my sweet Blakey's Boho Chic room that was so simple and took literally minutes to complete from start to finish. My favorite kind... These easy DIY wood and wire wall shelves are as custom as you like and quite modular indeed. You can add on in width or height as needed and trim them out in any color you like! Here is what you need to make this project happen:


I cut my boards to 36 inches and used a rubber mallet to gently (or sort of forcefully depending on how you see things) coax the boards into the metal frames. Because I did it this way I had to ignore the instructions and hang the unit after I had my boards in place, which turned out to be much easier... I don't know what they are thinking when they create those directions half the time. This way it's a bit more cumbersome in size, but you can easily tell if you are level by placing the level right on one of your shelf boards... duh. 

Once I had this secured to the studs and using wall anchors, I used yellow scotch expressions tape and ran a strip around the 3 edges that are showing. And voila... donzo. Like I said, so fast. I left the boards natural and only sanded where I cut and any extra areas that needed it. Otherwise I left those babies alone! You can use these ikea wall units in groups of 3 and run longer boards through them. They suggest they are 11 inches deep in their opening but I found that the 11 1/4 inches of a 1x12 board fit rather nicely with no movement or shifting if you simply gave them some gently nudging... Easy peasy and lovely to have some place to put things that I don't necessarily want him to grab or mess with day in and day out, but would like him to enjoy! Oh the joys of being 6, not yet a big kid and yet not that babyish anymore, unless they haven't eaten and happen to be melting down completely. 

Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

I have so much to share with you guys about my trip to SLC for SNAP! Conference and all of the projects for Blake's Boho and Beachy Bedroom Makeover so I am going to do my best to dive right in and not take 6 months to get everything published! Wish me luck! Ps. We have some kinks to work on the Community Pages, but we are so close to having them up and running and I can't wait!

Tie On the Hanging Cord for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

Tie one of your Main Fibers to your dowel rod so that you can hang your project to work if you need to. If you are using nylon cord as a main fiber, you will want to melt the ends of your cord with a lighter or cover in candle wax to keep them from fraying. I talk about that a bit more in my Easy DIY Macrame Hanging Planter project if you would like more details on this step! Be sure to leave your knot loose enough to slide around as needed so you can adjust the width of your working area. 

Folding the Cord for Main Fiber Row for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

To begin attaching your fibers and cords to your dowel you will need to fold them over so that one side is longer than the other like you see in the image here. For the fibers that are 6 feet in length you will want one side to be about 4 feet and the other about 2, or 3 1/2 feet and 2 1/2 feet give or take. The irregularity will help your fiber wall hanging look woven and authentic! 

Looping the Cord for Main Fiber Row for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging
Overlapping the Cord for Main Fiber Row for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging
Pulling the Ends Through for Main Fiber Row for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

To attach your cord and yarn to the dowel rod, slide the loop from your folded length of cord or yarn from the previous step up behind the rod and fold it over the top, then pull the loose ends through. 

Main Fiber Row for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

Once you have a pretty decent section of your cord strung it should begin to look like the image you see here. When you feel like it's full enough and wide enough, you can begin working on the next color which will be attached on either side of this main section and will be your secondary fiber. The length will be a bit shorter and you will still fold it as you did this main fiber with one end shorter than the other! Texture baby, it's all about the texture! 

Main Overlay Row for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

I won't bother showing you how to work the secondary fiber sections, they are going to be exactly the same as the main only they sit on the outside of the main section, duh... So, let's chat about how you handle the overlay fibers... 

Well my friends it's mind blowing and exactly the same only you will put those babies right over the top of the main and secondary rows! So, this can be a bit tricky for the fingers to figure out, but it's really pretty simple. Just fold, loop, wrap, and pull only it will be layered right over the top. Fill your overlay rows in nice and full and thick so you don't see any bald spots. No one likes bald spots in a fiber wall hanging, it just looks weird. 

The first overlay section you do will be the middle overlay section and it's the third longest length of fiber you are working with for this project. It will essentially hang over the main section and can overlap the secondary section just a bit if you like, or the opposite of that and can go not quite to the end of the main fiber section below it. 

Overlay Rows for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging
Oerlay Rows for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

Your main and secondary overlay rows will look like this when you finish them. Nice and full and thick! You can see in the second image above that I did not go all the way to the end with my secondary overlay . That darker navy color you see is actually my secondary row from below! 

Layers for Easy DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

I realize that today is supposed to be all about the sources for Blake's Boho Still Boyish Bedroom reveal, and it is... but it also isn't. Feel free to browse the full article here, and sign up for your very own Bing Rewards account and get your search on. It's kind of a no brainer, you know...

Since having this eye-opening (and not so dry-eyed) experience at ALT with my sweet friend (no seriously, one of the sweetest people I know and an all time fave of mine), I have stayed in touch with the gals at Every Mother Counts and of course when an opportunity popped up to actually do something, I decided to jump on it and share it with all of you! I appreciate you guys so very much I can't even put it to words adequately, and these women who need a voice and an advocate for their safety and health appreciate you taking an interest, of that I am sure.

