Reader Showcase // An Emmerson Dining Bench


A gorgeous Emmerson Dining Bench to match a gorgeous Emmerson Dining Table…. and an adorable pup to model their hard work for us. I’m not sure it gets any better than fur babies and real babies, in an on furniture, acting like humans, that are in and on furniture pieces built by said humans. So … Continue reading “Reader Showcase // An Emmerson Dining Bench”


Reader Showcase // MacBees German Reef Sectional Sofa


For all of my worldly builders out there, this Reader Showcase is going to be particularly exciting for you! Complete with German sizes of lumber used and fantastic mods, this build is absolutely wonderful and gives a gorgeous account of how to make my plans work for you!

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From the Windows to the Walls / Upping the Ante on Curb Appeal


Curb appeal… that tricky little concept that can be somewhat elusive and difficult to nail down. The very definition of curb appeal is entirely subjective, but when things have spiraled out of control, your neighbors are usually irritated at the sincere lack of appeal your home gives off, in unison. From the windows to the … Continue reading “From the Windows to the Walls / Upping the Ante on Curb Appeal”

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Finding the Finish Line / The Many Faces of My Interior Spaces


If you furnish and decorate your home yourself, how do you know when you are finished with a space? Is there a natural stopping point in your decorating process? Do you ever actually feel like a space is utterly complete or do your spaces evolve along with you, over time? For someone in my particular line of … Continue reading “Finding the Finish Line / The Many Faces of My Interior Spaces”