Gathered Home Decor Goods Art Rug Coasters Yoyo Tray from Makers in Blue and Cool Tones for The Design Confidential Feature It's Friday I'm In Love // Edition 13

With the heat still fairly intense most days, out here in the hills of California, I find myself unable to stay away from the bold watery hues of blue and indigo. I want to surround myself with both dark and light shades that fall on the cooler end of the spectrum and can't help but wish that Mother Nature would join me in my hopeful celebration of milder temps.  The older I get, the more I realize that while I do indeed adore the sunshine and summertime activities, that I find the extremes of this time of year a bit debilitating and a definite hindrance to anything exciting happening after the lunchtime hour when the heat is on. It's funny, but I don't remember feeling this way as a youngster, and I don't imagine that there is anything much that is different about the climate here, so I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Oh to be young, carefree and unconcerned with the weather once again... that is the life, isn't it? 

This gorgeous work of art above has watery goodness written all over it and I'll be damned if these fabulous coasters don't shout for a nice frosty beverage, and potentially a blended one at that. With an umbrella... definitely an umbrella.

Of course these hand-painted cocktail napkins, would be a gorgeous way to spice up your fiesta and throw caution to the wind when you use them as the most magnificent 'mobile coasters' (totally a thing, right?) or part napkin and part coaster, to help you hang on tight to your ice cold drink while you mix and mingle...

This beautiful handmade yo-yo brings a bit of nostalgia to the table and might be a fabulous take away slash conversation starter gift for your guests at your next soiree. A friendly game of who can do the 'Walk the Dog' yo-yo trick the best (or at all) would be the perfect silly ice breaker, no?

While we are on the subject of hand-tooled leather (you know... from the coasters above), let's ogle this amazing handcrafted leather tray while we run our toes over this fabulously textured rug. Oh a gal can dream can't she... 

What favorite finds are you craving as the summer winds to a close? Click over to see my previous Friday I'm in Love articles and what I covet throughout the year!

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Outdoor Tents for One Last Hurrah + a Fall Favorite // The Art of Glamping

Hi all! A big hello to all of you wonderful TDC readers! I’m Heidi and it is such a blessing to be visiting here from my blog, Brave Wild and Free (formerly My Beautiful Mess). I have adored Rayan’s eclectic style and eye for design for such a long time - not to mention that I got to meet her adorable self in person AND eat Mexican food with her, which made me love her all the more! For those of you who don’t know me (most of you), let me introduce myself.  I’m a wife and a mom (of three) from the Pacific Northwest.  I love coffee, Toms, books and solitude.   I have always enjoyed the peacefulness of the great outdoors – and here in the northwest it is GREAT.  But, if I’m honest, I don’t love the grittiness of the outdoors. 

Give me a trail to a waterfall and I’ll hike it. Give me an “I think this used to be the trail but watch out for the poison oak and ticks” and I’ll stay in the car with my Sunset Magazine and NPR podcast.  As much as I love hiking and camping, there is a limit to the ruggedness I can take. And this, my new friends, is where glamping starts to call me.  Solitude AND comfort…it’s like they were thinking of me when they created it.  

Luxury Camping Items for One Last Hurrah + a Fall Favorite // The Art of Glamping

1 // S'mores Kit 2 // Big One Travel Mug 3 // Southwestern Story Dress 4 // Duluth Backpack 5 // Women's Luscher Omni Heat Rain Boot 6 // Chrome Lantern 7 // Pendleton Glacier 5th Ave Wool Blanket 8 // Copper + Leather Stool 9 // Boo Fire Basket 10 // 16ft Lotus Belle Tent

Just imagine sitting on your soft leather sling chair in front of your canvas tent with an enameled mug of craft coffee in your hand and a Pendleton blanket in your lap.  You hear the camp cook (not you, of course) ring the bell for breakfast and you slip on your cozy Columbia boots and make your way to the crackling campfire to eat free range eggs and locally grown veggies.  You spend the day wandering the wooded trails and enjoying the fresh air and tuck yourself into your feather bed at night – belly full of smores and microbrews - completely and totally at peace.

Inside Layout of a Yurt for One Last Hurrah + a Fall Favorite // The Art of Glamping

I’ve always thought this place existed only in my imagination, but then glamping resorts started popping up all over the place. Of course, you could get your own canvas tent and haul in your queen feather bed, bedroom furniture and claw-footed bathtub...  Or you could just visit any of these amazing resorts and campgrounds: 

Washington State // Lakedale Resort , San Juan Islands / Cherry Wood Bed, Breakfast & Barn, Yakima

Oregon // Brews with Views, Rogue River (Rafting, glamping and local craft beers.  Does it get any better?)

