The Design Confidential DIY // A 6 Second No-Sew Pillow Vine Video with Lowes

I'm back! Did you miss me? Did you notice I was missing in action? No? Shucks... Well you just might have noticed this project from a little while back, and if not, feel free to check it out... I shall be here! 

The Design Confidential in Collaboration with Joss and Main for a Curators Collection Sale with Story and Interview

It is official and my collaboration with Joss and Main is live! They created such a lovely sale using my spaces as inspiration and crafted a fabulous write-up about The Design Confidential. It is such an honor to partner with them in this way, especially since I shop there often, in real life.

1970 Curved Arc Floor Lamp Tubular coffee Table Vintage Frame and Print Brass Planter and Gold Log Holder for The Vintage Vulture // My Latest Finds + My Vintage Obsession

Oh my dear friends... I wonder if you have any idea how insane I am about vintage pieces? I think not, because this site has not focused on such things in the past and leans more toward the DIY lifestyle. But... you guys have asked on more than one occasion if I will give you behind the scenes snapshots of what goes on here at the House of TDC (it is a level of crazy you may not be prepared for), and have suggested you want to know a bit more about how I get from point A to point B when it comes to styling and design. Ask and you shall receive, sweet peeps...

Side View of 1970 Curved Arc Floor Lamp Tubular coffee Table Vintage Frame and Print Brass Planter and Gold Log Holder for The Vintage Vulture // My Latest Finds + My Vintage Obsession

When I went away to design school, I came back armed with a crazy amount of information about the pieces themselves, the era they were made and the history of design as a whole. And then I was obsessed... the end.

But I have a fairly particular philosophy about buying and I wonder if might not be helpful to share? I think I might be dying to talk about it. So I am kind of hoping this is a topic you might be interested in and that you might like to get acquainted with vintage for vintage sake (you won't find me rehabbing or reviving my pieces in turquoise chalk paint - sorry to disappoint some of you). I want to keep this fun and light, but help you have the confidence to know what to buy and what to pay for it, if you don't already. Or maybe swap tips on great places to source pieces, I would love to know where you shop! Then we can all go to rehab together at vintage shoppers anonymous (VSA).

But back to the actual task at hand, how amazing is this arc floor lamp. It is my veritable Arc de Triumphe if you must know. I have coveted this exact lamp for quite a while and it is so good! The condition is pristine, just a show stopper and it was a steal compared to what I have seen them listed for in the past. This beauty was $195 asking, but I worked some magic on the seller by purchasing the table as well so I ended up getting it for closer to $160. Might be one of my more expensive purchases as far as vintage furnishings and home decor are concerned but absolutely worth it. The tubular table is the other apple of my eye right now and it was around $100. It is large and in charge and virtually indestructible - which is crucial in this house filled with crazed boys and babes. Honestly my gorgeous Hawaiian gal there is a decent contender for favorite too. I bought her for the frame at around $4, and then she grew on me and now I think I love her. Weird how that happens. The cute brass planter is lightweight and fabulous and I love being able to move it around as I need to. Plus it is shiny and shiny is awesome. The log holder there with the handle, that has become the mobile magazine storage here at the House of TDC because quite frankly I have a crap ton of mags come through this house and they need a place to live! Clutter makes me crazy people so it puts me at ease knowing that everything has a place to live - a forever home if you will.

What have you guys been coveting lately? Where do you look for your vintage obsessions and have you scored anything ridiculously amazing recently? Do tell... Inquiring minds want to know. Let us swap stories, no?

DIY Macrame Badminton Net // Easy Macrame Knots

A few of you might remember when I shared my Outdoor Oasis and Outdoor Games Project back in July. I thought I would share a bit more about the Making of the DIY Macrame Badminton Net - that was surprisingly easy to make - and instructions and images for how to tie each of the macrame knots I used in the project!.

How to Tie a Larks Head Knot for Free Macrame Pattern and Project

The Lark's Head Knot is probably your most common tie-on knot. It is not precisely a knot, but still, it happens to be a great way to get your cord onto your rod, dowel, or ring.

