I would like to make this easel but with some modifications:

Modifications to make this the ultimate adjustable toddler to child easel system:
-Additional storage space: 2 wooden boxes with sliding lids made to fit on the lower platform.  The lids are to conceal clutter and keep baby/child from going into the box when necessary.
-Slightly deeper more spacious storage baskets with sliding lids for storage of crayons, paint, brushes, pens, markers, magnets, chalk, etc.  
-Addition feature: I would like one side to be a magnet in addition to a dry erase board and a chalk board.  Other easels have the magnet feature included but this one doesn't.  
-Adjustable for toddlers and children.  Other easels have this but this one doesn't
-Safe corners for babies, toddlers, and children.

What might also be nice are some optional wood boxes:  One just a plain box and maybe another option could a have sections designed for its purpose like: section for letter magnets, section for number magnets, etc.

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