California // Autocamp, Santa Barbara (San Fransisco & LA coming soon)

Inside an Airstream for One Last Hurrah + a Fall Favorite // The Art of Glamping

Utah // Moab Under Canvas, Moab (also available at Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks) / Shooting Star RV Resort, Escalante

Montana // The Resort at Paws Up, Greenough 

Wyoming // Fireside Resort, Wilson

Colorado // Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores

Sitting Around the Campfire for One Last Hurrah + a Fall Favorite // The Art of Glamping

New York // Camp Orenda, Johnsburg

Texas // Sinya on Lone Man Creek, Wimberley

Nationwide // Shelter Co., Based out of California, New York & Texas – Pop-up Glamping

Vintage Refurbished Airstream for One Last Hurrah + a Fall Favorite // The Art of Glamping

September is the perfect time to head out glamping.  The weather is cooling down, the leaves are starting to change and the rates are low.  It’s cool enough in the mornings for your fall sweaters but still nice enough to hike in comfort.  It doesn’t get any better. 

So, who is going glamping this fall?

Blue Retro Beachy Comfortable Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

We are nesting! But not the ‘having a baby’ kind of nesting, let’s not get crazy… We do have a new addition to the family with these nesting tables, however. They create a highly functional set and they work easily with many different styles – so many that I’m having a hard time deciding where they will ultimately live. At the moment, I have them in my family room, since they give my boys a great surface for playing with their Legos, that can slide out of the way when they’re done (read… not be seen by me and not on the floor). I tend to incorporate quite a bit of vintage into every single space in my home and it has been fun to see these tables work that look.

I styled these cuties with three completely different looks, and for three completely different uses. While every single one of these spaces has a mix of modern and vintage with both high and low price points, I think the various styles will give you a good grasp of their versatility. There is nothing quite like a fab mix of pieces that is entirely unexpected! Don’t you love that?

Close Up of Blue Retro Room for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials items for this space // Nesting tables / Scholar lamps / Mug

For this look I channeled my global granny self, added a bit of that hipster handmade vibe with a dash of Copacabana thrown in, for a Beachy Brazilian touch. Yep, totally random, but oh how happy I would be in this space.

We will call the gal who lives here “Babs,” and she is a veritable 'Girl from Ipanema' (World Famous Brazilian Bossa Nova song)and boy she has lived quite the life. She loves to reminisce about all of the memories she has made along the way and throughout her travels. She could sure tell you a tale or two about her go-go dancing days, but your mother probably wouldn’t like that much. But now she is settling down a bit and prefers to stay closer to home where she can sip her hot cocoa in her big cozy chair and knit blankets for her grandkids – or the new neighbors down the street.

Black and White 80's Glam Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

I channeled my inner 80’s glam girl self, with a punch of black lacquer and brass, and then threw in some beachy natural texture to the mix for the perfect 'Barbie and the Rockers' goes to Big Sur design moment. Ya, I kinda love a look that is equal parts chic and yet still totally weird.

Close Up of 80's Glam Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials Items //  Nesting tables / Bathroom tray / Desktop Storage 

I call this gal Gemma and she is a true downtown girl who loves the art scene and can be found at every hip new spot in the city. From art gallery openings to coffee shops, she is constantly on the move and never stays in one place too long. She wears black like it’s her uniform and loves the way her red lipstick pops against her pale skin, especially when her hair is pulled back in a sleek low slung ponytail. 

Red Orange Yellow Retro Happy chic Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Meet Zoe, my inner flower child babe with a quirky fun loving outlook on life. This gal is a bit more feminine, and fresh out of college with her first real world job. She loves to hit up the flea market when she isn’t driving down to visit her parents in Connecticut, for the weekend.

Close Up for Retro Happy chic Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials Items // Nesting tables / 3x4" candles / 3x6" vanilla candles / Embroidered Pillow / Wire bins / iPhone dock / Kitchen towels / Bubble tumbler / Dinner Plate 

She’s a single gal who loves her nephews and can’t wait to start a family of her own one day. For now she is content with her two cats, though she thinks she may have over done it in the mothering department, since they are a bit on the bratty side. They absolutely never do as they are told. Zoe loves to listen to music and sing along with the broom handle as her microphone, but of course she always sounds better in the shower… who doesn’t?

So which look resonates with you most? Are you more of a downtown girl or a flea market vintage loving gal? Maybe you love to knit and travel is your favorite pastime! 

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.

