The Design Confidential Building a Better Bed // It's all in the Details

They say building a better bed begins with a good mattress, and that is certainly true... and here at TDC, many of us know that long before that, building a better bed begins with actually building a better bed. What makes a bed better depends entirely on who will be sleeping in the bed and how much time will be spent in that bed each day. Will you watch movies, work, or snuggle with your kiddos in your bed? Do your kiddos still crawl in bed with you in the wee hours of the night and put their feet in your face? Let's just say that a great many things will be considered as you lay the foundation for your best night sleep. But how do you build a better bed once you have already built a better bed? Because there is nothing worse than having an amazing bed and a fabulous mattress that live in chaos. It will hang like a dark cloud above your head, nagging and reminding you that you never got around to making your bed that day. Let's be real, making the bed is a pain in the neck and no one wants to do it. Yet it's this one little task that sets the tone for your day and is the difference between your space feeling calm and uncluttered or chaotic and stressful.

So how can we make this easier, less of a chore, and something that doesn't require a PhD to reconstruct each morning with 8,000 pillows and crazy sheets tangled up everywhere?

The Design Confidential Building a Better Bed // It's all in the Details

In honor of National Make Your Bed Week, I thought I would fill you in on a few of the recent changes I have made that absolutely make this process easier for me and way more likely to happen - because this little mama loves a nicely made bed, but never has the patience to fuss with it. Who's with me?

First and foremost, I got rid of the top sheet. I actually like sleeping with a top sheet since I tend to sleep hot yet still need to be covered, so that top sheet comes in handy. But, I love not fussing with that top sheet so much more than I love having it, so this is a change I will gladly keep forever! Crane & Canopy sells 'No Top Sheet' Sheet Sets which is rather genius.

Then I switched my comforter for a Duvet and Nova Duvet Cover which has an easy insert zipper (instead of those buttons) and a two-tone design that mimics the designer look of a beautifully folded over top sheet - minus the actual top sheet and any of the work that comes along with that. Yahoo, right?

I also eliminated all of the excessive throw pillows and opted for a simply body pillow to sit against my headboard and two medium sized throw pillows in front. This gives us the most comfortable setup for sitting upright, which we do constantly since we spend a lot of time working or relaxing in this space. It turns out this setup is not only easier for me but Mike too since he doesn't have to worry about putting the pillows on the bed 'just the way I like them' which makes him so much more likely to actually make the bed on occasion. That my dear friends is true love! Anything that is so easy that I am not the only one who can do it is amazing in my book.

So while this doesn't have the over the top styled out look of a catalog perfect bed, it does have the look of clean and tidy with the added bonus of being easy to recreate each morning. That is the most beautiful thing ever, to me...

The Design Confidential Building a Better Bed // It's all in the Details


The Hayes Nova Duvet Set - Gray

Porcelain Green 400 Thread Count Sheet Set

Striped Pillows

Lavender Almond Linen Spray

Lavender Vanilla Linen Spray

You can see this process in action below. If the hardest part of making the bed is getting the Duvet into the Duvet cover, then this couldn't be any easier because that is not hard at all. Not to mention you only do that once after you wash your bedding and you don't have to do it again for a bit!

All I have to do is sit my pillows upright, pull the duvet up, give it a little fluff, and away I can go on my day.

I happen to be a bit obsessed with smells which means I really dislike anything that doesn't smell fresh and clean. There are a lot of things that get washed in this house that don't normally get washed by most people because of this little tidbit. Obviously washing my bedding every single day isn't an option so I love the idea of a linen spray. I ordered this one and this one and every time I walk in my room I'm greeted with the most wonderful smell.

Are you sensitive to smells? How about making your bed... is it crucial, frustrating, or not high on your list? I would love to know how other feel about this hot topic - do tell.

A big huge thank you to Crane & Canopy for partnering with us on this post and an enormous thank you to all of you for supporting the companies that help bring fresh new content like this to The Design Confidential! I heart you guys...

