The Design Confidentials 5 Easy Life Hacks for the Impromptu Mom Date with @TargetStyle x @thedesconf #Sponsored

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Having young kiddos in the house often means that when my boys have play dates, I do as well. It is such a wonderful way to get to know other moms, and build that village we want to raise our babes in. But, knowing a seemingly simple play date will likely turn into more of an event can easily derail even the best laid plans and often feels a more like a chore, than something laid back and relaxing. Since I want my boys to be fully socialized, skipping this isn’t precisely an option, so naturally I have attempted to find some shortcuts that help me pull something together quickly and easily, but still set the stage for an enjoyable afternoon for kids and adults alike. Luckily there is a Target store less than two miles from my house – this is my number one trick of the trade.

The Design Confidentials 5 Easy Life Hacks for the Impromptu Mom Date with @TargetStyle x @thedesconf #Sponsored

Brass Handled VaseStoneware Tray / Wooden Planter Stand / Pineapple Candle / Rect Serving Tray / Drinkware / Stainless Steel Glass / Gold Plasticware / Striped Napkin / Dining Chair / Plastic Beverage Dispenser / Blue Chambray Tablecloth / Horn Bowl


My first life hack for easy impromptu entertaining is to buy kid and outdoor friendly entertaining pieces whenever possible, and have a stockpile of chic disposables on hand and in bulk, at any given time. If you don’t need to stress about what everyone will eat with or whether something precious will get broken, you are already way ahead of the game in my book. I now keep my shelves stocked with gold striped paper napkins, chic melamine dinnerware and a stylish collection of serving platters and other various pieces to fill with snacks or utensils.

The Design Confidentials 5 Easy Life Hacks for the Impromptu Mom Date with @TargetStyle x @thedesconf #Sponsored

Brass Handled Vase / Stoneware Tray / Wooden Planter Stand / Pineapple Candle / Rect Serving Tray / Drinkware / Stainless Steel Glass / Gold Plasticware / Striped Napkin / Dining Chair / Blue Chambray Tablecloth / Horn Bowl


I am on a kick to declutter and streamline all areas of my life right now, a major spring cleaning if you will, and décor tends to be the major culprit in all of my chaos.  So for an item to come into my home, it needs to be both beautiful and functional, not simply one or the other. If it can serve more than one purpose then all the better to enjoy it with. Which leads to my next newly discovered life hack of repurposing items I use in my everyday life, for special purposes when I am entertaining. The amazing plant stands I bought the other day, look amazing as is, or as a center piece that simply screams spring and as it turns out the larger plant stand base is the perfect size for my drink dispenser. A great way to quickly whip together some lemonade (which I also keep on hand for exactly this sort of thing) or maybe a lemonade inspired adult beverage that sits out of reach from prying hands… 

The Design Confidentials 5 Easy Life Hacks for the Impromptu Mom Date with @TargetStyle x @thedesconf #Sponsored

Jelly LoungerGarden Stool / Pineapple Candle / Round Patio Umbrella / Outdoor Pillow / Rect Serving Tray / Drinkware


Chances are, if you are heading to my house for a playdate, you definitely have kids and you are probably exhausted as a general rule of thumb. Kiddos are not for the faint of heart, but they certainly keep you young at heart… when you aren’t sound asleep before it’s even dark outside. So, what could be better than a short little getaway and a bit of rest and relaxation – without actually leaving your kids behind and all of the planning and prep that comes along with it? Not a lot…

The Design Confidentials 5 Easy Life Hacks for the Impromptu Mom Date with @TargetStyle x @thedesconf #Sponsored

Jelly Lounger / Garden Stool / Pineapple Candle / Round Patio Umbrella / Outdoor Pillow / Rect Serving Tray / Drinkware

In the spring, it starts to heat up around here and the sun can be intense for anyone older than the age of 12. And yet, the kids always want to play outside regardless, so I like the idea of reinventing my outdoor space to bring in a little of that  quiet enjoyment I experience on vacation. By simply adding a few creature comforts and some relaxing entertainment, I can set the mood for a carefree afternoon all within direct sight of the little ones who aren’t old enough to run wild just yet.

