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My Monster Mash Activity Table

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Project Image

I’ve been building, building, and more building!  I should warn you that building is hard work.  It’s fun and so completely satisfying…but between the building and the painting even my fingernails are sore.  Mainly from the painting, since I decided I really don’t enjoy painting, and that spray paint might be the way to go…boy was I wrong!  Oh is it ever hard work spray painting, and you know…it actually takes longer to a certain extent.  Have I ever mentioned to you how impossible it is to get good coverage fast without creating drips…yes…almost impossible, for someone with my lack of patience. So, first up on the list of “recently checked off the to-do list” items is a fabulous low toddler activity table, for my monster mash of a boy.  Plans are here, and I am about to adjust them slightly since I was able to make it less expensively, and didn’t lose any of the stability or sturdiness.  Mine is without the casters, since he is not quite ready for that in my opinion, and only has 2 cubbies since I was quite literally using scraps to build this (limited my options a tad).  The table top surface is a tad smaller as well (again limited by scrap remnants) but I am oh so happy with the result and so is my Mr. Blakey!

Length of Time

Did I mention this took me less than an hour to throw together, and an extra 30 minutes for paint?  Yes well, if you look closely you can tell that I did this at 8:30 at night, and the lighting wasn’t great, and neither was my level of effort or precision…but Blake can’t tell, in fact he couldn’t love it more if he tried and moved himself right on in!

Lumber Used

To be honest, the cuts on this aren’t straight, thanks to some mistakes my nearest Orange made on the measurements I gave them for the Storage Cubbies I was originally planning on building.  In fact they were so bad that I scrapped the whole plan, so to speak, and built this instead…so you can see in the image above that some of the boards don’t line up perfectly and that I didn’t even bother to sand or fix them.

I think my actual dimensions ended up right around 2.5 x 3′ for the surface and it still fits his race track, not to mention his entire body just fine!  My house is small and I feel like this coincidence actually worked out nicely.

Below is another photo so you can see how it sits in the room where it lives! Perfectly underneath the Low Loft Bunk!

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