The Design Confidential Bathe Well Rounded Mirrors in the Bath Marble Vintage Floating Vanity Sconces Round Mirror

I have been secretly working on a big project behind the scenes here at the House of TDC, with the amazing folks at Kohler. Consequently bathroom design has been on my mind in a very big way. The bath is a funny space, that both requires an immense amount of functionality and encompasses all of the challenges of small space living at it's finest.

The Design Confidential Bathe Well Rounded Mirrors in the Bath Smitten Studio Bathroom Round Mirror Floating Credenza Vintage Herringbone Tile Pendant Lights
The Design Confidential Bathe Well Rounded Mirrors in the Bath Vintage with Inspired Sinks Wood Paneling Double Sink Hanging Brass Pendant Lights
The Design Confidential Bathe Well Rounded Mirrors in the Bath with Marble Vintage Floating Vanity

What do you think? Too outside the box? Risky in that I might like it only for a short while? Do you like to take risks when you make changes in your home or do you prefer to play it safe with bigger decisions?


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Details of The Design Confidential Entryway Update for Honeywell Lyric Thermostat with iPad iPhone App


The Design Confidential Entryway Update for Honeywell Lyric Thermostat with iPad iPhone App

Jackets, scarves, shoes and keys all need a clear and present place to live that feels easy to access and looks out of sight. I prefer not to see clutter and chaos — it makes for a much more welcoming place to come home to at the end of the day or a business trip. I am a creature of habit for the most part, but having a place for Mr. TDC to put his keys and wallet helps him keep track of them so he doesn't spend 20 minutes on the hunt each time he tries to walk out the door. At the moment, I am on the hunt for a small tray and a few vintage hooks to add to this space, and once I source the right pieces, this area will be complete — until I switch things up again, which I am known to do rather frequently.

View of City from Airplane Leaving for Business Trip and The Design Confidential Entryway Update for Honeywell Lyric Thermostat with iPad iPhone App

With the nature of our work, both the Mr. and I see a great many sunrises and sunsets from jet-plane windows. If we aren't traveling as a family, it is a fair guess that I am away for business and he is overwhelmed by all of the little things required to run the household with any sort of sanity. With the rise of smart technology for the home, there are quite a few things I can do from my phone or tablet while I am on the go. Every little bit counts when you are caring for two little boys and trying to work simultaneously, so when I can use an app from abroad to keep our home running smoothly, we are both all the merrier for it. I don’t have to hand over a to-do list a mile long, and our utility bills aren't going to skyrocket with no one manning the controls or remembering to turn things off when they aren't in use.

Coordinating Modern Devices for The Design Confidential Entryway Update for Honeywell Lyric Thermostat with iPad iPhone App
Lyric Thermostat App in Use for The Design Confidential Entryway Update for Honeywell Lyric Thermostat with iPad iPhone App

I recently installed a Lyric Thermostat by Honeywell, makers of the original round thermostat, and it has already earned major brownie points in my book. Not only does it look cute with its gorgeous face and white mirror finish, but I can program it to adjust throughout the day and night automatically and from my mobile devices, which I adore.

Lyric Thermostat in Various States of Use and Functionality for The Design Confidential Entryway Update for Honeywell Lyric Thermostat with iPad iPhone App

I can even make changes on the go using the app if we decide to take an impromptu trip somewhere spectacular. Since it lives in our newly styled and organized entryway, which is quite a jaunt downstairs from the master bedroom, being able to sit in bed and turn up the heat when a cold front moves in is nothing short of lovely. No need to drag my cold toes out from under a warm blanket in the middle of the night just to make sure Baby Bird isn't freezing at the other end of the hall. Everyone is happy and most importantly well rested.

View of Sunset over New York City from Airplane Window and The Design Confidential Entryway Update for Honeywell Lyric Thermostat with iPad iPhone App

I much prefer to focus on a view like this than worry about missing my plane because I couldn't remember to turn on the porch lights or turn down the thermostat. Being able to travel in comfort is certainly one of life’s little luxuries.