The Design Confidentials 5 Easy Life Hacks for the Impromptu Mom Date with @TargetStyle x @thedesconf #Sponsored

Jelly Lounger / Garden Stool / Pineapple Candle / Round Patio Umbrella / Outdoor Pillow / Rect Serving Tray / Drinkware

Chaise lounges, good reading material, and easy to handle refreshments all under a gorgeous umbrella, to shield me from the heat… It is just so simple and lovely, requiring only the effort of filling a pitcher and grabbing a tray with something easy to snack on.

The Design Confidentials 5 Easy Life Hacks for the Impromptu Mom Date with @TargetStyle x @thedesconf #Sponsored

Garden Stool / Rectangular Patio Umbrella / Outdoor Pillow / Marimekko Kubb Set / Marimekko Beach Towel / Rect Serving Tray / Drinkware / Outdoor Pouf


When I shop for groceries, I try to buy a mix of things that are fresh and things that will keep. Some of my absolute favorites for outdoor entertaining also happen to be things I buy on a regular basis, so I don’t have to go far to find some fabulous and simple options to feed a crazy crew with a lot of different age groups. When I am entertaining in the hot, hot sun, frozen or chilled fruit is the perfect way to cool down and hydrate a bit. Buying fruit as I normally would and leaving everything unpeeled means there is little waste for what isn’t eaten and a more importantly, no need to worry about prep or leaving things out in the sun with the bugs.

The Design Confidentials 5 Easy Life Hacks for the Impromptu Mom Date with @TargetStyle x @thedesconf #Sponsored

Garden Stool / Rectangular Patio Umbrella / Outdoor Pillow / Marimekko Kubb Set / Marimekko Beach Towel / Rect Serving Tray / Drinkware / Outdoor Pouf


Since these mom dates are often much like first dates, it helps to have open ended activities for both kids and adults, that will keep the small talk at bay. We are huge fans of outdoor games here at Casa de TDC, and pulling out the macrame net, over sized badminton rackets and gorgeous Kubb set, makes for quite the icebreaker. Whether merely an instant conversation starter or a fun ongoing activity to get everyone moving and having fun, outdoor games are always well paired with a chic refreshment area to help beat the heat and stay hydrated. Having a front row seat also makes for great people watching - or kid watching, in my case.

If there is one thing I love, it’s a no hassle solution to food and décor, that doesn’t involve skimping or skipping the things I love. Target is always my first stop and I can always count on them to have the perfect things to add to my arsenal that let me enjoy an afternoon with my guests instead of slaving away and stressing out.


The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

This post is brought to you by TargetStyleShop the new Home collection in stores and online.

When I have entertaining on the horizon and the event isn’t related to a specific holiday, I love to create an experience that draws inspiration from a faraway place. For me a party is like a vacation, a place you can go for a brief period of time where you don’t have to focus on meals or cleaning and where you can and should get swept up in the moment and enjoy your time.

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

The Louvre in Neon - Paris

As the host, creating this experience for other people can be stressful and tedious. Rather than a vacation, it has the potential to feel more like a chore, especially for those of us who are tasked with thinking of the details and implementing them. Most of the time, this stress doesn’t end until the party itself has ended. After a recent trip to Europe, my entertaining frame of mind has forever been changed. I now view simple and indulgent as being far more chic than any elaborate spread might be.

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

Pineapple Candle / Gold Fluted Tray / Ceramic Platter / Neon Tray / Cheeseboard / Recycled Glass Tumblers + Carafe / Decorative Lemon / 8" Plant Stand / Gold Pigeon / Gold Decorative Vase / Bottle Opener

Choose a Theme or Pick a Locale

On my recent trip overseas, I had the distinct pleasure of spending time in Paris and London. It was magical and unforgettable in every possible way. Both cities had such an extreme mix of old and new, opulent and rich in history, right alongside and mingling marvelously with minimal and modern. I was smitten and it was glorious. Since both countries were heavily invested in many of the tropical nations we know and love today, a celebration of the exotic can be seen everywhere you turn. From décor to cuisine, the wonder of the West Indies and a love of all things from the Far East, it was spectacular to see how these things have been incorporated in every aspect of life for both cultures.

