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Happy Father's Day to all the cute boys out there! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with sawdust, laughter and amazing food. Preferably with your family and children, unless of course your children are wild animals like mine, then perhaps a nice Daddy Time-Out might be enjoyable for at least part of the day? 


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Pop of Color Details for a Desert Modern Nursery Toddler Room

This month we were challenged by Wayfair to add a pop of color to our homes, and I am just beginning to gather some of the pieces that will ultimately go into the Bird's new space. What you see here is very rough, and very much the early stages and that is precisely what I am wanting to show you. I love a good reveal, but I think it's important to step back and show you the process along the way occasionally as well.

Pop of Color Accessories from Wayfair

Precipice Lake Framed Print // Gideon Lamp by Arteriors Home // Birch Vases // Herringbone Throw // Kilim Pillow // Tie Dye Pillow

These are some of the other items I really (really) wanted to snatch up, and I still just might, but I have set some new rules for myself, one of which involves staying focused on whatever I'm working on until it's completed, before moving on to the next thing... at least as much as possible in this line of biz (totally not possible at all). Since these gorgeous things wouldn't be for Penn's Nursery space, they didn't quite make the cut this time around, and yes mama is still wishing they had, so I just might be doing a little consolation shopping as we speak? Maybe... Eek. I'm obviously terrible at following my own rules. Gah

So, if you are inspired to add a pop of color to your space right now, or care to do a bit of consolation shopping, hop right on down to the rafflecopter entry form and give it a click as soon as you leave a quick comment on this here blog post. All you need to do to enter is post a link to an item on wayfair.com and show me something fabulous you would love to get that would add a pop of color to your space (or a shot of neutral, ha)... 

And, just in case you were really wanting to see another cute slash funny pic of the Bird in his 'sit', which I will spill all about shortly, here you go... you are welcome. He is a funny little duck. Technically he hasn't quite figured out how to avoid falling through this chair, but he is sure willing to give it a go anyhow. Good thing it's a mere inches from the ground. 

If the rafflecopter box doesn't appear right away, refresh your page or give it a second to load. Good luck!

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I realize that today is supposed to be all about the sources for Blake's Boho Still Boyish Bedroom reveal, and it is... but it also isn't. Feel free to browse the full article here, and sign up for your very own Bing Rewards account and get your search on. It's kind of a no brainer, you know...

Since having this eye-opening (and not so dry-eyed) experience at ALT with my sweet friend (no seriously, one of the sweetest people I know and an all time fave of mine), I have stayed in touch with the gals at Every Mother Counts and of course when an opportunity popped up to actually do something, I decided to jump on it and share it with all of you! I appreciate you guys so very much I can't even put it to words adequately, and these women who need a voice and an advocate for their safety and health appreciate you taking an interest, of that I am sure.

Since one of the women involved in this group is also the founder of Minted, which happens to be one of the sources for a few of the art pieces you see above in Blake's Boho still Boyish Bedroom, I thought it seemed like a natural fit to let you know that in honor of Mother's day, 20% of every purchase made using the code DESIGNCONFEMC at checkout, will be donated to this cause. Given the fabulous prints they have, and the amazing prices, and the gorgeous frames, this is a great resource for unique art finds! Truly lovely.

Annnndddd, to make things a bit more exciting... I will be giving away a framed 11x14 print of your choosing! Woot Woot! Free art is perhaps a new favorite thing of mine. One day when I have some free art I will verify this, but I'm thinking it might be a glorious thing, so I am hoping you do too!

One of my favorite things about the prints Minted is that you can create groups of prints to see how they will look together and then of course when other users create these displays you can view them as you browse the art prints on their site. It is lovely when you are looking for a bit of inspiration and some ideas for creating a coordinating group of prints. I actually liked one I stumbled across so much that I ended up purchasing two of the prints that were shown. I fell in love with Deer Flirtation and Horses at Dusk immediately.

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Project Image

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I am thinking about my pictures in a whole new way and wonder if there is this much beauty in my own surroundings. I can't say that I recall the evening sky ever being so deep blue, but I may have been walking around with my 'eyes' closed for more years than I care to think. 

Sometimes it's the beauty in the simple things that really knocks me off my socks. And also, I can't hoola-hoop for the life of me, so already this beauty above is well beyond my abilities. 

Oh those haunting images always get me. I just adore them, which is ironic since they generally revolve around doom and gloom which I utterly abhor. What can I say, I'm clearly a contradiction. 

I think this concept is simply fabulous and I have been drooling over the amazing images for the last couple of hours, unable to decide which are my favorites. Several major social good and arts programs have signed on to participate as a way to show how art can change the world. This is something I wholeheartedly believe might be possible. Often I feel as though many of the world's problems revolve around ignorance, and perhaps this kind of visual awakening on a global level is precisely the sort of thing that helps to expand our knowledge and understanding of all that is happening out there in the great wide open. 

If you snap photos like I snap photos, and you love to InstaStalk like I do, this is a place you will enjoy. Go... and browse for your viewing pleasure, maybe even upload some of your own photos and win the big dollars! 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Instagramers Gallery, all musings and opinions are 100% my own. 

Project Image

Who doesn't need to do a little holiday shopping or add some sparkle to their homes this season? Trust me, we all do... and the minutes are quite literally ticking away faster than I want to admit! Whether you are hosting the fam and all of your friends this year, or just want to add something special to your space, World Market is a fabulous place to shop for any of your gifting or home related needs and wants. They quite literally sell all of my favorite things...



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