Since one of the women involved in this group is also the founder of Minted, which happens to be one of the sources for a few of the art pieces you see above in Blake's Boho still Boyish Bedroom, I thought it seemed like a natural fit to let you know that in honor of Mother's day, 20% of every purchase made using the code DESIGNCONFEMC at checkout, will be donated to this cause. Given the fabulous prints they have, and the amazing prices, and the gorgeous frames, this is a great resource for unique art finds! Truly lovely.

Annnndddd, to make things a bit more exciting... I will be giving away a framed 11x14 print of your choosing! Woot Woot! Free art is perhaps a new favorite thing of mine. One day when I have some free art I will verify this, but I'm thinking it might be a glorious thing, so I am hoping you do too!

One of my favorite things about the prints Minted is that you can create groups of prints to see how they will look together and then of course when other users create these displays you can view them as you browse the art prints on their site. It is lovely when you are looking for a bit of inspiration and some ideas for creating a coordinating group of prints. I actually liked one I stumbled across so much that I ended up purchasing two of the prints that were shown. I fell in love with Deer Flirtation and Horses at Dusk immediately.

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A Bohemian Bedroom Makeover for a Boy that is Beachy and Bold

I had the distinct pleasure of partnering with Bing to completely overhaul Blakey's room and give him an updated space. One that suits us both a bit better than his last room did. I have been working around the clock for what seems like years... But, of course it hasn't been years, only weeks, and I am so excited to share it with you guys today! It has been quite the rollercoaster of experiences and is one of the reasons for my absence lately and I am glad to finally have something to show for it! Feels amazing...

A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy
A Bohemian Modern Room Makeover for a Boy

My sweet adorable, sometimes demon seed 6 year old gave me quite a few 'rules' to work around for this project. The first being, no baby stuff. Of course, he is still quite attached to many of his younger memories so his shelves that are up high are for exactly those things that he doesn't play with but wants to keep around to remember. I was required to use a very particular blue, he wanted plants 'like I have', comfy pillows, and given his age he has needs that are pretty tricky since he is still small yet isn't small, if you folks with 6 year olds out there know what I mean. He doesn't quite need a desk yet, but he will so he is kind of in between larger furniture pieces and smaller stuff that still suits his comfort level so I made sure to mix the two for now till we are fully transitioned into the land of the big. Besides, the Bird loves to hang in brother's room so having the smaller chairs in there is perfect for him as well. For my own needs, I need to not see all the stuff he plays with, or his clothes. So the bins I found are precisely for my non-viewing pleasure, and they look good too. Don't you love a good set of storage bins? I have 2 cute sets in this space, and I will share all of the details in the next day or so! A night light was also important so that I don't end up with 12 legs in my own bed. Honestly I don't think there are actually 12 legs crammed in my bed, who really knows...but it feels that way in the middle of the night and as a mom you lose count after the first set comes crawling in for the 2nd (or 3rd) time, don't you? Ugh. Pretty was also on his list and I'm pretty sure 'cool' was thrown in there somewhere too... right along side 'some shiny stuff' and, 'don't make it look dumb'.

As if... don't they know by now? 

What do you think? You guys!!! I am so excited about this room. It challenged me in so many ways I can't even tell you. I planned, and pinned, and researched for the best deals online. I made a several of the projects for this space and I hunted for the perfect inspiration for the wall treatment (and then redid that sucker about 89 times). I surfed craiglist, and stalked a few people until they sold me their goods whether they wanted to or not and I earned a mighty sum of  Bing Rewards  in a very short amount of time. They now have an app, which is perfect for me since I do a lot of surfing of those interwebs from my phone. You know, while I am doing other tasks like feeding the baby or riding in the car, so in just a few weeks I racked up enough points on just this project to earn myself Silver status! Yahoo, and now I shall be able to redeem those points for gift cards to Amazon (yahoo), Starbuck's (yahoo), Sephora (if I ever left the house other than to run to Home Depot this might be nice). I shop from Amazon so much for projects so this is a perfect marriage of work and reward for me! Like truly madly deeply, love! 

You can sign up for  Bing Rewards  and earn your own points every time you search or just for jumping on the internet, even for playing along in a fun little game or learning a fun fact, which is cool. You don't have to do anything but sign up. No cost, no effort, just their way of saying thank you for using Bing. And that my friends is pretty cool! 

I am awfully grateful to them for sponsoring this project and grateful to you for sharing in this project with me. It almost killed me here this last week trying to get it done before I leave, so it feels amazing to see if virtually completed. I hope you like it, and share it, and sign up and earn some coffee... on me... actually on Bing (I'm just the pretty room behind the big cool brand!) #BingRewards is where it's at my friends


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