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Form Versus Function

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Form Versus Function from The Design Confidential via @thedesconf I have been on the hunt for new seating for the better part of a year now. I have scrolled, swiped and clicked through literally thousands of options. Thousands, I tell you. There are some gorgeous goods out there, many are even comfortable and come in decent fabric or leather options. But still, it always seems to come down to the ever so frustrating choice between form and function.

Why can’t I have the modular, designer sofa that looks different than every other sofa out there, comes in fabulous leather colors and perhaps also has power recliners, USB plugs and storage…  Why doesn’t that gorgeous chair I love, in the amazing linen colorway, also come with a swivel and rock option? Sigh…. There is nothing I love more than a chair that rocks, except for one that swivels and rocks.

This does not just include seating, there are dozens of other items that come at a great aesthetic cost for choosing comfort or function. The list is small by no means… But, I think perhaps I am giving in and going over to the designer dark side on the seating genre. I can no longer choose looks as the primary focus for my design plans. I can’t even choose comfort and looks if that comfort does not include bells, whistles and fireworks! It may be the end (or perhaps the glorious new beginning) of my design career as I now completely refuse to choose seating and other items for clients (any myself) that don’t hold up to children, dogs, bunnies (yep, we added that crazy to the mix) and lazy weekends on the couch with peanut butter, jelly and of course – chocolate milk. Because let’s be real, that is what childhood is all about and there will be collateral damage.

So, I have found a few seemingly wonderful options that don’t push the 90’s PTA president look too far in the wrong direction. Nor do they read too Mod or too – just plain weird – I think. I will do a round up for all of them in the next week or so, but for now I am biting the bullet and taking the plunge. It may end up being the most costly design mistake that I can’t Photoshop out with ease – or it may be glorious… we shall see. I am pulling together a mood board to reassure myself that a sofa of this nature can indeed be stylish, all while we sit in glorious comfort in the power recliners it has on board. Fingers crossed. While I give this one in particular a whirl, I thought I would share some of the other items I have put through this rigorous regiment and that have come through the other side in all their wondrous glory.

My current M.O. – I shall not keep pieces that don’t quite work for my needs – any more. I would rather live without, consequently my donation list is long. But I am excited to say the list of things that fills my decor and lifestyle love tank up to the brim, is growing at a fairly decent pace. After truly testing most of these items for well over a year, I can say with certainty about every piece here (except for the sofa, that is T.B.D.)… they are all amazing and life changing in their lack of problematic existence and ease of my own.

Sofa with Chaise and Power Recliners / I will keep you posted on this one. I can speak to the comfort, it’s remarkable. I can’t speak to the actual look of it in my space or how it will hold up to the abuse, but so far the mood board is very promising.

Fouta Towels / After having several loads of towels to content with, inadequate storage for them all and the 5 year mildew smell set in, no matter what you do… I decided every bulky towel had to go and replaced them all with these hand and bath towels. Now my laundry loads are gloriously easy to deal, a snap to store and even the after bath mess from my boys is rather chic.

Executive Desk Chair / This is one beauty that looks (and feels) like a Time Life Chair without the thousands in cost. Not the cheapest chair, to be sure, but if you like the look and you aren’t set on the brass frame, this one at a far less expensive price is a fantastic option.

Brass Curtain Rods / Ah yes, these are not only glorious but heavy duty and low cost! A trifecta of goodness.

Soap Dispensers / 1000 disposable soap dispensers later, a refillable version that I can use in every room and refill with soap that isn’t horrible on my hands was a must. I mix these soaps (here and here) for the perfect feel and cleanse, and simply refill the bottles as needed.

Matte Black Flatware / I received this flatware for Christmas and I adore everything about it. I even like the weight, which I was worried would be too heavy for me and my babes. It is perfect on all fronts and makes everyday eating look amazing. It has taken a beating and still looks fantastic.

Moroccan Pouf / This is nothing new and always functional, so what does set this apart is the fact that I ordered one that wasn’t stuffed. I was not sure how this would play out and ultimately I ended up stuffing it with off season clothing and items that I wasn’t ready to let go of, but that I wasn’t using at the moment. It freed up a glorious amount of space in my closet and I can swap things out with ease and fill it up more if it flattens. No more deflated pouf syndrome like I experience with traditionally stuffed poufs.

Hide Rug / I wager you have never seen a cow with grass stains or chocolate smears… It seems to work the same way with hides for the floor. These are truly the only rugs that have withstood my dogs and their tendency to think anything on the floor that resembles a rug, is a potty pad. Also the children… so wonderful and really the only option for us at this stage in our animal and child filled lives. Whether you go with a patchwork option as you see here or a more traditional style, these rugs will go the distance.


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6 comments on “Form Versus Function”

  1. Tell me about these towels. So you use them out of the shower? They look too good to be true, more like a picnic blanket. Please tell me about them before I go throw out all of my existing towels.

    1. ok, so here is the skinny… they are much thinner than a standard towel which takes a hot minute to get used to in the colder months (which is when i first did this, nearly a year and a half ago). at first my kids thought they hated them, and sometimes they complained, but girl! i honestly don’t even care because the larger towels are large enough that i can double wrap them out of the bath/shower and they don’t complain at all anymore. i think there was just a bit of a learning curve and took a bit of getting used to. but since they absorb water so well, they dry you off much faster and are truly so easy to fold/store/wash that i wholeheartedly say dive in head first and don’t look back! we even took 4 with us on vacation over the summer, since we knew we would hit the beach, and they are so perfect and large but easy to pack and fold –
      they were/are the perfect beach blanket slash drying mechanism ever! ever! ever! go forth and live in bliss with the fact that you can wash 12 of them at once and it will still be a light load!

      1. You can disregard my FB comment, it was the same thing. How do they do with drying your hair? Do you have the black color you linked to? It looks more like a dark gray/charcoal in the Amazon link. Which I’m cool with, esp since that particular one is 6/$50.

        1. they are fantastic for drying hair because they absorb water and wet so well! i have a boatload of hair that is super duper long so it is wondrous for me as well as for my boys with much shorter hair. the color is definitely more gray in appearance even though it is called black. yep those are ones i have. i even replaced my kitchen dish towels with the hand towels. chicness everywhere. they look good on my stove, counters, towel bars, everywhere. so good! they are better for wiping up spills and cheap enough that i don’t worry about them getting ruined – though there has been zero ruining that has happened and i have put them through the wringer. literally. no fading, wearing, tearing, nothing…

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