// The steps above are fairly straightforward and this baby involves nothing more than doubling up your rope by folding it in half, then folding that loop in your mid-section over your rod or ring by bringing it up from behind.

// Once you fold it over you simply pull the loose ends up and through your loop. Easy Peasy, no?

Once you have all of your material looped onto your rod or ring, you will likely begin with one or more of the knots below! For those of you who like to work with your hands in some way, macrame is simply divine. Just so completely gratifying if you know what I mean. Plus you can pull up a folding table in front of the tv and watch The Knick or one of the meellions of Housewives franchises while you loop and tie your way to perfection!

How to Tie a Left Facing Half Square Knot

The other knot you will run across, often, along your macrame journey is the square knot. You might need to tie a series of alternating square knots or even a half square knot, but it is very likely you will do something involving this fabulous basic at some point. Since a square knot is actually made up of two halves (duh, right?), the image above shows you how to tie one of these possible halves or a left facing half square knot. To tie a right facing, you will simply do the opposite of these steps and work from the right outside cord, or cord 4, and tie the knot as you see in the next step. And since a half square knot is the first portion of a whole square knot, which I cover down below, you will need to complete these steps here before moving on to the next set below.

Something fabulous about a half square knot is that if you continue tying it over and over again it will actually make a gorgeous twist and looks absolutely amazing!

While the image above is fairly easy to follow, I will just skim over a few quick verbal instructions to help you understand what you are seeing.

// You will need to separate out your lark's head knots into groups of two. By this I mean for you group them up in pairs so there are 4 cords per group to work with.

// With your group of 4 cords, you will take the left outside cord - cord 1 and the black cord you see above - and bring it over the two cords in the center - cords 2 and 3 (white and yellow) - then under the cord on the right outside - cord 4 (beige).

// Then bring the right outside cord - beige cord 4 - under the two center cords - cords 2 and 3 (white and yellow) - and up behind and under the curved edge of your first cord or cord 1 (black) - like you see in step 3 above. Once you bring it up behind like this, you will pull it up through your opening (made by cord 1) and out to the side. This will look like a pretzel and will be a bit like the first part of tying your shoe laces. When you pull this tight a bit, it should look like the last image.

Now you can repeat this to get that twisty bit you see at the top of the image above, or move on to the step below for something that requires a whole square knot!

How to Tie a Right Half Square Knot and a Square Knot

If you need to tie a right half square knot, this is where you will begin. It essentially mirrors the process in the previous step only it reverses it, and will be the second half of your square knot if you are continuing on from the former series of steps! What you see in the image above is a continuation from a left half square knot and does in fact form a complete square knot.

If beginning here // You will need to separate out your lark's head knots into groups of two. This means you will group them up in pairs so there are 4 cords per group to work with. If continuing on from the left half square above, simply work with the 4 cords from your previous step from their new positions (black cord 4 is now on the right and beige cord 1 is now on the left).

// With your group of 4 cords, you will take the right outside cord - cord 4 and the black cord you see above - and bring it over the two cords in the center - cords 2 and 3 (white and yellow) - then under the cord on the left outside - cord 1 (beige).

// Then bring the left outside cord - beige cord 1 - under the two center cords - cords 2 and 3 (white and yellow) - and up behind and under the curved edge of your right hand cord or cord 4 (black) - like you see in step 3 above. Once you bring it up behind like this, you will pull it up through your opening (made by cord 4) and out to the side (on the right). This will look like a pretzel and will be a bit like the first part of tying your shoe laces. When you pull this tight a bit, it should look like the last image above if you are completing a square knot!

How to Tie Alternating Square Knots in Free Macrame Pattern DIY Project

Alternating Square Knots are a great way to create a net like pattern. The image for this shows the process from the beginning, but for the specific steps for tying a square knot, refer to the previous two steps. This image will give you an overview of how to alternate and create the pattern you see above.

// Begin with your groups of 4 cords and tie a Square Knot in each group. Do this all the way across your row until every group is tied.

// For your next row, skip the first 2 cords and set them aside,then regroup your cords into new groups of 4 from there forward. You will pair your 3rd and 4th cords together with your 5th and 6th cords (7-10 for your next group) and once again tie a complete square knot.

