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A Gathering in Indy with Delta


A couple of months ago I had the great pleasure of heading out to Indy with Delta Faucet. While you may not instantly think a trip about faucets would be a great pleasure, I can tell you wholeheartedly it was. I have been on a many, many trips with brands in the past, but this particular event was extra special, not only because of the brand but certainly because of the small but amazing group of bloggers and designers I had the good fortune to be surrounded by.

You see, something you may not know is that this group of us who are bloggers would probably never know each other in real life, if it weren’t for this common bond we have through what we do. Over the years, after many conferences and brand specific events we are regularly brought together from all over the world and many of us have come to know and adore each other. We don’t always have the time to chat or get together in our everyday lives, and we don’t even live close enough for that to be a reality. But… a few times a year we get to soak each other in and have the greatest time ever, thanks to some really special and amazing brands and events.

This was precisely one of those times. I had a chance to learn about a brand that has a wonderful ethos and a fantastic eye toward design and the future. The employee moral and loyalty is off the charts, which is apparent when you hear how long many of their people have been with the company. It’s astonishing and a rare thing in today’s world. They are innovators at Delta and Brizzo, with a sincere focus on the ABC’s of a consumer driven line of products, and I tip my design hat to that. There are many amazing brands and products in this world, but it is a rare thing indeed to see the passion and devotion, literally from top to bottom, within their companies. Truly something you can stand behind and feel good about choosing for your home or your clients.

I absolutely adored having the chance to spend time learning about an amazing brand and visiting with some of my faves… I also truly adored the chance to meet new faces and make new friends and this trip was filled with a wonderful amount of both. In fact out of the relatively small number of us attending this event, I actually only knew this pretty girl, prior to heading out here to Indy for this event. But I walked away knowing all of these amazing folks and adored each and every single one of them, so very much.

Our fabulous bunch included: jojotastic, Rachel Teodoro, Making it Lovely, House of Hipsters, Beginning in the Middle, Room for Tuesday, Sincerely Sara DCentered by Design, and Bria Hammel Interiors

I’m terribly grateful for this experience and I loved hearing about all the tech they are focusing on for their upcoming product launches and existing lines. You all know I love my home tech… The day my faucets and other water related hardware are on the cutting edge of innovation, is a happy day indeed! I have some amazing things planned with precisely this in the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to show you!


Free DIY Furniture Plans // How to Build a Queen Sized Murphy Bed

Ever seen a piece of furniture perform a magic trick? Voila! Check out this queen sized murphy bed plan! When in the closed position, this plan looks like a cabinet with 2 shelves and tons of storage. Need a bed and not a cabinet? Simply remove shelf items, remove the carriage bolts that secure the bed in the upright position,  and you have a fancy bed! If only everything could be this magical.
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DIY // Faux Marble Pumpkins



It’s that time of year again, when the faux pumpkins start to spring forth from my faux garden, or a little place I like to call Michael’s… and this year’s design is already set in stone with a DIY Faux Marble design. You see what I did there? Yep, feeling pretty clever today. Actually it has been something of a tough couple of weeks here at the Turner Casa so I am scrambling to catch up and a bit scatter brained, so hopefully this tutorial isn’t all over the place! But truly this DIY project is far easier than it looks, so hang on to your socks and let’s take a trip down faux finishing lane.

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Reader Showcase // An Emmerson Dining Bench

Look What I Built! Using Free DIY Furniture Plans from The Design Confidential #builtTDCtuff via @thedesconf

A gorgeous Emmerson Dining Bench to match a gorgeous Emmerson Dining Table…. and an adorable pup to model their hard work for us. I’m not sure it gets any better than fur babies and real babies, in an on furniture, acting like humans, that are in and on furniture pieces built by said humans. So good, am I right? A fabulous build indeed, thanks for sharing with us on Instagram @Josie_Havana.

Built From These Plans
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To view hundreds of other amazing real reader builds, check out or showcase page. Of course you can also browse our hundreds of plans and build yourself something amazing. If you have built from our plans and would like to show us your hard work, please send me an email with pictures and details of your build!


Free DIY Furniture Plans // How to Build a Countertop Storage Tray

You Can Build This! Easy DIY Furniture Plans from The Design Confidential with Complete Instructions on How to Build a Countertop Storage Tray via @thedesconf Increase your counter space with this countertop storage tray, by going UP with this simple, elegant and super quick build! This plan features a 2 foot wide by 5-1/2 inch deep and 8 inch tall countertop storage tray to stack those items that you need in a pinch… spices, cups, books and more. Did we mention how cheap this build is? We challenge you to make it out of scraps – that’s right, a $0 cost build!

I hope many of you had a lovely holiday weekend and my heart is breaking for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you have some sincere ideas of how we might join together as a community and physically help those in need, please speak up. I would love to brainstorm with all of you super smarties….

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Form Versus Function / Family Room Design Plan


The Design Confidential Family Room Redesign Mood Board + Design Plan When last we left off on my family room redesign, you actually had no idea I was even working on one. It has been such a crazy year around here so far and I am glad to have both kids back in school. It gives me the chance to resume something of a normal schedule. With both boys home, there is no chance of getting much done around here, at all.

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DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Steppe Tallboy Dresser


DIY Plans for a Steppe Tallboy Dresser have been high on my project request list for quite some time. Many of you have been asking and we are finally bringing you a few matching pieces to coordinate with our ever popular Steppe Dresser! I love a good chest of drawers, and when those drawers are stylish… well that is simply my fave! We have so many DIY Dresser Plans for you to choose from and of course you can browse our entire Plan Index for coordinating pieces!


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Form Versus Function


Form Versus Function from The Design Confidential via @thedesconf I have been on the hunt for new seating for the better part of a year now. I have scrolled, swiped and clicked through literally thousands of options. Thousands, I tell you. There are some gorgeous goods out there, many are even comfortable and come in decent fabric or leather options. But still, it always seems to come down to the ever so frustrating choice between form and function.

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Free DIY Furniture Plans // How to Build a Toddler Cabin Bed


Make your toddler feel like the king of the wild with this DIY Furniture Plan to Build a Toddler Sized Cabin Bed. This Cabin features 4 lookout windows to keep an eye on all the wildlife, a comfortably pitched roof for lots of headroom and a small staircase just for fun! Build this and maybe your little one will sleep in for a change – or sleep in their own room all night long. If you prefer plans for the Twin Sized Cabin Bed or the Full Sized Cabin Bed, we’ve got you covered! Read More