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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Hide Out in the Dark


The Design Confidential x Lennox Collab / Cool Home Tech Updates via @thedesconf

This post was brought to you by Lennox. Innovation never felt so good. ​Contact your local Lennox dealer today to learn more about the precise and efficient HVAC products Lennox offers.

Two weeks ago it rained and temps were hovering in the mid-sixties, which in this neck of the woods typically means no one goes outside to play. No less than seven days later, the temperatures are well over a hundred and far too hot to go outside for any reason at all. In Northern California, temperatures above the one hundred mark are a standard occurrence, from June till August. While the climate here is anything but humid, it is just humid enough, that no amount of shade makes it bearable to sit outside, at least not by choice.

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Finishing School // DIY Stained Glass + All Weather Wood With Leather


The Design Confidential x Michaels Makers Craft Paint Challenge DIY Stained Glass and All-Weather Wood with Leather via @thedesconf

Finishing School is in session, my friends… and today we are covering some new finishes that are perfect to add to your finishing arsenal – stained glass, all-weather wood and even some leather. The fabulous thing about the main finish is that it will work on raw wood – or in other words – newly built furniture, if you catch my drift. If you want to dress up your glass inserts, I will show you a fantastic way to do it.

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From the Windows to the Walls / Upping the Ante on Curb Appeal


The Design Confidential x Schlage Curb Appeal Update via @thedesconf

Curb appeal… that tricky little concept that can be somewhat elusive and difficult to nail down. The very definition of curb appeal is entirely subjective, but when things have spiraled out of control, your neighbors are usually irritated at the sincere lack of appeal your home gives off, in unison.

From the windows to the walls, curb appeal involves absolutely everything you can see from the curb. That is quite a bit of real estate to consider when you are trying to up the ante and show off a bit of your personal style without straying too far from the confines of your neighborhood’s existing style. Because being the odd man out on the block, is not usually a good thing…

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Reader Showcase // A Swanky Round Farmhouse Table


The Design Confidential Reader Showcase / DIY Swank Round Farmhouse Table

I have been meaning to showcase this gorgeous build for more than a year now… I know, I am horribly slow and I am behind on showcases like you would not believe! But this beauty deserves the spotlight and the mods are fantastic. A link to the plans this was built from is below, along with a link to her post that shares how she modified this beauty!

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Build Design Live


The Design Confidential x Build Design Live Design Network Once upon a time, in a far away land called the internet, a brand new design network was born.  This magnificent design network grew into a glorious creature with the magical gift of nailing that sweet spot between real life experiences and fantastic how-to’s. Many creatures to come before this, have tried and fallen short of achieving true glory in the real life realm of DIY and Design…  But not Build. Design. Live. Read More


Weekend Agenda // A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend


The Design Confidential Weekend Agenda // Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope many of you are enjoying a long weekend of family and friends – the best kind. I imagine some of you might also be enjoying the first real weekend of summer vacation. Out here in my neck of the woods (N. California) we are done for the year and I for one could not be more terrified and excited all at the same time. Last summer nearly did me in, with both my boys home and old enough to bicker and bother. Read More

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Finding the Finish Line / The Many Faces of My Interior Spaces


The Design Confidential x Schlage // Door Hardware and Hinges are the Perfect Finale For Any Home Makeover via @thedesconf

If you furnish and decorate your home yourself, how do you know when you are finished with a space? Is there a natural stopping point in your decorating process? Do you ever actually feel like a space is utterly complete or do your spaces evolve along with you, over time? For someone in my particular line of work, I suppose you can imagine that I spend a lot of time working and reworking my decor. It is the nature of the beast, so to speak… and frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The constant flux and flow of design elements suits me.

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Summertime Sunset Shaved Ice


The Design Confidential x Michaels Makers Summertime Sunset Shaved Ice

It’s that time of year when the temperatures start to rise and Mother Nature starts to hint at turning up the heat. All I need is the slightest suggestion and I am on board and ready to roll with summertime fun! In honor of the lengthy stay-cation on the horizon, I am rolling out the red carpet for my favorite time of year with a few summery sweet treats. What say you, are you tired of this never ending winter too? Let’s revolt…

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