The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys and Shower Curtain Basket Towel Starbust Mirror Brass Blue White Shibori

I’m not sure when or even how, but somewhere along the line my tiny baby bird became a much bigger babe and moved right into the glorious age of bath time water sports and other miscellaneous shenanigans. Oh the pride he shows as he helps most of the water out of the bath, oh what an adorable nightmare it is. Naturally, I thought this was a good time to move him into his own bathroom. Of course where there is a new space to be used, there must be style and function in place.

Shower Curtain / Bamboo Bowl / Mirror / Basket / Tank Basket / Bath Towel / Hand Towel Gray

Starburst Mirror Tank Basket Brass Planter Shibori Shower Curtain Tea Towel Hand Towel for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

I knew Target would have everything I needed and I didn’t leave empty handed. Not even close. I think they should make carts that can attach to each other like a train, just in case you do an impromptu redesign and you don’t plan your cart packing as well as you could have.

Mirror / Basket / Tank Basket / Bamboo Bowl / Bath Towel / Hand Towel Gray / Shower Curtain / Gray Marble Towel

Blue Ceramic French Bulldog Cookie Jar Wooden Sphere Hammered Brass Tray Framed Landscape Photography Feather for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

There is a connecting bath between Penn’s room and Blake’s room that they will ultimately share. Until now, neither of them have really used this bath much. With the 5 year age difference between them, they have different needs in this space. My biggest babe is now able to do much of his bathing and bedtime routine himself, but the little babe is not and is still a general hazard where many of the bath time tools are concerned. Storing items like q-tips in containers is a must and the French Bulldog Cookie Jar is perfect for my little animal lovers.

Framed Art / French Bulldog Cookie Jar / Wooden Sphere / Hammered Gold Tray

Basket Towel Holder Throw Blanket Navy Moroccan Pillow Teal Arrow Stripe Rug Gray Chunky Rug Woven Bench Brass Planter Shibori Shower Curtain for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

The floors in this space are tiled so rugs are also an absolute requirement in here, especially with the extra splashing going on these days. There are no towel bars near the actual place where a person might be looking for one, so a basket serves as easy storage with extra towels for those particularly wet and wiggly kiddos of mine.

Arrow Rug Teal / Chunky Rug / Bench / Throw / Pillow / Basket / Wastebasket / Shower Curtain / Hand Towel Gray

Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light Bamboo Tumbler Toothbrush Holder Framed Landscape Art Bamboo Soap Dispenser and Hand Towel for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

I found these fabulous kitchen towels to use next to their sinks, and love the pattern and interest they add. A big focus on hand washing is always happening in this house so they each have their own soap dispensers and Penn (the littlest) has a bench that can be moved next to the sink so he can reach. When he isn’t washing hands, the bench can be used by Blake for sitting (shocking I know) so he can remove those tricky bits of clothing that love to stump a 7 year old, like socks!

Gray Marble Towel / Salt Lamp / Bath Towel / Hand Towel Mint / Soap Dispenser / Tumbler / Framed Art

Blue Ceramic French Bulldog Cookie Jar Hammered Metal Tray Brass Wooden Sphere Bamboo Soap Dispenser for The Design Confidential New Year New Beginnings // A Shared Bath for the Boys

With both boys wanting to be big boys so very badly, a new space decorated just for them with their particular needs and wants is pretty exciting.

Wooden Sphere / Hammered Gold Tray / French Bulldog Cookie Jar / Tumbler / Soap Dispenser

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Pop of Color Details for a Desert Modern Nursery Toddler Room

This month we were challenged by Wayfair to add a pop of color to our homes, and I am just beginning to gather some of the pieces that will ultimately go into the Bird's new space. What you see here is very rough, and very much the early stages and that is precisely what I am wanting to show you. I love a good reveal, but I think it's important to step back and show you the process along the way occasionally as well. We had the big reveal for Blake's Boho Bedroom Makeover, so for Penn's room, maybe we should make it all about the 'every step'... Hopefully you agree, and don't decide to divorce me in the process? 