// For your third row you will go back to the groups as they were in your first row and include those first 2 cords once again! Continue on in this manner for as many rows as you like, alternating your groups and leaving out the first 2 cords for every other even numbered row.

How to Tie a Wrap Knot or Gathering Knot for Macrame Pattern Project

The Wrap Knot or Gathering Knot is used to group your cords when you finish off a pattern and occasionally at the beginning or in the middle of a pattern like you see in my Macrame Hanging Planter. This was the trickiest knot for me somehow since the instructions I was working from left out a critical section, so I will try not to leave you hanging like that!

To work this knot you will need to have a separate cord set aside that is not part of your group of cords and is not connected to anything else. The cord you will use to wrap your group is this separate cord (the white cord running underneath my group in the 1st step above) and is the Working Cord.

// Run your Working Cord under and alongside your group.

// Create a slight loop by bringing your Working Cord around, down, then up and over your group.

// Bring it down and back behind your group, making sure to leave your loop in place from the previous step as well as your loose end as you see in the image above (steps 3 through 7).

// Bring your Working Cord (now hanging down)back up in front of your group and over the top again, then around behind and down. Continue wrapping like this until your wrap is the size you want for your particular project. The more cords you have, the more you may want to wrap your group.

// Take the end of your Working Cord and thread it through your loop.

// Pull your loose end from the beginning of this knot in steps 1 and 2 and pull it tight until your loop is pulled up into your wrap and is hidden. Now you can cut off any excess or tuck it away and into your wrap as well and secure with glue.

The Design Confidentials Styling Secret // Easy + Inexpensive DIY Over-Sized Art

I frequently find myself in an art quandry when I am styling a space or decorating a room in my home. I happen to like (actually love) big huge pieces of art so much more than I like several smaller pieces. For those of you who might have searched for affordable art options, you know how hard it is to find great original things in large sizes. There are meellions of gorgeous, nay amazing, works by fantastic artists out there for affordable prices, but my gawd every time I stumble upon one of these beauties it turns out to be no larger than a 5x7 or 8x10 print at the very most! Gah.

Tulum Art Print and Sand and Sea Beach Image for Styling Secret // Easy + Inexpensive DIY Over-Sized Art Solution

Here are the deets //

  • // I find my images on sites like Shutterstock (there are many, this just happens to be the one I use). I essentially signed myself up for a revolving account there, that renews whenever I reach 5 downloads and I pay a slightly discounted rate of $49 for all 5 downloads combined. Each image ends up being around $9-$10 for the large size, which works perfectly for high quality prints in the size I generally need.
  • // Once I download the image, I alter the size, crop things out, adjust color, or altogether make the image my own, in photoshop. I tend to work with a 20" x 30" size most often since this is the largest most economical size for me when it comes to both the frame and the printing.
  • // I send my images over to Sam's Club (again there are many other sites that offer this, I just happen to use this one) and upload them to their photo printing department and set to print in a 20" x 30" poster size for $8. This size works beautifully with the 24"x30" IKEA Ribba frame which is in the neighborhood of $20-$25, I think. Many printing sites will print poster sizes for dirt cheap and at least at Sam's Club (my only experience with this), the print quality is pretty amazing and printed on extra large photo paper (not thin poster paper). You can also print an Engineering Print in an even larger size for around three dollars, but these are generally best for black and white types of images that will benefit from a retro copier kind of look. They have my prints ready in an hour and that makes me ridiculously happy when I am working on a tight schedule (so always).
Pink Blue Peach Macro Agate and Cool White Neutral Adriatic Sea Images for Styling Secret // Easy + Inexpensive DIY Over-Sized Art Solution

Prints in Order of Appearance //

There are soooo many amazing images and I have meellions saved to lightboxes for easy pulling when I need them. So basically I have Shutterstock and Sam's Club on speed dial and I call them at least every other week, sometimes more! Eek. 

