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Might I just say that doing a nursery design plan was oh so very fun and exciting. My little one is 3 1/2 and I can’t believe the amazing new gear they have come out with, just since his birth. Trust me when I say it’s enough to make me think my second child may be in the works, sooner rather than later (maybe).

When Marilyn sent me some pictures of a media cabinet she recently finished, using my Finishing School Tutorials, I had the chance to hear her story, and it broke my heart! She mentioned that they were in the process of finishing their home, which was being built for the second time, and constructing some of their furniture pieces, because they lost most of their belongings (if not all) in a fire. She was 6 months pregnant with her second child at the time and had to scramble to find living quarters for her family, 2 large German Shepard doggies, and a 3rd pup. I am surprised she was even able to accomplish that! Good thing she doesn’t live in CA, that would have been almost impossible!

Now that their home is well underway, they are frantically trying to wrap up loose ends before their 3rd little one is to arrive in the next month or so… That’s right, she is 8 months pregnant with her 3rd and in need of a proper nursery for the soon – to – be arriving, bouncing baby boy! I hope they finish the bathrooms before he arrives, that would be extremely inconvenient, would it not?

She has given me some descriptions of her sense of style, and wouldn’t you know (though she wasn’t completely aware of this) it fits some of my favorite aspects of Farmhouse style to a T. She sent me some images of fabric styles she has purchased, and well, they are swoon worthy! She is planning on sewing curtains, sheets, laundry hamper, boppy cover, etc. You know I am a huge fan of DIY and Handmade anything, assuming it has the benefit of being safer, more organic, or less expensive!

Let’s get down to business, after all she doesn’t’ have much time left!

Here’s the design plan:

I really did have so much fun doing this. Can’t wait to buy some fun new baby gear for myself! Though not just yet… I would like to say that I looked, and I looked, and I looked for fish…and I only found birds…? Go figure. Or go fish? Either way, the items I have used in this plan are really meant as a visual tie in to the fabrics she has purchased already. They are of similar colors and can be substituted for any of the items she is planning on making, should she decide she isn’t in the mood to make and prefers to purchase. Below the linky I am only going to discuss certain items that need description to explain my thoughts. Overall: I love the medium tones floors of this room and the beautiful wood color chosen, I think a dark walnut along with bits of white would be a fabulous addition. I am hoping she will refinish the crib in a walnut color…hint, hint…hahaha

1. Really this item is self explanatory, however my thought of late, is that there are some items, like stuffed animals, that are really better displayed and stored out in the open.

2. Nesting Cloud Decals

3. This is a tree wall decal, and can also be done with paint and even a singular color on an open wall. This can be used as an example and doesn’t need to be perfect. A light shade of gray or a grayish brown would be amazing.

4. I love the idea of these shelves for displaying and storing books. I plan to get a few of these for my Mr. Blakey (yes that is his name…sort of…)

5. I love this mobile, but it does happen to be birds. It would go well with fish but she could use it as a guide and create her own with fishy hanging objects instead.

6. A variety of these would add visual interest as well as functionality to any room.

7. This nightlight is just simply fab! I have this and Blake absolutely LOVES it! He likes to carry it around and sleep with it. It is budget friendly, uses regular easily purchased batteries and the color is amazing!

8. Cutest little orange mod circle swaddlers.

9. Alphabet Bedding set or quilt/comforter. Would be a great addition to the items she has already planned to make or a nice substitute (the best laid plans….am I right? Baby changes everything and really messes up your time frames!)

10. Disguising fabric on a chair, if you don’t love it, can easily be done by adding a simple throw over the back and some pillows. If you try and get fancy by draping the throw and all that other cutesy stuff, it will look like you are disguising something and not doing a very good job. My suggestion is to keep it simple. Reupholster, slipcover or just pile on the goodies!

11. This sleep positioner is not something tha tis 100% necessary for everyone to have, but since she will be refinishing her crib, it might be a nice solution until she is finished with that project.

12. This set of 2 would allow her to use one in another room (her own or one of her older boys). I love the idea that it is natural material but has a lining that might possibly be taken out and carried to the laundry room!

13. She wanted to make this room something that expressed her family’s heritage. Living in Alaska, while I don’t know a ton about the environment, something about this cute little Moosey just struck a chord for me. Plus the color is fabulous and its a great way to hang cute baby blankets or coats and hats.

14. I have provided several options for rugs. I personally like the idea of layering rugs in a room. Not necessarily on top of one another just by mixing and matching them. One can be textural one soft and cushy both will still go together well. Striped Rug

15. Wooden toys are all the rage, and after seeing this amazing Baby Gym at Ikea along with the amazing price tag…I’m sold!

16. Little Tree Bedding Set. Can be purcahsed as a whole, individually, or can be used as inspiration for the fabrics she has and how to arrange them. I particularly love the coordinating artwork shown, which she may be able to create using left over scraps of fabric!

17. The textural rug. Need I say more…

18. An optional baby bumper that can be purchased on it’s own should she not care to make one or purchase on in a set with other bedding pieces.

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