I'm excited to share all of the crazy fun pieces that went into the making of my Bold + Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover. Aside from the glorious DIY wall treatment, it really is all about the textures and layers in here, so naturally the 'things' that make up this space are a pretty important bit of info. Also, it's just fun to talk shop... and by shop I mean shopping. So yahoo for that. 


I was provided with product courtesy of Wayfair, all opinions, ramblings and crazy talk are 100% my own. 

My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes here at the House of TDC to actually complete many of the spaces in my home. Working full time as a DIY + Design Blogger quite frankly leaves your home in full time project mode virtually all of the time if your pipeline is even marginally full. For those of you who happen to do what I do for a living you know this first hand, but for those of you who don't, this is chaotic on the best of days and completely wild and untamed when things are busy.

Sitting Area in My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I mentioned in my latest Room Envy article that I obsess about function and this is true even for a makeover of this nature. As I overhaul a space like this and I'm thinking about making it gorgeous, I'm completely focused on adding the function my little family needs to survive without getting burried alive in clutter, toys and garbage. We seriously produce so much garbage, I really have no idea why, especially since I'm a borderline hoarder with my 'I might use it for a project one day' mentality. Or laundry. Though I'm still working on the laundry part of this whole scheme. I wish it could just put itself away. With a house full of boys, everything must be washable and not precious. Toy storage options and things to climb on that won't cause your children to die need to be an actual part of the thought process, so it's not the easiest thing to make a space pretty and keep the maintenance fairly low at the same time. It can be an all day job just to keep up with a young family so making this as easy as possible for everyone involved is an absolute must, and of course by everyone, I mean me. There isn't much in this space that isn't easily moved, used for another purpose, or easily cleaned when my Demon Seeds smear something sticky on it. Just to be on the safe side, where at all possible I have attempted to make those mystery sticky spots blend in with their surroundings while they wait to be found, because sometimes it takes me a while.

Chair and Pouf in My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

While I am in no way a girly girl, I am the only single solitary female in this entire house, and this is really the only space where it is not going to be an issue to use peach or pastels. So of course I needed to have at least one pale moment where I can have all of my girly things and not deal with the backlash of that. My color palette for this room is perhaps a bit surprising with a nice mix of drab and fab - always my go to choice for a color palette, it's just well balanced this way. I have a nice mix of army green, pale gray blue, and peach with pops of navy and mustard all tied together with some graphic and bold black and white. It's hard to show the palette in all it's glory on screen, but in person it's quite amazing.  

I will be posting all of the Sources + Details early next week along with a few other projects that went into this space. Stay tuned for those... and I can't wait to share my latest oddball obsession with you guys, there are 2 in this space and yep loving them! 


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This project is brought to you by Kleenex, all styling, neurotic issues and seasonal sinuses are 100% my own. 

Toys are inevitable... no matter how hard I try to keep toys in a particular spot, they just keep creeping back in like the plague. A large basket is perfect for them and can hold throw pillows that are really only for decoration and not technically for sleeping. The other option is launching them onto the floor or the couch before I settle in for bed. I'm thinking the basket is the better of the two. The drawer of the desk stores lotions and creams that I need for my hands and for diaper changing since much of that happens here as well. It also hides the remotes, notepads, pens and my iPad so that I can work (or not work) without the bird going nuts for any of those things, since he is absolutely obsessed with each and every one of them and is now a master button pusher and learning how to color and throw, sometimes simultaneously! Eek. The faux snakeskin box holds pictures, drawings and cute little memory keepsakes that I don't want tiny little hands getting into but need to regularly add to as they happen. It helps me to keep their 'home' close at hand so I don't set these things in another spot with the intention of putting them away later... and then never get around to it... you know you guys do this too. I love a living plant in a space, and this one has the added benefit of keeping the lid on the box and acting as a deterrent for the tiny people running about, without being so big and heavy it's a danger. 