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

Le Bon Marche, Paper Koi + Crane Installation - Paris

For this event, I hoped to incorporate a bit of inspiration from both the places I visited along with some of the more exotic places that have inspired them throughout the ages. Luckily, an eclectic mix of design styles is always amazing, don’t you think? With the vast amount of super stylish goods available at Target, I was able to bring this wild and varied look to the table (literally) in a far more inspired way than I could have imagined and with so much less stress from beginning to end.

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

Pineapple Candle / Neon Tray / Cheeseboard / Recycled Glass Tumblers + Carafe / Decorative Lemon / 8" Plant Stand / Gold Pigeon / Black Plates / Striped Napkins

Simplify and Focus on the Few

Having the opportunity to travel always leaves me full of inspiration and a completely new outlook on the type of lifestyle I would like to lead. It certainly brings light to all the ways I might enjoy the everyday moments so much more. Vacations are amazing like that, aren’t they? In London, they celebrate a way of life that is steeped in tradition. Meals are often elaborate and indulgent with a great many options on the menu. It’s beautiful and delicious, and such a big focus of the day. 

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

Modern Gold Chainmail Ceiling Installation – Palace of Versailles

In contrast, the Parisian way of life is simplified and indulgent with far fewer options and much less fuss. While meals are also a large focus of the day in Paris, it is less about the process and more about the experience and enjoying the people you are with. The latter of these ideas is something that truly stuck with me and for this event I sought to recreate the ambiance I adored from both places with the more simplified sentiment of Parisian dining. The simple and chic sensibility that permeates every aspect of Parisian life was definitely contagious and I think in replicating a bit of it here, it made for a more relaxing setup and likely a more pleasant experience for my guests. I kept the food easy and paired down, yet sumptuous and delicious, with a few baked goods that work beautifully with either cheese or dark chocolate. An overabundance of fresh fruits was scattered about, to celebrate a bit of the exotic and of course bring that vacation-esque feel to the table that we all long for come spring.

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

Pineapple Candle / Gold Fluted Tray / Ceramic Platter / Neon Tray / Cheeseboard / Recycled Glass Tumblers + Carafe / Gold Decorative Vase / Decorative Lemon / 8" Plant Stand / Gold Pigeon

Throw Caution to the Wind and Have Fun

I am a firm believer in the fact that if you love it, it will work – as long as you ground it within your design and repeat it more than once. The same goes for entertaining. Mastering the Mix is often more about letting your guard down and taking risks than a set guideline for pairing patterns and colors. When done right, I often end up with elements that I wouldn’t otherwise choose to put together but in the end I am typically so very glad I did. This is precisely how the style direction for this spring event happened for me and the challenge of trying to create a feeling and an experience rather than directly placing the focus on the design elements themselves, gave me a whole new freedom in setting the table and choosing the menu.  It was glorious.

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

Modern Stairway Model – Victoria & Albert Museum - London

I walked the aisles at Target and chose individual items that reminded me of London and Paris. Rustic cheeseboards, global patterns, handcrafted ceramics, pineapples (a constant motif in London architecture), modern neon acrylic trays and a wide array of colors all reminiscent of the tropics and all grounded in a healthy dose of white, black and gold – just like these ancient cities themselves. It was so easy to find no less than one million items that would have been perfect and so chic, and oh so hard to narrow it down to what might actually fit on the table.

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

My table is a melting pot of eras, materials and styles and somehow that made choosing the pieces carefree, fun and fabulous. With a theme that was based in variety and more about the ambiance, I had more options for décor and entertaining than I could actually cart home with me and a very low stress experience in the process of choosing the pieces to use. There were no rules to consider or strict choices to be adhered to – I just went for it and let the vacation vibe and carefree state of mind I was hoping to create, take the lead.

The Design Confidential Spring Entertaining with a Global Beat / Target x TDC

Target knocks it out of the park every single season and this spring is no exception. If you have entertaining on the calendar in the near future, you can be sure that you will find everything you need (and more – always more) to create an experience for your guests that you can enjoy right along with them. Let them do the heavy lifting and simply mix and mingle styles from their collections as you please.

The Design Confidential DIY // Embroidered Dimensionsal Photo Art Prints

You guys! I have been around the world and back and I have missed you so... Well maybe not quite around the world, but at least as far as Paris and London and I have so much to tell share with you - but first a fabulous and easy DIY project that is just the thing for those Moms out there who appreciate home decor, architecture or photography of any variety, and of course memory making at its finest. This month Michael's asked us to share a project that would be perfect for a Mothers Day gift. Since my recent travels included my maja and seester, what could be better than a gift that celebrates that very thing?

