Reader Showcase // MacBees German Reef Sectional Sofa

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You Can Build This! A Gorgeous Reader Showcase Built from DIY Furniture Plans by The Design Confidential

For all of my worldly builders out there, this Reader Showcase is going to be particularly exciting for you! Complete with German sizes of lumber used and fantastic mods, this build is absolutely wonderful and gives a gorgeous account of how to make my plans work for you!

Corner and Armless Units

  • Height: 82 cm
  • Seat Height: 32 cm
  • Sitting Area: 64 cm x 64 cm since the cushions are 65 cm x 65 cm
  • Cushions Used: Arholma from Ikea / here and here

Armless Chair

  • Width: 64 cm
  • Depth: 83 cm

Corner Chair

  • Width and Depth: 83 cm
Here is what he says: We made the back higher, so you can lay your head onto it and we added corner slats, so that the cushions won’t slip through. Furthermore, we used 5 slats so that you can sit on it without cushions if you like 🙂
We skipped the last corner leg and used a long 120cm screw for the corner top (first photo below).
Cheers and thx for the great inspiration. :-))
Lumber Used

Spruce at 40 x 80 mm and 20 x 80 mm

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