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With School sessions right around the corner and Back to School Night fast approaching, I find myself gravitating toward vintage and handmade school and learning related design items (likely to blame on Poppy Talk Handmade’s recent Back to School Market). As I watch my little man bounce around the house (ok run at full speed is probably more appropriate, but I will pretend for a bit) I notice that he is constantly drawn toward my own antique and vintage utilitarian collectibles (sigh..).

He bangs on my vintage typewriter like nobody’s business and thumbs through my antique book collection, gently (ya right), curious about the words and illustrations on the pages.  He rearranges my turn of the century lighter collection at least 3 times each morning and uses my paper maché dress forms as his army guy targets.

I know…I try to let him explore and fill his curiosity till his hearts content, but do you know how hard that is for an A type personality?

This got me thinking that perhaps my recent fixation on school time curiosity cabinet items might be something beneficial for him, as well as fun for me.  In reflection, I realize that by placing educational items in my decor I have sparked a fascination for learning and an interest in how things worked years ago.  By explaining what some of these seemingly ancient machines were used for, I have unknowingly and quite accidentally, I assure you, given him (at the ripe age of 2.5) an idea that things evolve and change.  A glimmer of light is beginning to burn in the back of his mind, and a new understanding that not everything is present tense and in fact many things that have shaped our environment are quite a part of a bygone era.

Below are some amazing Design Finds that can and should be used in Kid’s Room Decor, based on this very appropriately timed, Back to School Night Theme.  Nothing too precious that a youngster shouldn’t be able to play with or explore and everything either hand made or vintage.  Regardless of your child’s age, these items should help spark a new found enjoyment for learning and creativity.  Broaden their horizons…in style!

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