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

If you haven’t already begun to amass your collection of artisanal Patrón bottles for the Art of Patrón contest, not to worry there is still plenty of time. But certainly don’t delay because come July 17th, the contest will close and the judging will begin with a total of $19,000 in prizes at stake - one grand prize winner will walk away with an enormous $10,000 grand prize and each of 9 runners up will win a $1000 prize! So put your maker hats on and create something special using those gorgeous handmade Patrón bottles because you just might find yourself a bit richer from the experience… literally. Details for entry and all pertinent contest info can be found on the Art of Patrón contest page.

To give you a bit of a creative kick in the pants and spark your imagination, I will share with you all of the steps and helpful tidbits I discovered while making what I consider to be one of my favorite projects to date. Perhaps I feel this way about every project, but this one is indeed particularly special because even the Mister loves it, it is exceptionally functional, it’s absolutely gorgeous and best of all… completely customizable. All of my favorite things…

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

Before I let you loose at the hardware store to round up your supplies, here is a little recap on two of the tastiest tequila based cocktails this side of the Mississippi! You know… so you have an excuse to empty those bottles without wasting the deliciousness inside. I think a summer soiree and crafter-hours get together is in order to help you collect some of the most important pieces for recreating this project - or for your very own masterpiece to enter into the Art of Patrón contest!

Coconut Mint Margarita Recipe

Tropical Tequila Sunrise Poptail Recipe

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

Alright, let’s get to it…


Supplies are for 1 sconce – Double all supplies except: ¾” Copper Pipe, Candelabra Base, Pipe Cutter, and Copper Pipe Straps to make 2 sconces.

½” Copper Pipe – 2 Feet

¾” Copper Pipe – 2 Feet

1 – ½” 90 Degree Copper Elbow

1 – ¾” x ½” x ½” Reducer Tee

1 – Candelabra Base (2 Pack)

1 – Candelabra Socket with Switched Cord and Plug

1 – Pipe Cutter

2 – ½” Copper Pipe Straps

1 – LED Exit Sign Light or Night Light with Candelabra Base

1 – Patrón Bottle

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

Before we can begin to assemble your sconce, we need to do some prep work which means a bit of cutting and some deconstructing.

Copper Cut List //

Feel free to get creative with your arrangement here, but there are a few pieces at the top of this list that need to remain short in order to accommodate the switched cord. You will see what I mean in just a minute.

1 – ½” Copper Pipe at 2”

1 – ½” Copper Pipe at 1 ½”

1 – ½” Copper Pipe at 16” (this is subjective and can be cut to desired length)

1 – ¾” Copper Pipe at 2”

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

Now this (in my opinion) is where the magic happens… aside from the actual magic that happens when you plug this puppy in and she warms your heart and soul with a job well done.

So you are going to cut your switched cord, right up underneath the black socket and clip. Ok, now you want to cut this as close as possible since you need all the extra cord between your switch and the ends of the wires as you can possibly get. This might seem counter-intuitive since technically the switched cord would work as it is, just fine. But you guys, it’s not cute, so keep on keeping on and you get to play electrician (kind of) for a hot minute, which is soooo fun.

Once you cut off the socket portion, you are going to pull the two sections of cord apart at the top, for about 2 inches. Once they are separated and look a bit like a snake tongue, you can strip the top ¼” or so of the rubberized coating from each section of your cord.

// Now set all these pieces aside for a second since you will actually rewire this after you thread everything through the pipes. Yep, found this out the hard way, maybe it’s true what they say about blondes after all? Duh… that they have more fun? Because doing the same thing over and over again is so fun? Yes, truly.

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

These two beauties up above are the Reducer Tee and your 2” piece of ¾” pipe and they will fit together to form what we are going to use to make our own amazing looking socket cover. Now isn’t this so much better looking than the base and clip from your cord a few minutes ago? Yes, I totally agree.

Now we get to thread our cord through as we attach our ½” copper pipe pieces. Each piece is labeled below so you can see where everything connects and I will outline the threading order just in case it’s difficult to see or read! You can do this portion laying everything out flat on a surface, it was simply easier for me to strap it to the wall to show you, without trying to juggle the camera and all of the pieces.

