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Hi there new friend! Welcome to The Design Confidential! If this is your first visit or if you haven't been with us very long, this is a great place to start. I will help you get comfy and cozy with the lay of the land, so pull up a chair and grab some gummy cherries (my fave) to snack on while I get you set up for an amazing experience in your new home away from home! 

Let's chat about me for a minute... I mean the site...  and I shall tell you what we are all about. Here at TDC we are obsessed with DIY and Home Decor, so it's a pretty logical guess that you might see meellionnnnsssss of projects of exactly that nature here. Duh... 

Occasionally I am inspired by other facets of design and even my kids, when they aren't trashing my house and my pretties, so once in a while you might see articles come down the line that are all about them and that irritating thing my dog did, with a healthy smattering of inspiration from around the web in some for or another, that is influencing me and my projects at any given time. If I am crushing on something fabulous, expect to see me blabbering all about and sharing all the pretties with you guys! 

If you want to read more about TDC and all our lovely deets, visit our About page and feel free to give us the up down once or twice.


As for how this site functions, it's pretty simple... The homepage is a gorgeous grid of our most recent works of awesomeness. Not everything makes the cut so don't expect to see a rundown of everything from our latest, only our latest and greatest will live here. But, there is a handy little link in our menu labeled BLOG that will take you to a more traditional layout with all of our articles in they order they were published. Here is where you won't miss a thing. And, you don't have to click, click, click to maneuver around here, just scroll and read. Easy peasy...

Let's talk about how the articles are organized, shall we? Again totally simple... Under the BUILD IT tab you will find a series of pages that all relate to DIY furniture building. That's something of our specialty here at TDC. The plan index page is probably the most popular place to hang here and it pulls every single plan we have ever posted, ever. You can filter these anytime and any way that you wish. Check the box for tables, or beds and with a cost between $25-$50, inspired by a design from West Elm and voila... you will surely get something amazing! Or simply browse all modern pieces and pick and pull as you like! 

The DIY drop down will have every single other project that isn't a set of furniture plans. We have tutorials for everything from painting landscapes to lighting and a whole lot of holiday fun, home improvement and crafty goodness in between. 

Our INSPIRATION tab will find you browsing through pretty places and spaces and exploring the latest trends. A great way to find your next creative spark... 

Every so often I write a feature article that is part of an ongoing series. There are several of these listed under the FEATURES drop down and you can see those fabulous literary works of genius all in one clever spot, anytime you wish! Go forth and peruse...  


We are a community here, first and foremost, so feel free to register and create a profile page. Once you do this, you can save your favorite projects and ideas to your to-do list, and post pictures of your latest build! We can't wait to see what you do first! Yahoo! We are slowly but surely building up our Forum pages, and once you are a member, you can post in this section to connect with other DIY lovers like yourself! This is a great place to request plans for a certain piece or ask question about some crazy thing that keeps happening to your build (believe me, I am the poster child for crazy so nothing surprises me these days). Maybe you learned a very valuable lesson during your latest triumph and you are pretty sure someone else might avoid potential disaster if you share... well I think that's fab and we are all chomping at the bit to learn from your experiences! 

I hope you enjoy your time here, and we are always attempting to make your experience even better. If you have some thoughts you might like to share with us, feel free to drop us a line


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