The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home

I have something of a major obsession happening with small but chic rectangular pools. Naturally, I have spent a fair share of time dreaming about how to make this happen in real life. I'm not entirely sure this is even a remote possibility, but for now, I am attempting to figure out how it might be...

Many of these pools are very small and that suits me well. Regardless of size, every single pool here is visually stunning and perfectly designed. It just goes to show that good things come in small packages sometimes... I might even love a rectangular wading pool, just deep enough for me to float. If you have a thing for small but chic pools too, I have an entire pinterest board filled with gorgeous poolside inspiration! Go crazy...

The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home
The Design Confidential Poolside in my Dream Home

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DIY Macrame Badminton Net // Easy Macrame Knots

A few of you might remember when I shared my Outdoor Oasis and Outdoor Games Project back in July. I thought I would share a bit more about the Making of the DIY Macrame Badminton Net - that was surprisingly easy to make - and instructions and images for how to tie each of the macrame knots I used in the project!. This is not our first rodeo, when it comes to macrame (see our DIY macrame hanging planter project), so it might be obvious at this point that we like a bit of the fringe over here at the House of TDC.

This also happens to be one of the very first projects for the site that I worked on with Beth, my fab Gal Friday (you will be getting to know her a bit more now that we can come up for air from all of the projects going on), so let us just say she got a dose of the crazy that happens around here, right off the bat! Trial by Fire, eh?

The full step by step for the DIY Macrame Badminton Net can be found over on the Home Depot blog with detailed pictures and instructions for making your own masterpiece! Below are the complete steps for creating the specific macrame knots I used and also the knots that you will most often find in a macrame patterns. Go forth my friends, and tie yourself something gorgeous!

How to Tie a Larks Head Knot for Free Macrame Pattern and Project

The Lark's Head Knot is probably your most common tie-on knot. It is not precisely a knot, but still, it happens to be a great way to get your cord onto your rod, dowel, or ring.

// The steps above are fairly straightforward and this baby involves nothing more than doubling up your rope by folding it in half, then folding that loop in your mid-section over your rod or ring by bringing it up from behind.

// Once you fold it over you simply pull the loose ends up and through your loop. Easy Peasy, no?

Once you have all of your material looped onto your rod or ring, you will likely begin with one or more of the knots below! For those of you who like to work with your hands in some way, macrame is simply divine. Just so completely gratifying if you know what I mean. Plus you can pull up a folding table in front of the tv and watch The Knick or one of the meellions of Housewives franchises while you loop and tie your way to perfection!

How to Tie a Left Facing Half Square Knot

The other knot you will run across, often, along your macrame journey is the square knot. You might need to tie a series of alternating square knots or even a half square knot, but it is very likely you will do something involving this fabulous basic at some point. Since a square knot is actually made up of two halves (duh, right?), the image above shows you how to tie one of these possible halves or a left facing half square knot. To tie a right facing, you will simply do the opposite of these steps and work from the right outside cord, or cord 4, and tie the knot as you see in the next step. And since a half square knot is the first portion of a whole square knot, which I cover down below, you will need to complete these steps here before moving on to the next set below.

Something fabulous about a half square knot is that if you continue tying it over and over again it will actually make a gorgeous twist and looks absolutely amazing!

While the image above is fairly easy to follow, I will just skim over a few quick verbal instructions to help you understand what you are seeing.

// You will need to separate out your lark's head knots into groups of two. By this I mean for you group them up in pairs so there are 4 cords per group to work with.

// With your group of 4 cords, you will take the left outside cord - cord 1 and the black cord you see above - and bring it over the two cords in the center - cords 2 and 3 (white and yellow) - then under the cord on the right outside - cord 4 (beige).

// Then bring the right outside cord - beige cord 4 - under the two center cords - cords 2 and 3 (white and yellow) - and up behind and under the curved edge of your first cord or cord 1 (black) - like you see in step 3 above. Once you bring it up behind like this, you will pull it up through your opening (made by cord 1) and out to the side. This will look like a pretzel and will be a bit like the first part of tying your shoe laces. When you pull this tight a bit, it should look like the last image.

Now you can repeat this to get that twisty bit you see at the top of the image above, or move on to the step below for something that requires a whole square knot!

How to Tie a Right Half Square Knot and a Square Knot

If you need to tie a right half square knot, this is where you will begin. It essentially mirrors the process in the previous step only it reverses it, and will be the second half of your square knot if you are continuing on from the former series of steps! What you see in the image above is a continuation from a left half square knot and does in fact form a complete square knot.

If beginning here // You will need to separate out your lark's head knots into groups of two. This means you will group them up in pairs so there are 4 cords per group to work with. If continuing on from the left half square above, simply work with the 4 cords from your previous step from their new positions (black cord 4 is now on the right and beige cord 1 is now on the left).