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

Start by threading your cord through your 2 inch section and then up through your elbow piece. Fit each pipe fitting together tight and pull your cord through carefully, but firmly so there is no slack in the line. You will truly need every last inch of this thing. Next, thread your cord through the 1 ½” section and then into and up through your reducer tee. Your reducer tee should have the largest opening at the top. You can attach the lower 16 inch section now if you like, or wait till the end, it really doesn’t make much of a difference just yet. Once your cord is sticking up and out the top of your reducer tee, you will tie the two split sections of it in an underwriters knot. This image below via, is a great diagram of what this will look like and what it’s for!

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

Once you are all tied up you can attach your ¾” piece of pipe to the reducer tee and get ready to wire your socket.

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

Thread the cords up through the metal portion of your socket and then the cord with the ribbed edge will be attached to the silver screw and the smooth cord will attach to the gold screw. The easiest way to do this is to twist all of the teeny tiny wires together for each of your cords into something of a point so they are easier to wrap around their respective screws. Then simply use a leftover piece of your ½” pipe if you need a bit of help taming any of the flyaways and gently place it over your screw to let it help you wrap those stray pieces down and back under your screw as you gently tighten in place. The instructions on your package will reiterate which wire to connect where so don’t worry if you forget or feel nervous.

It will look a little something like this:

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

Now slide your cardboard socket cover over the top as indicated on your package, and you would be ready to give your wiring a little test run with your bulb!

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

If everything works as expected, unplug and secure in your desired location using two straps and appropriate wall anchor screws for your particular type of wall. If you can secure to a stud, all the better. Once it is all secured tightly in place, add your gorgeous bottle shade and watch the stars come out at night… it’s quite a special show that I will let you experience for yourself. This gorgeous little secret makes this project worth doing all on its own.

The Design Confidential Celebrates The Art of Patrón to Find Your Inner Light with a DIY Copper + Handmade Glass Sconce

This project brought to you in partnership with Patrón Tequila in honor of the Art of Patrón, a contest for makers and a celebration of the handmade. I hope you take a chance and see where your imagination takes you. The prize alone makes it worthwhile, but the satisfaction of making something special using very special materials is priceless.

The Design Confidential Closet Case Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Closet Makeover

It is so much easier said than done when it comes to 'not sweating the small stuff'. At least for me. It seems like the small stuff is precisely what starts the avalanche of mess in my house. No decent place to put that belt, so you set it on your dresser and before you know it, a week's worth of 'I might wear it again laundry' is right there with it. Ya, you know you all do it too... it's like the plague and then it spreads and multiplies. Ugh. I am excited to say I have picked up the pace on the closet a bit, after a huge delay from the wisdom teeth saga and subsequent infection which I absolutely still have and can't seem to shake. Aside from all that, it was the business of trying to figure out how to store the small stuff that was a major mental hurdle for me. As you can see, I settled on a solution or two and after living with them for a bit, I am fairly confident I love them and they shall work perfectly!

To view all projects in this closet case series, in order, check out the articles below to see how far we have come!

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light // Easy Lighting Update

DIY // From Wiry Slobs to Sleek Hanging Rods

Just Add Shelves // Easy DIY Shelving for Stylish Shoe Storage

Closet Case // Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Closet Case // Measuring Up and A Bit of Reflection

The Design Confidential Closet Case Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Closet Makeover

I feel like we are blogging this in real time and by real time I actually mean 'as slow as molasses'. But, that is just about how things go around here, especially these days. I still have so many other things to address in this space, and of course there is the whole issue of the mister's side of the closet. I can tell you with certainty that he is coming around to the idea of making some sweeping changes there. I mean, how can you not when my side looks so puurrrrtttty. Right? I think... I am not sold on the whole jewelry display arrangement at the moment, though truly that is the one aspect of this that is temporary and in need of a good DIY project I think. It's hard to find something that doesn't rest on a surface that will handle everything from rings to earrings. For now, the stem of a tree shaped kid toy and a towel holder will suffice.

The Design Confidential Closet Case Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Closet Makeover

Since I decided not to build out the entire closet at this point in my life, with a wild toddler on the loose and a seven year old who enjoys chaos more than calm, I have gone the route of budget friendly and easily obtainable for the main pieces and basic storage structure. Everything else is fair game here, but for the large pieces so far things seem to be taking a path of all white, all IKEA, and easy on the wallet to be sure. Except for the art. This particular art print is from my favorite online haunt - shutterstock, duh. But I do have several other pieces planned for this space, and they are pretty special so I can't wait to show you!

