Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

I’m back after a crazy busy weekend to share the story of how four pieces of art transformed two rooms and made one gal a very happy girl. If you’re just joining me on this adventure, you can read all about this project here and here. I partnered with my bff's at domino magazine and Minted to curate a collection of pieces from their new exclusive collection of art and to transform a wall in my home that needs a little love. Well, there are no shortage of lonely walls in this crazy house, but I chose to focus on two in particular that have been a work in progress for far too long.

It wasn’t easy choosing from this gorgeous group of prints, but there were several that seemed like they would fit right into the mix I already had and would feel like they had been there all along, only better!

I am also super duper excited to tell you about the amazing prize one of you might win... but first, let's get back to the gorgeous things that happened here this past weekend! 

Let us begin in the Living Room, shall we? 


Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

My living room wall began like this... I only showed you a small portion of this wall because the remainder is very vast and was very lonely and sparse feeling.

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

And then it all came together to look like this! Yahoo... I added two gorgeous prints, Inner Light from Kristi Kohut and Sand from Melissa Douglas, and they gave this wall a more modern and youthful look and certainly brought the happy to this space!

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

I made you guys a little animated view so you can see the pieces come together. From start to finish this space now feels full and complete with art that is unique and special. But of course I didn't stop here....

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

Gazing upon this temporary gallery wall bummed me out every single day so I decided to take on the enormous wall I began in my Master Bedroom several months back, and gave this space a bit of special as well.

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

The transformation here is pretty significant, especially in person. I added Marbled Wake by SylvieCeres Designs and Organism 1b by VeryMarta and they make me smile every time I head upstairs. It feels pretty special to have these pieces in this space.

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

The animated version of this cute puzzle is so fun. You guys, it feels so grownup to have real art by real artists on my walls. Everytime I complete a project like this I have that moment of 'why didn't I do this earlier' and I hope that some of you experience this feeling too... So join me in a challenge of your own and get on that lonely little wall you have ignored for far to long! To make it that much more fun, we will be giving one of you lucky folks some art to make a gorgeous gallery wall of your own! Share your adventure with us using the hashtag #dmhappywalls and be sure to tag @thedesignconfidential @dominomag and @minted on instagram as you share your journey toward cute walls.

In honor of the new collection, I’m hosting a $500 giveaway with domino and Minted! Just hop over to check out the 75 new pieces and then comment on this post with an art piece you might choose, should you win. Then click here to enter the sweepstakes. Good luck!


The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop

This partnership and giveaway are sponsored by The Home Depot, Yahoo. All crazy talk and thoughts are my own.

It looks like some of you are definitely on Santa's Good List this year, because at the end of this story, one of you is going to win a $500 gift card to The Home Depot, yahoo!

I had the pleasure of hosting November's #DIHWorkshop at the Elk Grove store,one of Sacramento's local Home Depot locations, and it was a glorious!

We cut, we drilled, we seriously nailed it and there even was hot chocolate and cookies... my fave. We had a packed house, filled with guys and gals alike, and an eager group of folks who wanted to soak up the power tool and lighted marquee sign building knowledge and it was fabulous! Truly...

Swag Bags from HGTV at The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop

There was swag for all, in cute bags, galore.

You must head to your nearest workshop this month to see what is in store.

The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop
The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop

We gave our introductions - that is me on the left - then we got straight into our project! Our fearless leader David, that is him on the right... just in case you couldn't tell, walked us through the general project steps and I could tell that our amazing group was equal parts excited and a bit nervous about getting to use power tools! Truthfully, this is my favorite thing because I have found that I love to watch people come to the realization that they can actually do this sort of thing. Power tools are empowering, that is just the heart of the matter.

The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop
The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop

David brilliantly printed out his drawing of the measurements for the letters J, O, and Y. With this he showed us how to use a T-Square to recreate the letters on our plywood. It sounds trivial perhaps, but trust me when I say that it is a detail that is easily overlooked and has the potential to cause a bit of a headache if not addressed. The letters are larger than a standard sheet of paper, so unless you scale them down you aren't able to print and cut out a template. Drawing them out is the best solution and he made this step easy!

The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop
The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop

Then onto the real deal... It was time for everyone to get to try out the jig saw. I could tell this was initially the part folks were nervous about, but they got to see just how easy it is. They also got a few tips from me about how to maintain control of the saw and use it to their greatest advantage. For any of you who have used a jig saw, you already know how they can shake your head loose if you don't maintain pressure throughout your cuts.