I purchased a very thin marble slab tile to use a an oversized coaster of sorts, so I can set glasses and dishes. I'm not going to lie, I eat in bed, a ton... truly. Having a surface to set things so wood won't get damaged from water or drips is quite nice. But, should I have a little spill, a tissue is easy at hand to do the job. I use Kleenex for essentially everything, including spills around the house. The fact that Kleenex has created boxes that are cute and can stay out in plain sight without having to be hidden away is kind of fabulous and I'm so appreciative. When you constantly have 800 things you are holding and you need to clean up a spill or a drip, being able to pull out one or even a couple of tissues with one free hand (or a finger) instead of having to manhandle the paper towel roll or search for a towel, is perhaps the most convenient thing in the world. If you are a mom, you know exactly what I am talking about. I think this habit started when I had my first baby and has managed to stick around ever since. It's just so much easier, especially when your children are still small and more hands-on, so I turn to it time and again. Also, it's quite possible my little family has some of the worst seasonal allergies I have ever seen, so between my excessive and inexplicable use of Kleenex for virtually all household purposes (they actually now have products specifically for household purposes like hand towels, which is amazing - though for me it's a convenience thing, one box, one thing to buy, 100 uses) and our nasal issues, we go through tissue in bulk. Having several design options in styles that match my decor for any particular space saves me and the mister from bickering when I ask him to stock up and to choose some that 'match'. That would be the kind of thing that might send him over the edge most of the time, and a non-matching design might literally do me in... but with stylish options like Kleenex has created, all I have to do is provide him with a color and set him loose. For this space I tend to prefer a neutral or a peach and they designs in both!  I don't have to hide the box behind a large pot or lamp (yep you know you have done that too) and it can live right out in the open and that make me a happy gal. It's the small things in life I guess, isn't it...

Be sure to check out the Kleenex style finder to see which style suits you best and while you are there check out some of the fun facts about Kleenex throughout their 90 years, it's pretty interesting and you can see the new designs while you are there and find one that works with your own decor! Celebrate your sinuses or your own weird uses for tissue and let your box live out loud in plain sight! 

Disclosure // Thank you to Kleenex for sponsoring this project and for creating an updated, modern, and stylish product package. I think we all appreciate a company who considers our needs as a consumer, at least I know I do! 


This post is sponsored by Rolling Door Designs, all ramblings and traumatizing experiences are 100% my own. 

 This project was no walk in the park, mainly given my indecision and the sheer number of times we literally reinstalled this mother, and there are some quirky deets that will make or break this option for most people, so you will need to plan out your install just a tad and I can show you how to overcome some of the obstacles we faced with the quirks inherant to this house. I will be back for a second post in this series later in the week to share how I installed this beaut, despite these tricky things about our space and some additional info on the door itself. An utterly modern and yet totally vintage piece itself...  Plus doesn't it just look cool? It's nice to see a rolling door that is modern in appearance and not barn like. Don't get me wrong, there isn't a thing wrong with rustic, but I like to see the diversity in things, don't you? If you have an awkward area of your home that needs more square footage or that has not such an ideal situation with the way your doors open, a rolling door is such a fabulous option to solve the problem. We are sleeping more easily in the early morning, and I definitely have this invention to thank for it. If you would like to browse the hardware styles and options they have at Rolling Door Designs, be my guest, they are quite lovely. The style you see here in my article is the Don Draper... doesn't it just sound awesome, right out of the gate?


I've been on the hunt for a pair of nightstands for the master, for nearly a year. I knew I wanted something modern and clean but also something that wasn't so nightstand-ish. I'm utterly bored with the options available right now and simply can't decide what I might like to build. I think I have analysis paralysis when it comes to choosing a design I like enough to pull out the tools for. Way too much exposure to decor to pull the trigger on anything at all. Ugh.

Project Image

This was one of those projects where context is the make or break of the result. You see, I made these curtains and they were super duper simple and I LOVED them, but when I hung them in my family room the result was a little bit...'Liberace called, and he wants his curtains back'... if you know what I mean! Frustrated, I decided to try them in my Master Bedroom. Since I had punched the clock on this project having to discard them would have been oh so sad, luckily they were dreamy in their new home and voila, a bit more like Kate Spade than Liberace. Done deal... and now I love them. 


To make 4 curtain panels, all you need is a 9x12 canvas drop cloth and 11 rolls of tape (1.88 inch size) in your choice of color

You can see the glam gold curtains better in the photos above, and the application was made really simple with a bit of Scotch Blue Painter's Tape. 

Begin by cutting your canvas drop cloth in half, making it 6ft x 9 ft. There is a seam in this location already so simply separate the two sections.

Then apply your first strip of tape as close to the top seam as possible (your panel will run 6 ft across by 9 ft down so your stripes will run 6 ft in length). Once you have your first stripe in place, overlap your second strip by a tiny bit. I used the strings inside the tape as a guide and overlapped the first one.

2 strips will equal 1 stripe and then you will move on to the painters tape as an easy way of demarcating the proper stripe dimension. You will place 2 strips of painters tape in precisely the same way and then repeat with the gold. I actually removed the 2 blue strips and replaced them below my next gold stripe so that I actually only used a very small amount of painters tape to complete this and it saved a ton of time this way. The 2 strips of painters tape will stick together and you can simply restick them as a whole below your subsequent gold stripe. 

Easy peasy. Once I finished both halves of the huge drop cloth, I simply cut each one in half again so that they measured 3 ft across by 9 ft in length. Done and done. 


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Images: Photos by Rayan Turner for The Design Confidential


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