IMAGES // Rayan Turner for The Design Confidential


Palm Print

Malm 3 Drawer Chest

Glass Top

Vertical Wall Shelf

Enudden Scarf and Belt Holder (actually a towel holder but whatev)

Have you been making any sweeping changes at home? Maybe you are less impatient than I and you are attempting to build out a space to custom perfection? I hope so... I will live vicariously through you! This space is in no way done or even close yet to be honest, but slowly we march along, one tiny step at a time...

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

I’m back after a crazy busy weekend to share the story of how four pieces of art transformed two rooms and made one gal a very happy girl. If you’re just joining me on this adventure, you can read all about this project here and here. I partnered with my bff's at domino magazine and Minted to curate a collection of pieces from their new exclusive collection of art and to transform a wall in my home that needs a little love. Well, there are no shortage of lonely walls in this crazy house, but I chose to focus on two in particular that have been a work in progress for far too long.

It wasn’t easy choosing from this gorgeous group of prints, but there were several that seemed like they would fit right into the mix I already had and would feel like they had been there all along, only better!

I am also super duper excited to tell you about the amazing prize one of you might win... but first, let's get back to the gorgeous things that happened here this past weekend! 

Let us begin in the Living Room, shall we? 


Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

My living room wall began like this... I only showed you a small portion of this wall because the remainder is very vast and was very lonely and sparse feeling.

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

And then it all came together to look like this! Yahoo... I added two gorgeous prints, Inner Light from Kristi Kohut and Sand from Melissa Douglas, and they gave this wall a more modern and youthful look and certainly brought the happy to this space!

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

I made you guys a little animated view so you can see the pieces come together. From start to finish this space now feels full and complete with art that is unique and special. But of course I didn't stop here....

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

Gazing upon this temporary gallery wall bummed me out every single day so I decided to take on the enormous wall I began in my Master Bedroom several months back, and gave this space a bit of special as well.

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

The transformation here is pretty significant, especially in person. I added Marbled Wake by SylvieCeres Designs and Organism 1b by VeryMarta and they make me smile every time I head upstairs. It feels pretty special to have these pieces in this space.

Weekend Wall Challenge Reveal // $500 Sweepstakes and the Domino + Minted Art Collection

The animated version of this cute puzzle is so fun. You guys, it feels so grownup to have real art by real artists on my walls. Everytime I complete a project like this I have that moment of 'why didn't I do this earlier' and I hope that some of you experience this feeling too... So join me in a challenge of your own and get on that lonely little wall you have ignored for far to long! To make it that much more fun, we will be giving one of you lucky folks some art to make a gorgeous gallery wall of your own! Share your adventure with us using the hashtag #dmhappywalls and be sure to tag @thedesignconfidential @dominomag and @minted on instagram as you share your journey toward cute walls.

In honor of the new collection, I’m hosting a $500 giveaway with domino and Minted! Just hop over to check out the 75 new pieces and then comment on this post with an art piece you might choose, should you win. Then click here to enter the sweepstakes. Good luck!


The Design Confidential Sources + Details For My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I'm excited to share all of the crazy fun pieces that went into the making of my Bold + Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover. Aside from the glorious DIY wall treatment, it really is all about the textures and layers in here, so naturally the 'things' that make up this space are a pretty important bit of info. Also, it's just fun to talk shop... and by shop I mean shopping. So yahoo for that. 

You can see a bit of the transformation take place in this space by reading about my Unlikely Nightstand and my Design Moments. I will be posting a separate article on the art in this space along with a fun DIY later in the week, so stay tuned for that! 

The other fun things in this room are either collected over time, vintage, pieces I already owned, or can be found using the links here: 

Pouf // Leather + Hemp Rug // Desk // Sauder Occasional Chair // Lamp// White Leather Club Chair // Large Planters - White // Small Planter - Blue // Woven Pillow // Stripe Pillow // Assorted Pillows - DIY //Sheepskin // Large Planter - Chartreuse + Gray // Slipcover // Bedding // Sheets - Vintage 

I was provided with product courtesy of Wayfair, all opinions, ramblings and crazy talk are 100% my own. 