We were shown how to make the pilot hole for cutting out the inside of the O, such good stuff!

The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop
The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop

We talked trimmings of a woodsy variety and our group got to use one of my favorite tools of all time- the Ryobi Cordless Airstrike Nail Gun - to nail on the perimeter trim that frames out the marquee sign. That thing is addicting. I could see it start to take hold of each of the people who gave it a whirl. You just don't want to stop. In fact, you might find yourself looking for reasons to use it and when all else fails... making them up entirely! The letters were nailed in place and everyone was seeing things really come together at this point.

The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop
The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop

While our letters had already been drilled for light placement, so they could be painted inside the holes ahead of time, your version at home will likely get holes after they are secured. If you prefer to drill through the letters in advance, then paint them fully, then once they are secured to the back board you can drill carefully through your premade holes to create a hole in the same spot through the back plywood sheet.

Just look at that gorgeous sawdust. Sawdust smells like progress and productivity, don't you think?

The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop
The Design Confidential Huge How-To Holiday Giveaway + The Home Depot DIH Workshop

When you are ready to string your lights, you will likely have to remove the globe portion so you can fit the lights in and through your holes. When you put the globe portion back on, it will help hold the lights in place so do this as you go along! You can use a little epoxy to secure the base of the lights to the hole so that they don't move around. If you prefer to have your string of lights be less permanent, you can of course simply pull things nice and tight on the backside and use a staple gun to carefully secure it. Yahoo, that is all she wrote... except there were some awesome prizes including our group project and another identical sign and some gift cards as well! Yay! So many winners... and now you boys and girls have a chance to win a huge holiday prize of $500 to The Home Depot! The entry form should show below, if it doesn't, simply refresh. I provided a great many methods for entry so that no one feels left out! Do them all, or do just one, regardless I wish you all the very best luck!

PRIZE // $500 Gift Card to The Home Depot

WINNER // One winner will be drawn at random from the Rafflecopter entries below. It's all very civilized and technical, you know?

GIVEAWAY // This giveaway ends at midnight on December 10, 2014 and the winner will be notified via email later that morning. Make sure the email you use to sign in to Rafflecopter or Disqus (for comments) is valid and regularly checked! It would be sad to miss out on your prize!


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// Make this year a how-to holiday. The Home Depot is the destination for the tools and supplies to deck your halls without the hassle.

// The Home Depot can share the skills and confidence to be a first class do-it-yourselfer. In-store workshops are a great way to get step-by-step instructions and hands-on experience learning to do simple décor and easy home improvements. 

// Do-It-Herself (DIH) Workshops are held monthly at all The Home Depot store locations and empower women to take their home improvement project plans from dreams to done. 

// Clear your calendar and grab your girlfriends the third Thursday of each month for The Home Depot’s DIH Workshop. This interactive, hands-on workshop is a great opportunity to fine tune your DIY skills and pick up tips and advice from the pros for all of your home improvement projects.

This partnership and giveaway are sponsored by The Home Depot, Yahoo. All crazy talk and thoughts are my own. The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me for their DIH Workshop program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill/Driver with AutoSense Technology

Happy Father's Day to all the cute boys out there! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with sawdust, laughter and amazing food. Preferably with your family and children, unless of course your children are wild animals like mine, then perhaps a nice Daddy Time-Out might be enjoyable for at least part of the day? 

In honor of all of the Dads and Moms out there who love to build and make, we are kicking this day off with a giveaway for one very cool tool. Or maybe you very much dislike to build and struggle with it but like every grown person you need to make repairs every now and again... Either way, this guy promises to make your task not only easier but perfected so that can't be a bad thing, am I right? 

I will be sharing a project with you in a few days and putting this tool through the wringer to see just precisely what it can do. Since this is actually an area I commonly struggle with, it should help me tremendously, so I'm pretty excited! 

TO ENTER // Click HERE to check out all this baby has to offer, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling me:

1. how this tool might help you in your DIY projects going forward.


2. how this tool might have kept a DIY failure from occuring... and what that DIY failure was (trust me, I have meellions). 

I will choose a winner at random using, from the comments below. The Giveaway ends at 11:59 PST on June 30, 2014. The Prize is a BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill/Driver with AutoSense Technology.

This Post is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER, all opinions and musings are 100% my own, you know I have a lot of them. Thank you all for supporting these folks who help keep this blog running and allow me to offer fun and unique content like this! And sometimes free stuff! Yahoo. 