I am slowly attempting to pull together every room in this house, which is a huge job. Right now, I'm focused on the nursery, which of course will be ready to transition into a toddler room in the near future. I can't bear the thought of having missed the chance for Penn to have his own baby room, so I am walking a fine line between the two spaces and choosing items that will transition well when it's time to pull that trigger. He is obsessed with woofs and gows which roughly translates to ruffs and meows, and yes he calls them by the sounds they make, which is a new one for me but totally adorable! Just love how literal kids are sometimes.

Naturally his new pop of color is this fabulous framed Night Eyes print, which brings a bit of that desert modern vibe to the space, and a cute teal-ish Kitty Figurine that has a mate that now lives in Blake's room. My two little animal lovers... a thing I want to cultivate and nurture as much as possible. Yes, this seems utterly random for the time being, but I promise it won't when it all comes together. Or at least, maybe it won't be as random, and will only be a little bit random like all things in my life! Yahoo, we shall just call it eclectic and pretend it's cool, yes?

Pop of Color Accessories from Wayfair

Precipice Lake Framed Print // Gideon Lamp by Arteriors Home // Birch Vases // Herringbone Throw // Kilim Pillow // Tie Dye Pillow

These are some of the other items I really (really) wanted to snatch up, and I still just might, but I have set some new rules for myself, one of which involves staying focused on whatever I'm working on until it's completed, before moving on to the next thing... at least as much as possible in this line of biz (totally not possible at all). Since these gorgeous things wouldn't be for Penn's Nursery space, they didn't quite make the cut this time around, and yes mama is still wishing they had, so I just might be doing a little consolation shopping as we speak? Maybe... Eek. I'm obviously terrible at following my own rules. Gah

So, if you are inspired to add a pop of color to your space right now, or care to do a bit of consolation shopping, hop right on down to the rafflecopter entry form and give it a click as soon as you leave a quick comment on this here blog post. All you need to do to enter is post a link to an item on wayfair.com and show me something fabulous you would love to get that would add a pop of color to your space (or a shot of neutral, ha)... 

And, just in case you were really wanting to see another cute slash funny pic of the Bird in his 'sit', which I will spill all about shortly, here you go... you are welcome. He is a funny little duck. Technically he hasn't quite figured out how to avoid falling through this chair, but he is sure willing to give it a go anyhow. Good thing it's a mere inches from the ground. 

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Project Image

Some of you probably remember my plan of attack for the bird's nursery.. you can read more about that here. I thought I would update you on what's been done so far, yahoo! I am obviously avoiding my master bedroom right now since my last update was on the progress in that room, or lack thereof... But my next round of projects for that space are a bit more involved and the bird leaves little to no time for that fun stuff, most days.

So I'm flitting around room to room working on little projects here and there, and like the terrible blogger that I am, this project is one I could have shared months ago, and didn't... yay for procrastination. 

In the bird's moodboard, I show the most fabulous mobile with paper gems and a pop of color among the remaining moody blues. I was so excited to order this guy and so excited to put it together and get it hung (way back in April of last year...) and then tragedy struck! Nobody croaked or anything, but the mobile thread (yes that is what it dangles from) broke in two places and 2 of the paper gems didn't have the sticky stuff to put them together. *Insert unhappy face here* 

Luckily customer service was wonderful and they sent a replacement right out and this one was intact. BUT... in true pregnant mama fashion I decided I hated the colors. They weren't quite like they are shown on the package or on the site. They were decidedly more muted and a bit blah to be quite honest.

Since this bad boy was paper... you know I couldn't let it rest as is and I took to it with some craft paint and crayon. I added a turquoise blue, sea green, and pink in paint and went over the browns and beiges. Then I used a white colored pencil and lightly went over the orange color which made it decidedly more neon orange in person, which is awesome!

You can see how this little corner of the room is shaping up. I still have a ton to do and of course as soon as I finish I will very likely change everything up and begin again since I have the worst case of Design ADD known to man... In the meantime it will be fun to share some of the easy peasy projects with you guys and see how baby bird likes his new digs. He will be ready to move in within the month I think, and it will likely take me till next year to get around to sharing the deets, ha... exciting times my lovelies!

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