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The Blonde Birch Farm

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The Design Confidential and The Blonde Birch Farm If you are a long time reader of this old blog, you might be wondering about my radio silence for the last couple of months… I heart you all for sticking around and sticking it out! If you follow me on instagram, you may already have a clue what I have been up to, but if not, then you should because at least for the next little bit, I will try my best to be more up to date with the latest happenings over there. It will be more real-time… if you will. So let’s dive in and get you all caught up, shall we? We bought a new house – that is actually more old than new – and the move just about took me down for the count. We were in our last home for 5 years and with the amount of stuff we had, it was more like 50. It was a mess of epic proportions and while most normal folks would have been packing, we were trying to lay down new floors upstairs at this new/old fixer house you see here. The carpets were a mess and I knew it would be difficult to move everything out once it was all moved in.

The Design Confidential and The Blonde Birch Farm

Of course new floors meant any paint, trim and drywall repairs all needed to be done first. So ya, it was a lot to cram in to a relatively short period of time and we are still living without doors upstairs and stuff piled to the ceilings everywhere. We are also living without a second bathroom with privacy and a place for the boys and guests to bathe. The bathroom sitch is not my fave, but the guest accommodations will be mighty fine once I give it a little more attention. I haven’t even had a minute to do so.

The Design Confidential and The Blonde Birch Farm

Today I am taking you on a quick tour of the grounds and walking you through the property as it appeared in the listing – way back in October. This baby puts on a good show, especially with the aerial shots of the property. And apparently it looks enormous to most who see the images of the house, but I can assure you that while the property is indeed a good size – the house… not so much. Since we bought it for the land and what this small farm will one day be, the in-between is not entirely important. But hey, raised planter boxes!

The Design Confidential and The Blonde Birch Farm

You guys! It has a pool! It might be a bit dated, but yahooooo who cares! This is where you will find me every single day this summer. That isn’t even likely an exaggeration… I will be a one gal pool party all day, every day.

The Design Confidential and The Blonde Birch Farm

Just in case I was hoping to earn some extra cash with a side hustle… I have a fairly large movie screen in the back, for the viewing pleasure of a few kids in their Cozy Coupes. But let’s be real, what are the chances those kids actually have any money that didn’t come from my purse? Slim to none…

The Design Confidential and The Blonde Birch Farm

There is a small orchard in the paddock, along the lower portion of the image above, and a hen house. While I think the hen house has seen better days, it certainly sets the tone for this area and defines how we will use it in the very near future. Chickens baby! I can’t wait! I have such big plans for this place and I can’t wait to share them with you. We are already well underway on many things and throughout the next couple of weeks I will roll out a tour of the interior, more of the property and my plans for it along with all that we have already done. This 1980’s farmhouse will be the home of my dreams one day, even if it kills me! Which it actually might.



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