Pop of Color Details for a Desert Modern Nursery Toddler Room

This month we were challenged by Wayfair to add a pop of color to our homes, and I am just beginning to gather some of the pieces that will ultimately go into the Bird's new space. What you see here is very rough, and very much the early stages and that is precisely what I am wanting to show you. I love a good reveal, but I think it's important to step back and show you the process along the way occasionally as well. We had the big reveal for Blake's Boho Bedroom Makeover, so for Penn's room, maybe we should make it all about the 'every step'... Hopefully you agree, and don't decide to divorce me in the process? 

I am slowly attempting to pull together every room in this house, which is a huge job. Right now, I'm focused on the nursery, which of course will be ready to transition into a toddler room in the near future. I can't bear the thought of having missed the chance for Penn to have his own baby room, so I am walking a fine line between the two spaces and choosing items that will transition well when it's time to pull that trigger. He is obsessed with woofs and gows which roughly translates to ruffs and meows, and yes he calls them by the sounds they make, which is a new one for me but totally adorable! Just love how literal kids are sometimes.

Naturally his new pop of color is this fabulous framed Night Eyes print, which brings a bit of that desert modern vibe to the space, and a cute teal-ish Kitty Figurine that has a mate that now lives in Blake's room. My two little animal lovers... a thing I want to cultivate and nurture as much as possible. Yes, this seems utterly random for the time being, but I promise it won't when it all comes together. Or at least, maybe it won't be as random, and will only be a little bit random like all things in my life! Yahoo, we shall just call it eclectic and pretend it's cool, yes?

Pop of Color Accessories from Wayfair

Precipice Lake Framed Print // Gideon Lamp by Arteriors Home // Birch Vases // Herringbone Throw // Kilim Pillow // Tie Dye Pillow

These are some of the other items I really (really) wanted to snatch up, and I still just might, but I have set some new rules for myself, one of which involves staying focused on whatever I'm working on until it's completed, before moving on to the next thing... at least as much as possible in this line of biz (totally not possible at all). Since these gorgeous things wouldn't be for Penn's Nursery space, they didn't quite make the cut this time around, and yes mama is still wishing they had, so I just might be doing a little consolation shopping as we speak? Maybe... Eek. I'm obviously terrible at following my own rules. Gah

So, if you are inspired to add a pop of color to your space right now, or care to do a bit of consolation shopping, hop right on down to the rafflecopter entry form and give it a click as soon as you leave a quick comment on this here blog post. All you need to do to enter is post a link to an item on and show me something fabulous you would love to get that would add a pop of color to your space (or a shot of neutral, ha)... 

And, just in case you were really wanting to see another cute slash funny pic of the Bird in his 'sit', which I will spill all about shortly, here you go... you are welcome. He is a funny little duck. Technically he hasn't quite figured out how to avoid falling through this chair, but he is sure willing to give it a go anyhow. Good thing it's a mere inches from the ground. 

If the rafflecopter box doesn't appear right away, refresh your page or give it a second to load. Good luck!

(Comments with links require moderator approval and may take a bit to appear, especially if I'm sleeping or doing some other crazy thing, but not to worry, I will get them all approved without doubt!)

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Disclosure // This post and giveaway are sponsored by Wayfair, but all opinions, ramblings, and adorable pictures of my bird slash meatball baby are 100% my own! 


I realize that today is supposed to be all about the sources for Blake's Boho Still Boyish Bedroom reveal, and it is... but it also isn't. Feel free to browse the full article here, and sign up for your very own Bing Rewards account and get your search on. It's kind of a no brainer, you know...

So for me, there are a few items that go into any space that truly complete the space and make it special. One of those things happens to be the art. I happen to obsess about art, it is just one of my things, so I put a big focus on the pieces that will ultimately go into a space and try to assemble a collection of both vintage and new, with a smattering of handmade thrown in there while I'm at it. 

Back in January when I traveled out to SLC for ALT Summit and a fab event for Cricut (and where I happen to be right this minute, as a matter of fact, for my hands-on class at SNAP! Conference), I was able to hear the amazing gals who have joined forces with the eternally gorgeous Christy Turlington Burns and Every Mother Counts. These powerhouse women include the likes of Heather Armstrong of Dooce, Mariam Naficy of Minted, and Christiane Lemieux Of Dwell Studios and they are bringing some much needed focus to this important cause. We had the pleasure and the heartbreak of viewing her film about the unnecessary obstacles that plague the world surrounding pregnancy, and some of the challenges and intense fears mothers face in many (many) parts of the world. These are present day issues and I think it's quite easy to lose sight of this with all of the technology that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Since having this eye-opening (and not so dry-eyed) experience at ALT with my sweet friend (no seriously, one of the sweetest people I know and an all time fave of mine), I have stayed in touch with the gals at Every Mother Counts and of course when an opportunity popped up to actually do something, I decided to jump on it and share it with all of you! I appreciate you guys so very much I can't even put it to words adequately, and these women who need a voice and an advocate for their safety and health appreciate you taking an interest, of that I am sure.