// With your group of 4 cords, you will take the right outside cord - cord 4 and the black cord you see above - and bring it over the two cords in the center - cords 2 and 3 (white and yellow) - then under the cord on the left outside - cord 1 (beige).

// Then bring the left outside cord - beige cord 1 - under the two center cords - cords 2 and 3 (white and yellow) - and up behind and under the curved edge of your right hand cord or cord 4 (black) - like you see in step 3 above. Once you bring it up behind like this, you will pull it up through your opening (made by cord 4) and out to the side (on the right). This will look like a pretzel and will be a bit like the first part of tying your shoe laces. When you pull this tight a bit, it should look like the last image above if you are completing a square knot!

How to Tie Alternating Square Knots in Free Macrame Pattern DIY Project

Alternating Square Knots are a great way to create a net like pattern. The image for this shows the process from the beginning, but for the specific steps for tying a square knot, refer to the previous two steps. This image will give you an overview of how to alternate and create the pattern you see above.

// Begin with your groups of 4 cords and tie a Square Knot in each group. Do this all the way across your row until every group is tied.

// For your next row, skip the first 2 cords and set them aside,then regroup your cords into new groups of 4 from there forward. You will pair your 3rd and 4th cords together with your 5th and 6th cords (7-10 for your next group) and once again tie a complete square knot.

// For your third row you will go back to the groups as they were in your first row and include those first 2 cords once again! Continue on in this manner for as many rows as you like, alternating your groups and leaving out the first 2 cords for every other even numbered row.

How to Tie a Wrap Knot or Gathering Knot for Macrame Pattern Project

The Wrap Knot or Gathering Knot is used to group your cords when you finish off a pattern and occasionally at the beginning or in the middle of a pattern like you see in my Macrame Hanging Planter. This was the trickiest knot for me somehow since the instructions I was working from left out a critical section, so I will try not to leave you hanging like that!

To work this knot you will need to have a separate cord set aside that is not part of your group of cords and is not connected to anything else. The cord you will use to wrap your group is this separate cord (the white cord running underneath my group in the 1st step above) and is the Working Cord.

// Run your Working Cord under and alongside your group.

// Create a slight loop by bringing your Working Cord around, down, then up and over your group.

// Bring it down and back behind your group, making sure to leave your loop in place from the previous step as well as your loose end as you see in the image above (steps 3 through 7).

// Bring your Working Cord (now hanging down)back up in front of your group and over the top again, then around behind and down. Continue wrapping like this until your wrap is the size you want for your particular project. The more cords you have, the more you may want to wrap your group.

// Take the end of your Working Cord and thread it through your loop.

// Pull your loose end from the beginning of this knot in steps 1 and 2 and pull it tight until your loop is pulled up into your wrap and is hidden. Now you can cut off any excess or tuck it away and into your wrap as well and secure with glue.

Sneak Peak of Home Depot Style Challenge for Outdoor Games

I know I have been a horrible, no good, downright rotten blogger for the past few weeks, but life is kicking me in the pants these days. Aside from my little seesters wedding, which is tomorrow (yahoo), and all of the duties that come with that, I have had some rather major projects going on behind the scenes here at the House of TDC. One of those projects is the Home Depot Style Challenge / Outdoor Games Edition, and while it has to stay under wraps for just a bit longer (these will start to roll out on the 14th) I figured the least I can do is give you guys a sneak peak to get you excited and as my way of saying I heart you... even though I have dropped off the face of the earth for a bit and have been ignoring you. I promise I am still alive and kicking (barely) and hopefully things will even out a bit by next week and we may just get some sort of regular posting schedule going again! Fingers crossed... 

I can't wait to share this full reveal with you guys! It's soooo good, and there are adorable pictures of my boys, which makes me slap happy to think about! What I am fairly certain I can share with you for now is that we had a gorgeous little family picnic and for once I managed to get my boys to eat fruit without a fight. Penn is much more willing than Blake, but I am fairly certain they will both get scurvy at some point in their lives. Is that still a thing? At least Blake will eat vegetables, I suppose that is something. Somehow putting food in little bowls makes it all the more enticing. Do you guys find this to be the case with your kids? Such a fight... during the super hot summer months here in Northern California, chilled or frozen fruit is a healthy way to have a treat and cool down at the same time. Mama loves to multi-task so of course this is ideal for me!  

Materials for Sneak Peak of Home Depot Style Challenge for Outdoor Games

Likewise, this gal loves a good set of DIY supplies. How about these pretties? I won't let the cat out of the bag on what these gorgeous materials are actually for, but I am a sucker for the amazing aisles of 'stuff' at Home Depot that I can imagine as becoming something great. Hopefully you guys share my nerdy love for all things home improvement store related because I know for sure you will share my love for what these babies become. So so good! Promise! 

