Reader Showcase // An Emmerson Dining Bench

Look What I Built! Using Free DIY Furniture Plans from The Design Confidential #builtTDCtuff via @thedesconf

A gorgeous Emmerson Dining Bench to match a gorgeous Emmerson Dining Table…. and an adorable pup to model their hard work for us. I’m not sure it gets any better than fur babies and real babies, in an on furniture, acting like humans, that are in and on furniture pieces built by said humans. So good, am I right? A fabulous build indeed, thanks for sharing with us on Instagram @Josie_Havana.

Built From These Plans
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To view hundreds of other amazing real reader builds, check out or showcase page. Of course you can also browse our hundreds of plans and build yourself something amazing. If you have built from our plans and would like to show us your hard work, please send me an email with pictures and details of your build!


Free DIY Furniture Plans // How to Build a Countertop Storage Tray

You Can Build This! Easy DIY Furniture Plans from The Design Confidential with Complete Instructions on How to Build a Countertop Storage Tray via @thedesconf Increase your counter space with this countertop storage tray, by going UP with this simple, elegant and super quick build! This plan features a 2 foot wide by 5-1/2 inch deep and 8 inch tall countertop storage tray to stack those items that you need in a pinch… spices, cups, books and more. Did we mention how cheap this build is? We challenge you to make it out of scraps – that’s right, a $0 cost build!

I hope many of you had a lovely holiday weekend and my heart is breaking for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you have some sincere ideas of how we might join together as a community and physically help those in need, please speak up. I would love to brainstorm with all of you super smarties….

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Form Versus Function / Family Room Design Plan


The Design Confidential Family Room Redesign Mood Board + Design Plan When last we left off on my family room redesign, you actually had no idea I was even working on one. It has been such a crazy year around here so far and I am glad to have both kids back in school. It gives me the chance to resume something of a normal schedule. With both boys home, there is no chance of getting much done around here, at all.

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DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Steppe Tallboy Dresser


DIY Plans for a Steppe Tallboy Dresser have been high on my project request list for quite some time. Many of you have been asking and we are finally bringing you a few matching pieces to coordinate with our ever popular Steppe Dresser! I love a good chest of drawers, and when those drawers are stylish… well that is simply my fave! We have so many DIY Dresser Plans for you to choose from and of course you can browse our entire Plan Index for coordinating pieces!


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Form Versus Function


Form Versus Function from The Design Confidential via @thedesconf I have been on the hunt for new seating for the better part of a year now. I have scrolled, swiped and clicked through literally thousands of options. Thousands, I tell you. There are some gorgeous goods out there, many are even comfortable and come in decent fabric or leather options. But still, it always seems to come down to the ever so frustrating choice between form and function.

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Free DIY Furniture Plans // How to Build a Toddler Cabin Bed


Make your toddler feel like the king of the wild with this DIY Furniture Plan to Build a Toddler Sized Cabin Bed. This Cabin features 4 lookout windows to keep an eye on all the wildlife, a comfortably pitched roof for lots of headroom and a small staircase just for fun! Build this and maybe your little one will sleep in for a change – or sleep in their own room all night long. If you prefer plans for the Twin Sized Cabin Bed or the Full Sized Cabin Bed, we’ve got you covered! Read More


Reader Showcase // Erin’s Provence Beam Dining

This gorgeous builder’s showcase is giving off some serious backyard dinner party vibes, don’t you think? I think the color they chose might be up there on my list of faves for this particular piece, and all outdoor furniture for that matter. There is something to be said for crisp and clean… You can head on over to Erin’s blog and get the low down on how this build came together, the link is down below!

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Hide Out in the Dark


The Design Confidential x Lennox Collab / Cool Home Tech Updates via @thedesconf

This post was brought to you by Lennox. Innovation never felt so good. ​Contact your local Lennox dealer today to learn more about the precise and efficient HVAC products Lennox offers.

Two weeks ago it rained and temps were hovering in the mid-sixties, which in this neck of the woods typically means no one goes outside to play. No less than seven days later, the temperatures are well over a hundred and far too hot to go outside for any reason at all. In Northern California, temperatures above the one hundred mark are a standard occurrence, from June till August. While the climate here is anything but humid, it is just humid enough, that no amount of shade makes it bearable to sit outside, at least not by choice.

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Finishing School // DIY Stained Glass + All Weather Wood With Leather


The Design Confidential x Michaels Makers Craft Paint Challenge DIY Stained Glass and All-Weather Wood with Leather via @thedesconf

Finishing School is in session, my friends… and today we are covering some new finishes that are perfect to add to your finishing arsenal – stained glass, all-weather wood and even some leather. The fabulous thing about the main finish is that it will work on raw wood – or in other words – newly built furniture, if you catch my drift. If you want to dress up your glass inserts, I will show you a fantastic way to do it.

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From the Windows to the Walls / Upping the Ante on Curb Appeal


The Design Confidential x Schlage Curb Appeal Update via @thedesconf

Curb appeal… that tricky little concept that can be somewhat elusive and difficult to nail down. The very definition of curb appeal is entirely subjective, but when things have spiraled out of control, your neighbors are usually irritated at the sincere lack of appeal your home gives off, in unison.

From the windows to the walls, curb appeal involves absolutely everything you can see from the curb. That is quite a bit of real estate to consider when you are trying to up the ante and show off a bit of your personal style without straying too far from the confines of your neighborhood’s existing style. Because being the odd man out on the block, is not usually a good thing…

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Reader Showcase // A Swanky Round Farmhouse Table


The Design Confidential Reader Showcase / DIY Swank Round Farmhouse Table

I have been meaning to showcase this gorgeous build for more than a year now… I know, I am horribly slow and I am behind on showcases like you would not believe! But this beauty deserves the spotlight and the mods are fantastic. A link to the plans this was built from is below, along with a link to her post that shares how she modified this beauty!

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