The Design Confidential DIY // Embroidered Dimensionsal Photo Art Prints

To complete your own version of this project, track down a few of your fave pictures and print them out in black and white, on fine art paper or matte photo paper. Make sure you have your print settings set to high quality printing so your images are crisp and sharp. I chose one image from Paris - my Hugo moment (if you have seen that movie, you will get the reference) looking out from the Musee D'Orsay onto the gorgeous and very immense grounds and buildings of the Lourve. 

The Design Confidential DIY // Embroidered Dimensionsal Photo Art Prints

Embellish your images with embroidery, faux florals, gold wire, glitter, beads... you name it - so many things you can choose for this. I think it will be easiest if you choose your embellishments based on your image and what might really bring it to life. For mine, I thought some embroidery and a bit of gold leaf like dimensional paint would be just the thing.

The Design Confidential DIY // Embroidered Dimensionsal Photo Art Prints

Once you are finished embellishing your images, you can choose a frame type. If you chose to embellish with 3 dimensional items, you can choose a shadowbox frame or simply remove the glass from the front and let it all hang out there. My picture was printed at 8x10 on an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet, so I chose a frame that was 11 x 14 and matted to an 8x10 size. It was the perfect choice I think! I love the extra matted space around the photo. Much more elegant than with an 8x10 frame.

What do you think? Does your mama love photos and other memory making paraphenalia? I don't know a mom who doesn't... 

Michaels has everything you need to craft the perfect handmade gift that will make Mom’s day.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can always take a look at some of the fun projects on Michaels.com or the other 49 Makers’ ideas on The Glue String for to see how they personalized their crafts!

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The Design Confidential Freshly Cut Floral Still Life // How to Avoid Having Faux Become Phony

There is nothing quite like bringing a little life into your home, after a long winter filled with anything but. If you are like me, then a busy schedule and an overactive allergy season don't always allow for fresh flowers and freshly cut stems to grace my surfaces without major repercussions. But that isn't too say that you shouldn't try - I adore fresh flowers and plants even more so, but I always know going into it that more often than not, they are quickly forgotten, left to wither and turn into more allergies, and this brings a fairly decent mess to deal with. Does this happen to you too? Pretty sure I still have Valentine's Day flowers on my counter - yep just keeping it real folks.

Speaking of real... you may remember back in July when I attended the Michael's Maker Summit with 49 other insanely talented folks from around the country? Well if you make it through to the end of this article there are details about how you might win a chance to attend the Summit this year, right along side us! It was so crazy fun and we spent the entire time in the most beautiful setting (Sonoma) learning how to paint with watercolor and weave and other crafty things from some of the most talented artists in the world! It was amaze!

This year we have had weird weather and many of the plants and trees in my yard have had multiple blooming periods, being that they are so confused an all, so I took the opportunity to trim some of the branches from my tulip tree just as they were about to put on a good show. You can see them above. Aren't they glorious? They are so good they look fake. And also like a floral still life painting. So I will hang on for dear life, since I may not see the sunshine for a while with all of the projects happening behind the scenes here at TDC.

Michael's has a crazy good selection of vases and vessels and I managed to grab up a few beauties with a 40% off coupon. Yahoo. Remembering to use a coupon is a bit like spotting a unicorn around these parts, so I figure I should put it out there to the universe and pay it forward. If you are looking to spruce things up for spring, run, don't walk, and snatch things up like it's a sample sale for bridal gowns during wedding season. Just don't forget to check your email and bring those coupons - they are also on their website and you can use them from your phone!

The Design Confidential Freshly Cut Floral Still Life // How to Avoid Having Faux Become Phony

The last decade or so have really done a number on our impression of faux florals, don't you think? Silk ficus trees graced many an entryway in the area I grew up, and aside from collecting dust in a way I never knew was possible, there isn't much that sort of faux really brings to the table - other than a good sprinkling of that dust. But faux florals have come a long way since then and when you can't have real, freshly cut flower arrangements arrive at your doorstep every week, there is indeed a place for faux to shine. It's likely in a shiny new vase you found for under $10.

