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DIY + Projects Roundup: Hardware Store Chic and Recycled Parts

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This weeks DIY + Projects roundup takes us into the world of recycled parts and left overs made fabulous!

For all of you boys out there reading my little old blog…take a bit of inspiration from the first row of projects and take it upon yourselves to surprise your wives and girlfriends with a little something that will satisfy the both of you. This vanity mirror is a car mirror and a gorgeous one at that. So completely delicate and feminine yet definitely from a masculine line of thinking! Gorgeous! These candlesticks…both clever and so wonderfully industrial chic! I think a little Man Crafting is in order! Not sure what that is? Well you can read all about that here…I would love to know what manly crafts you come up with…definitely love to have you share, I know how clever you all are!

I am loving these examples of recycled tins used for organization. I think it’s environmentally responsible and completely adorable with a bit of industrial goodness mixed in! Not to mention your own monster mashes can’t really harm these recycled tin crayon and pencil least not that much, I think…well most likely they can’t. At least if they do destroy this, you can simply eat a bit more or drink a little more often and make another one?

How about making a fabulous sunburst mirror from a random group of yardsticks you may have around that you don’t really use anymore…or perhaps you can buy some simply for this purpose and let it inspire the inner builder and number lovers within your kiddos! I know all of you who follow and build end up with a myriad of scraps in various sizes and lengths and shapes. why not sand them out a bit and let your kids go crazy with markers, paint or any other thing and breath some new life into them. Otherwise you would most likely throw these out, am I right? I have hundreds of left overs exactly like this! Now I know what to do with them, since the hoarder in me can’t bear to throw them out!


Projects and Inspirations can be found, in order of appearance: Candlesticks, Mirror, Tea Tins, Tin Can Storage, Yard Stick Mirror, Blocks

Original Works and Credits can be found via the sources listed above.

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