There is something quite amazing in the simplicity of a design that celebrates the stripe and the monochromatic patterning like the items they sell at Studio Patro. I love the concept of tea towels, though I don’t actually own any just yet, it’s on my list of things to add to my inventory. If you have been reading my site for some time you know that I have a paperless home (for the most part, except for the obvious necessities like toilet paper, duh…) and I absolutely love that fact. No expensive paper towels to keep stocked, but it does require that for those more formal or event related occasions that I have something a bit nicer to put out for guests to use, and I think a nice collection of some of these fabulous specimens below might be just the thing for me!

It’s no secret that it’s more eco friendly to bring your own bags to shop with, than it is to use plastic bags, and these are such a fabulous version of the BYOBag. Large and in charge, not to mention aptly labeled, just in case you forget what they are for!

Project Image

These items have an ethereal dreamy kind of styling, and I wish with all my heart that one day I might own something this beautiful to display upon open my shelving. I suppose I will have to wait till the kids are grown, and by kids, I mean my monster mash, and by grown I mean…willing to sit still for longer than a half second. *sigh* … a girl can dream can’t she?

Rustic in their design and industrial in their makeup, his pieces have a bit of delicate shine that had me at first gasp! According to the write up on this article and product description (also the place of purchase in case any of you are trying to figure out what to by me for Mother’s Day aside from more tools, hint hint!), Peter Ivy was originally making simplified works for personal use while living in the US, it wasn’t until moving to Japan that he found a connection between his style sensibility as a maker and the culture in Japan. I for one couldn’t be more glad of this… and these items have officially been added to my lust list!

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