Lyric Thermostat / Honeywell

Baskets for Shoe Storage / HomeGoods

Copper Planter / Smith + Hawken for Target

Black Candle Holder / Dot + Bo

Vase / Vintage

Table / Vintage

Copper Coat Rack / DIY - coming soon

Accent Rug / HomeGoods

Oversized Moroccan Wool Blanket with Pom Poms for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed

Life around here is utter chaos almost all of the time. While I wish I could say I live in an orderly, beautiful home, it very rarely is. We are busy, and even though I know that a well made bed each morning would make everything feel just a little less so, I still don't manage to remember to do this. Yet, it is my absolute habit to make up and straighten out the bedding before I head to sleep. Go figure.

Gorgeous Fabric Covered Pendant Lights the Kuu Pendant Lamps and Leather Bag for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed
Black and White High contrast Minimal Bedroom with Hat for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed

It is nothing if not extremely difficult, to style bedding in a casual slightly messy way. So hard. When I see these gorgeous spaces styled just so, it makes me truly appreciate not only the small details that life brings my way, it certainly makes me see that my messy bed is a representation of my very full life and how busy my many wonderful things keep me.;

Given the extreme skill it requires to make blankets look lived in and casual, without being a straight up mess, I am keenly aware of the amazing efforts of the stylist behind these images. And now I have taken us in an entirely different direction from gratitude and chaos to photography and interiors... yep, that is just about how this old head of mine works. Eek

Black Walls White Bedding and Minimal Tube Light Sconce for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed
Natural Woolen Bedding White Floors and Minimal Bedroom Space for The Design Confidential Currently Crushing The Unmade Bed

But seriously, don't these spaces make you want to have a loungy stay-cation in a very minimal bedroom? Ya, me too.

For more Blissful Bedroom Inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board!


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Emily Hendersons Kitchen Featured on The Design Confidential

I have been thinking quite a bit about the bones of a home and how difficult it can be for a person to strike a balance between style and keeping the design timeless - and at least moderately appealing to the masses - so as not to completely compromise a home's value. You guys... it is haaaaarrrrrddd. This is of course my least favorite response to anything - because I am a doer and an utter optimist. I come from a place of yes and absolutely anything is possible, in my mind.

Jenny Komendas Kitchen Featured on The Design Confidential
Lauren Liess Kitchen Featured on The Design Confidential

As a designer, I see hundreds of gorgeous kitchens roll across my desk each week and even more through my obsessive pinterest browsing. You too? Join me over there and we can pin our glorious hearts out together... My visual access to beautiful kitchen designs is officially off the hook, and my voyeuristic design enthusiast self could not be happier. But let us be real for a second, It is not technically that hard to create a beautiful kitchen. The. End. In fact much about design works this way. You see, if you throw enough money at something, and happen to pick some timeless or beautiful fixtures, there is a very good chance your space will end up being moderately fabulous. So this is not an article about how these brilliant design bloggers created fabulous kitchens for meellions of dollars. Nope, because that would be boring. This is about how three gorgeous gals (no seriously... all gorgeous) created amazing and gorgeous spaces that are equal parts well designed and perfectly personal and to their specific taste. You see... creating a kitchen with style - and I mean actual, wonderful, and chic style that is oozing with personality - outside of the choices for surfaces and fixtures, is actually pretty tough to do. It is 100 percent hard to infuse individual and unique style and personality into a fairly standard set of items in a fairly standard set of colors and choices.

Each one of these lovely ladies has done something totally and completely different and totally and completely their own. I am so inspired by their choices and the small details that make these spaces stellar.

Emily Henderson of Style By Emily Henderson Kitchen Featured on The Design Confidential White Brass Wood Gold Marble

Emily has an abundance of white and bright and brassy goodness. So basically she designed this space just for me. The fixtures, hardware and accessories are wondrous and the art, well just stunning. Admittedly she has already changed things up substantially from her Domino shoot and the images you see here (from her site right here) and I cannot wait to see what she has done. I am chomping at the bit my friends... no joke. Brass grout? Oh em gee. A gal after my own heart... gotta love brass. No really... you have to, because I said so? And that baby, oh my squishy lovely manly man of a baby! I could eat him up. And I just might, so she should probably keep him at a safe distance, just sayin... Of course they are the most adorable family and it is just wonderful to see shots of a happy family gathered round an actual working kitchen, with actual food. I know nothing of this, it is quite foreign to me most of the time.