If you don't have access to glorious blooms and blossoming branches, fear not... you can rock a bit of faux and keep it from looking phony with a few simple tricks. Promise.

Keep it simple

By sticking to stems that replicate plants that already tend to look fake in real life, I run far less risk of having my arrangement look more phony than not. Succulents are a great example of this and anything in that family will be easy to pull off. Tropicals like Monstera leaves and palm fronds are a good choice if they are made of a thick plastic type material and not silk. Anything in the Lamb's Ear or Dusty Miller family, with that fuzzy layer and silvery sage color also look incredibly real, as you can see in the image below.

  • If you don't come from a family of florists, and you aren't sure which stems look real and which might be a bit of a stretch, it's best you just steer clear of big bold colorful stems that imitate flowers that most of us wouldn't be able to keep alive if our lives depended on it. Orchids and hydrangea are occasionally on point and as long as you aren't choosing something that runs more toward a decorative color than a realistic one, you can likely pull these off.
  • Branches are realistic all year long and flowering or ornate stems like forsythia and pussy willow (no one can say that with a straight face - amiright?) are difficult to tell apart from their real life counterparts.
  • Fight the urge to mix and mingle. You may just find yourself marching to the beat of that age old adage and planter technique of needing a 'thriller, a filler and a spiller' - but fight the feeling my friends and stick with one thing. If you want your arrangement to look realistic, think about your story... is it likely you are going to waltz out to your garden of glory and cut a variety of glorious specimens to artfully arrange in a vase? Not likely at all. Besides, how often do you find those glorious things all in full bloom at the same time? Pretty much never. You may, on the other hand, saunter out and cut a few unnecessary branches from your flowering cherry tree and place them proudly on their own in an over sized vase on your table.
The Design Confidential Freshly Cut Floral Still Life // How to Avoid Having Faux Become Phony

Know when to fold 'em

  • Stems are often jointed near the end so that you can conceivably cut them to size without having to whip out the chain saw. Use this to your advantage if you simply need to shorten your stem. A heavy duty pair of scissors will often do the trick, but if you struggle, a few bends back and forth will help get the job done.
  • Sometimes you need to shorten the length of your stem, but you also need it to stand or sit differently than it is. Folding the base of the stem rather than cutting it will help you build volume at the base of your vase and will have your beauties standing tall or at an angle if you prefer, and you won't need to buy as many stems to fill your space.

Choose the right vessel

  • Speaking of vases - If your vessel is too tall, too short, has a narrow opening or perhaps even a rather large one, you will need to choose a stem that will not look out of place or just plain wrong and you will take your secret to the grave and the true nature of your faux florals will be far less obvious. It's like when you see a large person with an itty bitty hairdo, or a skinny little thing with more hair than their tiny face can handle. It's weird, so don't do it. Always make sure you have enough of the stems to fit the vase so that everything is in proportion to the opening and height.
  • If you are working with stems that have that crazy looking plastic section at the base, don't use a vase that you can see into.

Think outside the box

  • The flower box that is... if you just can't quite bring yourself to go with the faux in a traditional sense, try adding faux greenery to a set of string lights or bright blossoms to a portrait for an artsy take on spring decor. Faux is expected in this type of medium and choosing well-made floral stems will simply elevate your project rather than bring it down a notch.

How do you dress things up for Spring? Or maybe after months of holidays you prefer to dress things down? I know I do!

So if you think it would suit you quite well to join us at the Maker's Summit, we completely agree  and here is your chance! Win a Trip to the Makers Summit by visiting Michaels.com/madewithmichaels and upload a photo of your personalized project. If you can instagram, or FB, you can do this! Just to get you excited... check out this video from last year's Summit!

  • Michaels new Floral Market has over 500 new blooms and freshly picked projects make this the prettiest spring ever.
  • Just by swapping out a few décor pieces or adding a lovely floral arrangement can completely transform your home for the fresh, new season.
  • If you don’t know where to begin, you can always take a look at some of the fun projects on Michaels.com or the other 49 Makers’ ideas on The Glue String for to see how they personalized their crafts!
The Design Confidential x Smirnoff Ice // Super Bowl Soiree Recipes in Under 15 Minutes

Just realized today is Super Bowl Sunday? Well if you are still scrambling to make something special before kickoff, fear not... here are 3 last minute ideas that you can finish in under 15 minutes! Seriously - so run to the store and hustle on back! This round up of tasty treats will elevate your game day soiree, big time with a grownup take on some game day classics... because who doesn't love lemonade, popcorn and potato chips? No one, that's who.