In the meantime, I have quite a few other fun things to share with you and I will be back shortly to do exactly that! Yahoo! 


Project Image

This project was hard. The End. But this portion I am sharing with you today, was not hard. This version is simple and you can finish this project in a day which will be mainly dry time. It turned out so fabulously that I am fairly certain I will repeat it a few more times! Next time it will be so much easier to do, since I feel like I truly figured out the process this go around, and perfected it. Now you guys can do this too and can skip the 17 versions I completed that didn't work, not even a little bit... yay for that!

painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

This project is part of an amazing blog hop brought to you by ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape and The Home Depot, you can find that fabulousness here at Ready, Set, Paint Blog Hop, and more info at the bottom of this post, yahoo... and also we have a GIVEAWAY! Yay! One of you fabulous friends will walk away with a $75 The Home Depot Gift Card! Woot Woot.. Let's get this party started with a little DIY fun! Then on to the giveaway and bloggity hop!


  • ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape
  • Concrete Resurfacer 
  • Universal Mixer Attachment for your Drill
  • Bucket
  • Masonry Brush
  • Trowel 
  • 12" Concrete Tube Form at 48"
  • Paint in a color of your choice
  • Water Seal (optional)
  • Jig Saw or Circular Saw
  • Large Drill Bit
  • 3/4" plywood at 24"x24"
  • 3/4" self tapping screws

I taped off my concrete tube form using ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape at the 20" mark, from either end, so that I would have an easy to see guide for my table height. Then using a large drill bit, I drill pilot holes close to my tape lines so that I could start my jig saw with ease. Simply cut around the tape line on both sides to cut your form to size using a jig saw (easiest for me) or a circular saw if you prefer.

I traced around the inside of my concrete tube form to set my table top size appropriately, and then cut them out using my jig saw. 

I used self tapping screws to attach my top to the form sitting just inside the lip of the form. 

Mix your concrete resurfacer with water according to the instructions on the package. Use your handy dandy mixer attachment on a very low and slow speed to mix your material. You want to end up with a consistency that is something like really thick pancake batter for this to work how it should.


Use your Masonry Brush and paint on a thin layer of the concrete resurfacer. Once you have covered the base, use your trowel to cover the top (this is much easier than trying to use the brush for the top for some reason) and smooth a bit. 

Allow it to dry partially (about 70%) then sand smooth. Be careful not to sand off your thin layer of concrete. If you need to touch up, this is the time to do so while your material is still wet enough. If you want to add a thick layer of concrete, do this in steps with thin layers each time, and work your way up. If you layer too soon you will have that experience of accidentally wiping off your first layer as you attempt to add on to it. 

Allow your tables to completely cure for 24 hours or the recommended time on the package. Once dry you are ready to tape and paint! 

Be sure to choose a paint color with a bit of a sheen to help seal any unfinished edges on the tube form. This will also help the tables weather a bit better. Give the edges and the bottom inch of the underside a very good coat or two of your paint. 

I used a foam brush, since they grab quite a bit of paint, and used a stippling motion (pouncing) since the tables have quite a bit of texture. I worked my way around making sure to hit every single nook and cranny. I only did one coat, but I did a very good thick single coat. 

I like to remove my tape right away but this is a personal preference and not a requirement! For me it helps to know if I have made an error before I put my painting supplies away, so I 'check' my work early...

I would recommend a water seal spray of some sort if you live in a wet climate, just to be sure you don't have exposed cardboard around the bottom. Otherwise enjoy! 

Love, love, love these beauties and they are very light weight too! Easy to pick up and move around but sturdy enough for outdoor use! Though I'm thinking indoor use would be fabulous too. 

See another project from this blog-hop here: Centsational Girl - Textured Panel Dresser Makeover

Now who is ready for that giveaway I promised? You? Awesome! Enter using the form below!

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painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

This post was brought to you in partnership with The Home Depot and ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape.

Project Image

This post brought to you by TIKI Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

I had a funny (or not so funny, really) experience recently... it involved a giant jug of bubbles and a fire sculpture... ask me who won? I wasn't me, that's for certain, at least not at first. It seems that the soapy ingredient in bubbles, mixed with water, doesn't create the perfect environment for fire, or fire related ambiance... who knew? Let's just say that I'm quite surprised and utterly thrilled that my Tiki Brand Fire Sculpture not only survived, but thrived even... after a decent amount of cleanup and some major drying out, of course. eek...