Curently Crushing on Classic Geometry and Target Room Essentials Favorite Decor and Furniture Items

 It’s no secret that I have something of an eclectic style. I love a mix of old and new, both vintage and modern, and I of course I can’t help but interject a bit of handmade wherever possible. I might even go so far as to say I have a slight obsession with the hunt that comes with finding the perfect unique pieces that fit together like beautifully choreographed moves in a dance. Regardless of the style I choose for a space, the one thing I never go without is a bit of classic geometry and a splash of bold black and white.

Adding this type of modern and bold touch helps me create the perfect eclectic mix and rounds out a look by giving the eye a fun place to rest before moving on to the next exciting element. 

It’s also no secret that I shop with a real world budget. Nothing makes me happier than finding pieces that not only sync with my design sensibilities but that allow me to maximize my budgetary constraints. I hate to skimp or sacrifice on the pieces I feel I truly need to complete a space in the way I imagine it in my mind. In real life and with real world considerations, my go-to solution for styling a room is Target. Because not everything can be vintage or handmade when you create perfectly dressed space. There must be a mix of new and modern style to create a look that is both cohesive and unique.

My Master Bedroom with Target Room Essentials Decor

Let’s not forget the importance of function. If you haven’t provided the functional staples your inhabitant needs to get through the day and night comfortably, then that cute person will inevitably take the room apart every time life happens. That is a constant battle I don’t care to partake in so I do my best to include a place for everything that is easy to use and helps keep the space looking good all the livelong day. I choose bedding that is easily washable yet bold, storage bins and bags for toys or laundry that make a statement all on their own, and accessories that are both stylish and serve a purpose or sit well out of the way of the actual living area in use.

If I can choose these stylish functional staples to be budget friendly and bold with a bit of classic geometry to liven up the place while grounding it to pull the look together, I’m a happy gal.

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.

Friday Finds and Home Decor Items

It's Friday! For many of you that means the weekend and a couple of days off of work... I am definitely jealous! I am smack in the middle of shooting for the Home Depot Style Challenge and I can't wait for you to see all of the fun I have planned for that, but for now some gorgeous goods I have gathered in my boutique from some amazing Makers both near and far! I think this collection of pieces brings a bit of a beachy laid back vibe with just a touch of humor. Can't go wrong with that lineup... 

I'm all about the watercolor art and of course pineapples are the new black, am I right? This wall hanging would lighten the mood in any space and these days that is just what I am seeking. By now you have probably figured out I like myself a bit of macrame and that vintage vibe so this plant hanger is perfect for adding a bit of both of those things and some greenery too. I am starting to think I have might also have a bit of a thing for rag rugs... who knew I would revisit this so soon after the 90's? Certainly not me, but here I sit regardless, loving on these rag rugs. This pedestal dish is one piece from a collection of work handcrafted from resin in the most fabulous colors. It looks a bit like sea glass with it's gorgeous matte finish and I heart that in a non sea glass kind of way. Oh how this chunky hand knit throw makes me swoon, and wish I was a bit better at knitting... or maybe that I had more time for making. Either way it's divine, don't you think? 

Visit Friday I'm In Love for more in this series... 


It's an exciting day my friends, today is the launch of - a completely unique shopping experience that brings together tastemaker's and maker's with gorgeous curated collections of gathered goods. I've been working furiously behind the scenes to set up shop and gather some unique and beautiful wares to house in my boutique. I will be adding to my storefront regularly and will be on the hunt for some exceptional Makers that have a similar aesthetic to The Design Confidential, and that I might sell exclusively in my personal Boutique! Now that is exciting stuff, don't you think? Yahoo! 

Psst... Thank you for all of your amazing votes in the #sodomino contest by Domino Magazine! I still need your help, we are teetering between 1st and 3rd at any given moment of the day. I don't want to let Emily down! Let's make her proud! Pretty Please...

I will primarily be focusing on Home Goods: ArtPillows / Accessories / Tableware / Entertaining but I will dabble in Children's Goods and some Style and Beauty products too. It will be a blend of things I personally like and want to connect you with, that you might not otherwise have the chance to see. I think that is precisely the beauty of this venue... it gives Maker's the opportunity to gain exposure in a way they may not otherwise have and I think that is pretty important for a small venture of handmade proportions. We are nothing if not proponents of handmade here on TDC, am I right? 

Help support these amazing folks who work so hard to bring these gorgeous goods to fruition, by shopping handmade and connect with the TDC Brand by shopping our personal picks through our Boutique. Win, Win... and if you happen to be a Maker and you are interested in selling through, you can apply! There is a link for that on their site and feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in becoming an exclusive TDC Maker... 


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