My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes here at the House of TDC to actually complete many of the spaces in my home. Working full time as a DIY + Design Blogger quite frankly leaves your home in full time project mode virtually all of the time if your pipeline is even marginally full. For those of you who happen to do what I do for a living you know this first hand, but for those of you who don't, this is chaotic on the best of days and completely wild and untamed when things are busy. Feeling like I have at least completed something in this house not only makes me feel a little less guilty for the sheer amount of crazy that my babes are exposed to and the oddball lifestyle that comes from being a Maker, but it helps me keep some of that crazy at bay on a daily basis.

When last we left off, I used Bing Rewards  to research the perfect pieces of inspiration, furniture and art for Blake's Boho still Boyish Makeover, and managed to rack up some major points while working doing so. This project was no exception. It takes me a while to find my inspiration and along with all the right pieces to go into a space, and I turn to the internet and Bing Rewards to find them, every single time. In the process I have managed to work my way up close to Gold Status, which is pretty exciting! I am list maker and a goal seeker so the fact that I am surfing the internet anyhow, to find inspiration or furniture pieces and accessories on a budget, makes Bing Rewards an obvious thing for me to use. I earn points toward things like gift cards to Amazon or Starbucks which I patronize often while I'm working on projects. Amazon is my go-to for project supplies and Starbucks... well have I mentioned this job is also tiring? Mama is tired... and needs some strong coffee. It's a no brainer my friends. You can also earn points toward One Drive storage, which is something I have recently started using and I can honestly say that during the big computer crash of May, this was life saving. As in, all my photos of my babies and all my documents safe and sound and easily accessible from my old computer while the new one was being repaired. I hardly skipped a beat, but that will be a convo for another day! 

In my search for inspiration, I decided I wanted to do a wall treatment that would be bold and make a statement without adding too much color to the space so I decided to use a bit of paint to create a faux wallpaper in a graphic black and white that would tie the space together and set the tone for the entire makeover. I'm pretty sure this project did exactly that. You can find the full tutorial and all the step-by-step details for creating your own Faux Wallpaper over on Domino

DIY Projects // DIY Bold Black + White Faux Wallpaper for Domino!

Sitting Area in My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I mentioned in my latest Room Envy article that I obsess about function and this is true even for a makeover of this nature. As I overhaul a space like this and I'm thinking about making it gorgeous, I'm completely focused on adding the function my little family needs to survive without getting burried alive in clutter, toys and garbage. We seriously produce so much garbage, I really have no idea why, especially since I'm a borderline hoarder with my 'I might use it for a project one day' mentality. Or laundry. Though I'm still working on the laundry part of this whole scheme. I wish it could just put itself away. With a house full of boys, everything must be washable and not precious. Toy storage options and things to climb on that won't cause your children to die need to be an actual part of the thought process, so it's not the easiest thing to make a space pretty and keep the maintenance fairly low at the same time. It can be an all day job just to keep up with a young family so making this as easy as possible for everyone involved is an absolute must, and of course by everyone, I mean me. There isn't much in this space that isn't easily moved, used for another purpose, or easily cleaned when my Demon Seeds smear something sticky on it. Just to be on the safe side, where at all possible I have attempted to make those mystery sticky spots blend in with their surroundings while they wait to be found, because sometimes it takes me a while.

Chair and Pouf in My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

While I am in no way a girly girl, I am the only single solitary female in this entire house, and this is really the only space where it is not going to be an issue to use peach or pastels. So of course I needed to have at least one pale moment where I can have all of my girly things and not deal with the backlash of that. My color palette for this room is perhaps a bit surprising with a nice mix of drab and fab - always my go to choice for a color palette, it's just well balanced this way. I have a nice mix of army green, pale gray blue, and peach with pops of navy and mustard all tied together with some graphic and bold black and white. It's hard to show the palette in all it's glory on screen, but in person it's quite amazing.  

I will be posting all of the Sources + Details early next week along with a few other projects that went into this space. Stay tuned for those... and I can't wait to share my latest oddball obsession with you guys, there are 2 in this space and yep loving them! 

I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Bing. As a member of this program I have been compensated for this post in the form of product or payment.


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