Remember when I published 2 outdoor living decor options, here and here? Well I am super duper excited to say that one of these looks is very much under way! My outdoor space is so important to me since I adore being outdoors, but you guys... I have never actually had a real grown up outdoor space! I was having trouble deciding on which color scheme to go with, right up until I realized I have two separate and distinct outdoor spaces... duh! I can do both! yahoo! 


The first space I am tackling will be the living space with sofa and chairs and it will have the pink, peach, red and purple color scheme you see above along with the furniture... yay! The Tiki Brand Fire Sculpture will live in this space too and is the perfect addition to add a bit of that relaxing vacationy vibe I hope to achieve! Now I just need to settle on a rug or two (layering is cool) and get this party started. No really, like actually started... 

You can purchase the bad boys (TIKI Brand Fire Sculptures) at The Home Depot or follow TIKI Brand on Facebook, and of course they are well priced at between $50-$100. This replace the more traditional idea of a series of small tiki torches and acts as a fabulous piece of decor as well! Now I will get real with you for a quick minute. I am actually terrified of fire. So suffice to say that putting this together (the cleaning it up) and getting it lit were a bit of the scary side for me. It was one of those band-aid moments where you just need to rip that thing off and dive right in, and of course it was so simple and not scary in the least. Always works out like that, but at least initially I was petrified when my husband was out of town and I had to do this myself! yikes.. but seriously easy peasy. I have included a short video showing just how easy it was, yay! enjoy... 

Visit Sponsor's Site

All of the sources found in the moodboard can be found here! and purchased if you like! 

Project Image

Those cords dangling down make me cringe, just looking at them... It's one of the most nagging tasks on my 'to-do list' this year. Truthfully, my homeward bound tasks far outnumber the hours in a day and the weeks in a year, but I plan on tackling as many as I can, one project at a time. 

Does the New Year put things in perspective for you? It sure does for me, and shedding off the old year makes my need to refine, fix, and perfect only that much greater. If I were to share EVERY project on my 'get er done' list with you, this would be a very long article indeed, so I thought I might share some of my most pressing project needs for my Master Bedroom, with all of you!

You see I spend most of my time in my room. The baby sleeps in here with us, my monster mash boy plays in here, I work in here... in other words, we basically only leave to gather food and drink and promptly return to this space. When there are projects that need doing in this particular place, they have a way of staring you down, day in and day out until someone decides to pull the plug and tackle the job. This of coure usually means me since the mister is rarely home and when he is he could care less about unruly cords and a headboard.

In all the excitement around these parts lately I haven't mentioned that I got myself a new bed... a bigger bed, which means my gorgeous hand built bed of yore no longer works.... Also because I am currently without a footboard, my sheets continuously slide down toward the end of the bed, which is maddening I tell you. I have got to get going on a new replacement and soon before I completely lose my mind!

This wall, poor lonely thing that it is, needs some serious TLC. A few of you may have already noticed a few changes that have taken place here, but in all honesty I am feeling like it's back to the drawing board and none of those changes will stay! Eek!

This project was completed almost a year ago when I originally began working on my Master and then promptly began having morning sickness...ugh. I was working with a budget back then and even though I am still working on a budget, I plan to upgrade this wall a tad to reflect my original plans more closely.

I have a lot to work on in this one single solitary space, so if you can imagine that EVERY room in my house needs this much lovin' you might be able to fathom the number of projects that actually need to happen this year. It's enough to make you gag on your lunch, but it should be a good time trying to actually do a few of these and I can tell you it will be a much easier job well done with all the proper tools... Like this set for example. Can I get a yahoo for interchangeable Lithium Ion batteries? YAHOO!!!

And how would you like to win one of these sets for yourself?? Oh you would?? Fabulous, read further for instructions!!! But first a few quick thoughts about RYOBI Nation and the RYOBI ONE+ technology!

  • RYOBI Nation is an online destination for power tool and DIY enthusiasts to share photos of their project successes, vote on their favorite projects for the opportunity to win prizes and have access to special offers on Ryobi power tools.
  • The RYOBI ONE+ system offers more versatility, value and performance for DIYers and pros on a budget. The Home Depot has over 50 Ryobi products that are compatible with the Ryobi ONE+ Lithium Ion battery. Drills, saws, outdoor power tools and other types of tools all use the ONE+ battery.
  • Perfect for any DIYer, the RYOBI18V ONE+ Lithium Ion Compact Drill Kit features the latest in power tool technology. Weighing less than three pounds, the RYOBI One+ Compact Drill Kit is easy for users of any strength or skill level to use.

​One of the entry options below is to upload a project to RYOBI Nation which I highly recommend since they offer monthly contests for amazing prizes! I joined and uploaded a project too, you can see my page down below! If you wanted to vote for my project you could.. hint hint! 

The Home Depot Disclosure Statement
The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me to help promote their Lithium Ion power tool collection. As part of this promotion, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.



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