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This project was hard. The End. But this portion I am sharing with you today, was not hard. This version is simple and you can finish this project in a day which will be mainly dry time. It turned out so fabulously that I am fairly certain I will repeat it a few more times! Next time it will be so much easier to do, since I feel like I truly figured out the process this go around, and perfected it. Now you guys can do this too and can skip the 17 versions I completed that didn't work, not even a little bit... yay for that!


  • ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape
  • Concrete Resurfacer 
  • Universal Mixer Attachment for your Drill
  • Bucket
  • Masonry Brush
  • Trowel 
  • 12" Concrete Tube Form at 48"
  • Paint in a color of your choice
  • Water Seal (optional)
  • Jig Saw or Circular Saw
  • Large Drill Bit
  • 3/4" plywood at 24"x24"
  • 3/4" self tapping screws

I taped off my concrete tube form using ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape at the 20" mark, from either end, so that I would have an easy to see guide for my table height. Then using a large drill bit, I drill pilot holes close to my tape lines so that I could start my jig saw with ease. Simply cut around the tape line on both sides to cut your form to size using a jig saw (easiest for me) or a circular saw if you prefer.

I traced around the inside of my concrete tube form to set my table top size appropriately, and then cut them out using my jig saw. 

I used self tapping screws to attach my top to the form sitting just inside the lip of the form. 

Mix your concrete resurfacer with water according to the instructions on the package. Use your handy dandy mixer attachment on a very low and slow speed to mix your material. You want to end up with a consistency that is something like really thick pancake batter for this to work how it should.



Use your Masonry Brush and paint on a thin layer of the concrete resurfacer. Once you have covered the base, use your trowel to cover the top (this is much easier than trying to use the brush for the top for some reason) and smooth a bit. 

Allow it to dry partially (about 70%) then sand smooth. Be careful not to sand off your thin layer of concrete. If you need to touch up, this is the time to do so while your material is still wet enough. If you want to add a thick layer of concrete, do this in steps with thin layers each time, and work your way up. If you layer too soon you will have that experience of accidentally wiping off your first layer as you attempt to add on to it. 

Allow your tables to completely cure for 24 hours or the recommended time on the package. Once dry you are ready to tape and paint! 

Be sure to choose a paint color with a bit of a sheen to help seal any unfinished edges on the tube form. This will also help the tables weather a bit better. Give the edges and the bottom inch of the underside a very good coat or two of your paint. 

I used a foam brush, since they grab quite a bit of paint, and used a stippling motion (pouncing) since the tables have quite a bit of texture. I worked my way around making sure to hit every single nook and cranny. I only did one coat, but I did a very good thick single coat. 

I like to remove my tape right away but this is a personal preference and not a requirement! For me it helps to know if I have made an error before I put my painting supplies away, so I 'check' my work early...

I would recommend a water seal spray of some sort if you live in a wet climate, just to be sure you don't have exposed cardboard around the bottom. Otherwise enjoy! 

Love, love, love these beauties and they are very light weight too! Easy to pick up and move around but sturdy enough for outdoor use! Though I'm thinking indoor use would be fabulous too. 

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Those cords dangling down make me cringe, just looking at them... It's one of the most nagging tasks on my 'to-do list' this year. Truthfully, my homeward bound tasks far outnumber the hours in a day and the weeks in a year, but I plan on tackling as many as I can, one project at a time. 

In all the excitement around these parts lately I haven't mentioned that I got myself a new bed... a bigger bed, which means my gorgeous hand built bed of yore no longer works.... Also because I am currently without a footboard, my sheets continuously slide down toward the end of the bed, which is maddening I tell you. I have got to get going on a new replacement and soon before I completely lose my mind!

This wall, poor lonely thing that it is, needs some serious TLC. A few of you may have already noticed a few changes that have taken place here, but in all honesty I am feeling like it's back to the drawing board and none of those changes will stay! Eek!

This project was completed almost a year ago when I originally began working on my Master and then promptly began having morning sickness...ugh. I was working with a budget back then and even though I am still working on a budget, I plan to upgrade this wall a tad to reflect my original plans more closely.

I have a lot to work on in this one single solitary space, so if you can imagine that EVERY room in my house needs this much lovin' you might be able to fathom the number of projects that actually need to happen this year. It's enough to make you gag on your lunch, but it should be a good time trying to actually do a few of these and I can tell you it will be a much easier job well done with all the proper tools... Like this set for example. Can I get a yahoo for interchangeable Lithium Ion batteries? YAHOO!!!

And how would you like to win one of these sets for yourself?? Oh you would?? Fabulous, read further for instructions!!! But first a few quick thoughts about RYOBI Nation and the RYOBI ONE+ technology!

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​One of the entry options below is to upload a project to RYOBI Nation which I highly recommend since they offer monthly contests for amazing prizes! I joined and uploaded a project too, you can see my page down below! If you wanted to vote for my project you could.. hint hint! 


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Each year as the summer winds to a close, I begin my journey into what will soon be fall and I start to daydream of far off places I would love to experience. Wheat fields and seafoam sprayed beaches with wine and cheese as far as they eye can see... *Sigh* ... but since that isn't going to happen any time soon, perhaps a Provence themed outdoor (or indoor) living space and entertaining venue will do the trick!

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As I mentioned in this post, with baby on the way, not many 'actual' projects have been getting done around here... But, I have been doing my fair share of shopping in the meantime. Gal's gotta keep busy, right? One of the many problem areas of my home is the extreme heat we face in the backyard each summer. With temperatures in my regions climate starting to climb, this has been a looming concern for the last couple of months. 

Since we are currently renting our casa, building a permanent structure, like this, is out of the question. With the occasionally very windy day, a ready-made version of a gazebo, like this, becomes problematic as well, not to mention our patio is just a tad too large for one to suffice, and so there's that... We would need 2 and really have no way to secure them adequately. 

The cantilevered umbrella seems to be a very viable option except that the price point puts most of them well beyond reach and I still need 2 to provide enough shade to make the backyard sufferable. 

Then I found these gorgeous specimens at IKEA... Sold! $200 for a pair, plus the cost of pavers to provide proper weight for the bases, about $16, and I am still coming in at a fraction of the cost of just one cantilevered umbrella from another retailer! Score! 

Ask me how long it took me to send the hubs down to the nearest IKEA to get these beauties? About 5 seconds... yep! done and done! I chose the white variety since the fabric is washable and I think white tenting and umbrellas look quite resort-chic... LOVE them. 

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We have had rain for a week now, and while the temps have been mild and the sun is at least currently shining again... I have a case of spring fever like you wouldn't believe! I can't think of anything but backyard bbq's and afternoons in the hamock with family and friends! 

This outdoor dinnerware from Target pretty much sums up my imagined sunny dispostion (since truthfully I have morning sickness like you wouldn't believe, and it's definitely more like a cloudy day here than a sunny backyard fun day).


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