New Beginnings // Back to School Blues + Red Hot School Supplies

My oldest little guy is starting first grade in just a couple of weeks. To say that we all have mixed emotions about this would be an understatement. If you follow me on instagram, you might remember this from earlier in the year. Well this year will officially mark the first time he is away at school all day, for five days of the week.

New Beginnings // Back to School Blues

1 // Backpack 2 // Name Labels 3 // Reusable Sandwich Bags 4 // Binder 5 // Incredible Ideas Notebook 6 // Lunchbox 7 // Stapler 8 // Pencils 9 // Notebook 10 // Address Labels 11 // Glue Sticks 12 // Backpack 13 // Cute Notes 14 // Mommy Contact Card // Hanging File Folder 16 // Let’s Get Together 17 // Post-It 18 // Mesh Sorter 19 // Backpack

Aside from getting him all of the typical things that are necessary for school - like cool pencils and binders - this school year I plan to super-size the idea of back to school shopping and not only round up some fun items for him to sport to class, but to make sure these things are unique and personal just for him.

For those of you who have boys, I know you feel my pain when it comes to finding items for them - once they are elementary age - that are deemed ‘cool’ in their eyes, are fashion forward without being too trendy and still boyish by nature without having superheroes or weaponry all over them. So in my quest to make this experience extra special for him, I online shopped my heart out and managed to find some fabulous supplies that fill these requirements. From special notebooks that inspire him to cute notes I can sneak into his lunch, I hope to remind him that I adore him and that I am thinking of him while he is away for the day, without completely embarrassing him with uncool or babyish things, of course. I gathered up some gorgeous gear in blues and reds to keep things tough and boyish and then made it interesting by breaking that up with greens, yellows, and the uber-fab black, gray and neutral as a base.

New Beginnings // Back to School + Red Hot School Supplies

1 // Brilliant Thoughts 2 // Glue Sticks 3 // Lunchbox 4 // Colorful Comic Thank you 5 // Pencils 6 // 7 // Sharpie Gel Highlighter 8 // Red Backpack 9 // Desktop Organizer 10 // Eraser 11 // Reusable Sandwich Bags 12 // Slide Into Fun 13 // Worthwhile Notebook 14 // Backpack 15 // Hanging File 16 // Red + Yellow Notepad 17 // Post-Its 18 // Binder 19 // Tape

While he is certainly growing up right before my eyes, he is still very young and because of this there are a few things I can do to make both of our lives easier and also more fun at the same time – especially since most of his free time at this age involves his social life and school itself isn’t particularly homework heavy yet.

  //  I created a mommy contact card that he can carry with him, just in case he needs to get ahold of me while he is out and about.

  //  To help him during his pre-phone calling years, I ordered a series of ‘let’s get together’ playdate cards. He can give these to his friends and they can pass them along to their parents so we can set something up for them. Otherwise, it’s fairly difficult to arrange for playdates once the parents no longer need to pick their kids up and drop them off at their classroom. Six and seven year olds aren’t really able to coordinate this on their own yet. 

  //   I made a gorgeous ornament from Tiny Prints to use as a backpack marker and I’m hoping it will help him to know which is his. It’s no fun to come home with the wrong one when there are several that look similar, and these little guys don’t pay much attention to what they are grabbing. I can’t tell you how often this happened last year, eek.

  //   Cute name labels should help him keep track of his supplies.

  //   Personalized address labels should make it easy to keep in touch with his friends and family who have recently moved – there are quite a few, and having his playmates become his pen pals definitely makes the loss less difficult.

By helping my cutest guy get all stocked up on school supplies, whether he truly needs them or not, I think it’s made him feel like a big kid who actually does need them and it seems like he is beginning to get excited about joining the ‘big kid club’ of school-goers! He may still be a tad nervous about the whole thing, but I know once he is there and settled in on his first day, he will be just fine.I just hope my attempt at creating some fun around an otherwise not so fun series of events and new situations helps ease his transition a bit, because it is breaking my heart to see my independent little guy, prefer to be home with his family. He normally dives right in with gusto and loves every second of anything that involves other kids. Apparently even he has a limit on his fun meter.

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, where every choice is a stylish choice.


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