Rayan is the founding editor of The Design Confidential — a DIY + Design shelter blog — and a maker at heart. She is a contributing editor for HGTV, Domino, and Apartment Therapy and wearer of many hats for The Design Confidential. When she isn't chained to her laptop or glued to Pinterest, she plays the role of a stylist and trend spotter, art director, occasional tv personality, interior designer, photographer and a bit of a lazy furniture builder by hobby. Admittedly a hoarder of project supplies and lumber, she can’t manage to part with anything that has even a smidgen of decor potential. Naturally, her ongoing project list never dips below the double digits. A mommy of two crazed little boys by day, a DIY daredevil and tv binge watcher by night, Rayan is constantly pushing the DIY boundaries to find the limits of what can actually be done ‘yourself’ and what is perhaps better left to someone else. She has yet to find that limit, but has certainly come close (many, many times). Either way, it’s sure to be a roaring good time to watch her journey. Though you might do well to keep your distance, or she just might rope you into one of her latest schemes... or make you hold something for her while she tracks down her tape measure for the fifth time.

Here on TDC, you will find the chronicles of her DIY projects, tales of her travels and general adventure seeking, all of her latest retail obsessions, the most recent makeovers in progress, amazing recipes and stunning handcrafted cocktails for chic entertaining and holiday style along with tidbits from her personal life - in a house full of boys with dueling entrepreneurs at the helm. Rayan loves to chat about products and curate gorgeous round ups of personal style picks you can incorporate into your own home and lifestyle, but her specialty, without doubt, comes in the form of creating detailed outside-of-the-box tutorials for hand making gorgeous goods, using unexpected materials and with new and unique methods that make her projects approachable, regardless of skill level.

Rayan Turner Founder of The Design Confidential


I'm a stylist, creative director, maker, accidental photographer, occasional furniture builder and a dreamer.  I'm a baby mama to one crazy monster mash of a 2nd grader and a daredevil toddler no longer a bambino of a boy, a wife, and all an all around bookish nerd. I'm a lover of all things both vintage and modern, but utterly obsessed with handmade. I have a bit of a 'thing' for art. I adore Sci-Fi, period films, and Bravo reality tv... I am a trained draftsman (draftswoman? whatever, you get my point and I'm not picky) and the process of design - build is what I live for! 

I like run on sentences, and use them frequently (even though I technically hate bad grammar) and I love... ellipses. Also, I say yahoo quite a bit. It's like a ritual for me, or a virtual happy dance. I make moodboards like they are going out of style and I surf the internet like a track star champ. Yahoo... Hi fives...


Some amazing folks have been kind enough to feature some of my work or have me as a guest for a television segment! A few of those cool people are below but a more complete list can be found here.


HGTV                                                        COUNTRY LIVING

DOMINO MAG / BEST DIY                          HUFFINGTON POST

THE HOMIES 2013                                      APARTMENT THERAPY / BEST DIY PLANS

TREND HUNTER                                         NEWS 10

MASHABLE                                                FOX 40

COOL MATERIAL                                        KCRA

BABBLE                                                     KQCA


BOB VILLA                                                 SAC+CO

THE APRON by HOME DEPOT                      SACBEE

SPOONFUL                                                 ECO SALON

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