For other fun cocktail ideas and fabulous game day spreads, click here to read up on this series!

The Design Confidential x Smirnoff Ice // Super Bowl Soiree Recipes in Under 15 Minutes


Smirnoff Ice Original

Iced Tea (or hot tea left to cool)

Simple Syrup - optional and can be substituted for sugar or left out entirely

Lemon to Garnish

// If you love a good Arnold Palmer, then this tipsy version is perfect for a game day refreshment. Fill a tall glass with ice, add 4 ounces of iced tea, and 4 ounces of Smirnoff Ice Original. Add 1/2 ounce of simple syrup if you like your tea more like sweet tea (which I do) and garnish with a lemon slice.

The Design Confidential x Smirnoff Ice // Super Bowl Soiree Recipes in Under 15 Minutes


Salt + Vinegar Kettle Cooked Chips

Blue Cheese Dressing

Hot Chili Oil

Chili Flakes

Green Onions

// Pour Chips into a bowl and drizzle blue cheese dressing lightly over the top. Sprinkle several dashes of the hot chili oil on top of that along with a very light sprinkling of chili flakes. Chop 2-3 of your green onions and sprinkle over top of chips. If you want to make this as a dip, simply add blue cheese to a dipping bowl, add a few sprinkles of hot oil and chili flakes, then top with a light bit of your chopped green onions.

The Design Confidential x Smirnoff Ice // Super Bowl Soiree Recipes in Under 15 Minutes


14 Cups of Pre-popped Popcorn (Skinny Pop has a plain variety)

1 10 ounce Bag of Mini Marshmallows

4 TBSP Butter

// Melt butter and marshmallows on low to medium heat, in a large saucepan. Once melted, remove from heat and add popcorn. Stir until coated and form into small balls. (I do this with my hands inside plastic baggies that have been sprayed with coconut oil and it keeps me from having a sticky disaster.) Let these form up and cool completely on waxed paper.

This fun spread, brought to you in partnership with Smirnoff Ice. Please drink responsibly and thank you for supporting the awesome brands that help me create new content here for The Design Confidential! I heart you guys!

The Design Confidential x Bernzomatic | The Smoking Gun Cocktail Recipe

If you have ever wanted to turn up the heat on your cocktail game, with a few safety precautions... just in case... it is much easier than you might think. It will definitely take your mixology to the next level.

I give you my latest cocktail creation, made specifically for the use of my fave Bernzomatic Micro Torch and a fabulous intro into the world of Flammable Cocktails. For a Bourbon based cocktail, see my Damrell's Fire recipe. The tutorial for making your own copper rimmed nesting platters can be found here.


Bernzomatic 3-in1- Multi Torch + Butane

1 Oz Coffee Liqueur

1 Oz Vodka

2 Oz Half + Half

6 Oz Club Soda

1 Tbsp Amaretto Liqueur

Dash of Cinnamon

The Design Confidential x Bernzomatic | The Smoking Gun Cocktail Recipe


Fill a Double Old Fashioned glass with ice.

Pour in 1 oz Coffee Liqueur, 1 oz Vodka, and 2 oz Half + Half. Fill most of the remainder of your glass with club soda, leaving ¼ inch to spare. Sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon on top but do not mix.

Slowly add a float of Amaretto by pouring ½-1oz of Amaretto over the back of a spoon near the edge of your glass. This will help spread the Amaretto and keep it light which will help it remain near the top of your drink.

Using your Bernzomatic Torch, carefully light your Amaretto float and run your flame over the cinnamon to lightly toast. Watch it become your smoking gun.

TIP // Ensure your work area is free of excess alcohol and any other potentially flammable items before you ignite your torch. Take all safety precautions when playing with fire. Burning down your house, for the sake of a fabulous drink experience, would be a terrible idea.

This recipe was created in partnership with Bernzomatic and is part of an ongoing series of projects here on 'le blog'. Thank you for supporting the awesome-sauce brands that help bring fresh and fun new projects like this to The Design Confidential. I heart you guys!



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