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Need gift ideas for Christmas? On a budget? WalMart sells these beautiful glass Christmas Tree Jars for around $5. Fill with a favorite – preferably colorful – candy and tie with a beautiful ribbon. This should cost you no more than $9 or $10 dollars, depending on the candy you choose, and whether or not you need to buy the ribbon. This lovely gift will be enjoyed year after year by your recipient, as they pull out their Christmas decor and contemplate the type of candy to fill it with.

WalMart sells peppermint, red and white striped, dinner mint “like” candy in bulk…very inexpensively. For my purposes, I chose a dark green wrappered ‘mint truffle kiss’ by Hershey, a light green wrappered Dove Chocolate candy, and a gold wrappered Lindor Truffle candy, and layered them. The colors are fabulous inside this glass jar and work well with my olive green sheer ribbon, but the cost was significantly higher than if I had used the original dinner mint candy I purchased.

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