Style Files: 70's Inspired Desert Mod

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I wasn't sure how to describe this particular style, so I gave my best shot with 70''s Inspired Desert Mod. It has taken me a bit of time to jump on this particular bandwagon, given my ties to the southwestern US and my desire to be completely rid, once and for all, of the Navajo inspired rugs and pastel colors with southwestern figures dancing in circles. Now… this episode of Style Files, is clearly not that. Clearly… but there are some similarities with the desert inspired accessories and a nod to all things handmade with fiber and patterns. Hence, the time it took for me to jump on board. But now that I have, I needed to share with you folks, one gal in particular who I feel is redefining these items for me, and frankly knocking this seemingly self created style out of the park! And that my friends would be Morgan Satterfield of The Brick House!

I would just like to throw my two cents into the mix here, and say that I predict this style will take off quite a bit and will infiltrate the ranks before you know it… Perhaps not amongst my most shabby loving of friends (yes you know who you are), but amongst the more indie leaning designers out there. And I for one, am on board. 


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