Since one of the women involved in this group is also the founder of Minted, which happens to be one of the sources for a few of the art pieces you see above in Blake's Boho still Boyish Bedroom, I thought it seemed like a natural fit to let you know that in honor of Mother's day, 20% of every purchase made using the code DESIGNCONFEMC at checkout, will be donated to this cause. Given the fabulous prints they have, and the amazing prices, and the gorgeous frames, this is a great resource for unique art finds! Truly lovely.

Annnndddd, to make things a bit more exciting... I will be giving away a framed 11x14 print of your choosing! Woot Woot! Free art is perhaps a new favorite thing of mine. One day when I have some free art I will verify this, but I'm thinking it might be a glorious thing, so I am hoping you do too!

One of my favorite things about the prints Minted is that you can create groups of prints to see how they will look together and then of course when other users create these displays you can view them as you browse the art prints on their site. It is lovely when you are looking for a bit of inspiration and some ideas for creating a coordinating group of prints. I actually liked one I stumbled across so much that I ended up purchasing two of the prints that were shown. I fell in love with Deer Flirtation and Horses at Dusk immediately.

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This post brought to you by Honeywell International Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

A while back we chatted all about this beauty...  and you know I can't help but adore a cool gadget that makes my life easier, so I am excited to share the details of how this smart gorgeous thang has actually been working for me... and of course, I will be back tomorrow to show you how to install it! We are a DIY site after all, are we not? 

And, just to spice things up a bit, one of you fabulous friends will win your very own!

It's the Wi-fi Thermostat that listens, learns, and saves. The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control follows directions the first time, and doesn't talk back like your children do (or at least mine). Truly, it's just so very lovely and you will enjoy having this little luxury. It's something akin to cell phones getting email capabilities, in my book. A true set of features you will wonder how you ever lived without.... you know, back in the 'dark ages'.

For those of you who don't win, the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control can be purchased at Home Depot, Best Buy and Amazon and The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control was named Best New Product of 2013 so I figure it's worth a look see, no?

Plus it's pretty, and that is a major plus in my book. I chose this gorgeous pinkish colored background above, but I'm crushing on the Emerald color too. Of course if you want something completely custom you can have it. Change it up as often as you like! I love a cool gadgety electronical, but when that sucker takes over your world in a big ugly way, well that's just no good. I mean, beauty isn't always sacrifice because this baby is so much more handsome than what I replaced it for. You can see that guy below. Yikes, and I didn't even think it was hideous before, but the comparison is hard to deny. Beauty and brains... that's the way we like em isn't it folks?  

So let's talk turkey, because there are other smart thermostats available in the marketplace, and while this one is far superior for many reasons, one reason in particular is the end all be all, and that is the voice activated control.  Having an app, is all that and a bag of chips, and this one has that as well. But having the ability to mumble in your sleepy delirium that it feels just a tad too warm or cold, and to have your thermostat spring to life and do something about it, is quite possibly about as close to having a boyfriend who can read between the lines when you say everything is 'fine' as you can get. 

This cute guy was easy to install, and I had to go about things the 'hard way' to make it work, and still, completely easy... once I figured out where my furnace was. I know, right? Do you know where your furnace is? I hope 1 or 2 of you say no... eek! This girl has never had to mess with it for any reason so naturally I have ignored it entirely. 

 photo 01407f09-af87-41da-9d81-7d10ed6b69d2_zps0a283086.png

It was a snap to set up and the touch screen menus walk you through everything you need to do to enable wi-fi and download the app. After hanging out with it for a while it has managed to get my crazy up-down tendencies down to a science. I don't have to mumble at it while I'm sleeping, it just seems to remember that I like it cooler at night like a good boyfriend remembers your anniversary (and Valentine's Day). Life is just better with a little bit of luxury, my friends... can't wait to see which one of you luckies gets to bring this beauty home! 

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So are you ready win? Enter using the rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is for US Residents only and you must be 18 years or older to win (and enter).




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