Jenny Komenda of The Little Green Notebooks Kitchen Featured on The Design Confidential Black Concrete White Cabinets Neon Tray Copper Bertoia Chairs

Jenny made some fantastic bold choices in her space that I adore, and is also admittedly nowhere near finished in total, but for now she has rocked out a fun and chic look that works around many of the kitchen's less than adorable features, so says she. I personally love a good white painted brick, and painting her flooring instead of changing it out entirely... genius, which makes it all the more adorable in my mind. That fabulous neon tray she is sporting in the image you see here, might seem a bit familiar to those of you who follow along with my shenanigans on Instagram and you may remember I have a little something similar in myLiving Room and formerly my Family Room which I still haven't shown you yet. I guess you could say great minds think alike and all that, but that might be a stretch to put myself in the same tier as any one of these girls, ha! But I sure do love a pop of neon, goes such a long way on the interest train! Her black concrete counters are another of her daring DIY accomplishments and I think it was a wonderful choice here with the cabinetry and painted brick. So bold and glorious.

Lauren Liess of Pure Style Homes Kitchen Featured on The Design Confidential Black Open Shelving Landscape Paintings Reclaimed Wood

Lauren rocked this kitchen out. It is stunning and as far as I know, finished! Maybe. So it goes for a designer in their own home... things change often. So I have heard, anyhow. The details and personal touches combining a modern aesthetic with vintage pieces - oh she had my heart at first glance.... Her custom open shelving in that matte black finish, to die for. When you are not blessed with a bay window above your sink with room for an indoor herb garden, a fabulous arrangement of landscape paintings is obviously the next best thing. Except I like it so much it might actually be the best thing. Who needs windows anyhow? Not vampires... or folks with amazing art collections! So it is obviously perfect.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of personal touches in the kitchen or do you prefer a clean and uncluttered work space? What stylish choices have you been making in the kitchen lately? Inquiring minds want to know! And of course by inquiring minds, I mean me! Let's chat kitchen decor!

Blue Retro Beachy Comfortable Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Close Up of Blue Retro Room for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials items for this space // Nesting tables / Scholar lamps / Mug

For this look I channeled my global granny self, added a bit of that hipster handmade vibe with a dash of Copacabana thrown in, for a Beachy Brazilian touch. Yep, totally random, but oh how happy I would be in this space.

We will call the gal who lives here “Babs,” and she is a veritable 'Girl from Ipanema' (World Famous Brazilian Bossa Nova song)and boy she has lived quite the life. She loves to reminisce about all of the memories she has made along the way and throughout her travels. She could sure tell you a tale or two about her go-go dancing days, but your mother probably wouldn’t like that much. But now she is settling down a bit and prefers to stay closer to home where she can sip her hot cocoa in her big cozy chair and knit blankets for her grandkids – or the new neighbors down the street.

Black and White 80's Glam Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

I channeled my inner 80’s glam girl self, with a punch of black lacquer and brass, and then threw in some beachy natural texture to the mix for the perfect 'Barbie and the Rockers' goes to Big Sur design moment. Ya, I kinda love a look that is equal parts chic and yet still totally weird.

Close Up of 80's Glam Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials Items //  Nesting tables / Bathroom tray / Desktop Storage 

I call this gal Gemma and she is a true downtown girl who loves the art scene and can be found at every hip new spot in the city. From art gallery openings to coffee shops, she is constantly on the move and never stays in one place too long. She wears black like it’s her uniform and loves the way her red lipstick pops against her pale skin, especially when her hair is pulled back in a sleek low slung ponytail. 

Red Orange Yellow Retro Happy chic Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Meet Zoe, my inner flower child babe with a quirky fun loving outlook on life. This gal is a bit more feminine, and fresh out of college with her first real world job. She loves to hit up the flea market when she isn’t driving down to visit her parents in Connecticut, for the weekend.

Close Up for Retro Happy chic Space for Nesting // One Piece with Three Different Style Personalities

Target Room Essentials Items // Nesting tables / 3x4" candles / 3x6" vanilla candles / Embroidered Pillow / Wire bins / iPhone dock / Kitchen towels / Bubble tumbler / Dinner Plate 

She’s a single gal who loves her nephews and can’t wait to start a family of her own one day. For now she is content with her two cats, though she thinks she may have over done it in the mothering department, since they are a bit on the bratty side. They absolutely never do as they are told. Zoe loves to listen to music and sing along with the broom handle as her microphone, but of course she always sounds better in the shower… who doesn’t?

So which look resonates with you most? Are you more of a downtown girl or a flea market vintage loving gal? Maybe you love to knit and travel is your favorite pastime! 

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.

Piet Boon Bath for Room Envy // The Bathing Sophisticate + 5 Things

Wow, what a summer it has been so far! I hope you all are enjoying this break from the school year and the warm weather is kind to you. Maybe you are even making the most of things and wandering with a carefree mind. Regardless, I hope you make amazing memories wherever you may go. As for me, I am knee deep in projects and living vicariously through gorgeous images on pinterest and a complete and utter room envy. The places I find myself drawn to most, right now, seem to bring the lovely tranquility of vacation and travel into the home environment.

Piet Boon Atrium View for Room Envy // The Bathing Sophisticate + 5 Things

One // In my past life, I was a makeup artist. And by past life, I simply mean my former life, but the one that feels like it is so remote and distant now, that I hardly recognize it as my own. But, a makeup artist I was indeed. I used to do makeup for weddings and photoshoots, even for the Kings Royal Court Dance Team - which any of you who follow sports might know is our NBA team's group of dancers (cheerleaders of the professional dancy persuasion for the Sacramento Kings). I was fortunate enough to get to head out to the arena prior to each home court basketball game and style the girls for the night, then watch the game from the tunnel. We did touch ups either before or after their halftime performance and would be very up close and personal to the team goings on, heading into and out of the locker room (this is where the tunnel leads essentially), and with any celebs that were getting a bit of in person hang time with the team without having to be center stage out on the floor while they are watching the game. It was quite fabulous, if I do say so myself. 

Two // I wasn't always in an artsy profession. After my stint as a makeup artist, I worked in the Commercial Real Estate industry with an emphasis on Retail. This would be shopping centers and restaurants, all the places you shop essentially. I worked with a team at CB Richard Ellis, which is one of the largest commercial brokerage firms in the world, and certainly one of the most esteemed. We did both leasing and sales, and we worked a crazy amount of new development projects from the ground up. This basically means we did quite a bit of dirt dogging and land assemblage, then found the developer that would best suit the project and worked the sales of pad buildings and leasing of inline space throughout the entitlement process. My team also had quite a few tenant rep accounts which means we were instrumental in creating their roll out plan for entry and expansion into new and existing markets. So, all those stores you love to see come to your neck of the woods, that is because of a group like mine that helps plan out the retail tenant's master plan for locations in an area. 

Piet Boon Bedroom for Room Envy // The Bathing Sophisticate + 5 Things

Three // I'm scared of the dark. Yep, I know... It's like I'm 5 years old with this one, but I truly don't like the dark and I have a bit of trouble seeing in the dark to top it all off. I have difficulty seeing the various shades of black and gray and discerning uneven pavement or ground if I am walking at night outside... like through nature.  I'm sure you can guess how often I do that, pretty much never, but I have in the past and it's a bit of a nightmare. 

Four // I'm also terrified of things that are vast especially if they involve water, like the deep ocean or extremely large creatures that live in the deep ocean. The book turned movie, Life of Pi, would be my worst nightmare ever... In fact, the whole Tiger aspect of the story line would be way less scary to me, than being adrift on the open ocean. I know, go figure. 

Five //  I'm utterly fascinated with the concept of space, the universe, and the beginning of time as it relates to our existence. Though there is something of a fear that I associate with this since it registers as one of those things that is vast and frankly blows my mind a bit, but I absolutely love hearing new theories on this and learning about the new tidbits we discover and either prove or disprove about this subject in general. 




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