DIY + Projects Roundup: Lighting by Lindsey Adelman

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So, there are DIY Lighting Projects, and then there are DIY Lighting projects…if you know what I mean… These my friends, would be the latter. Behold, Lindsey Adelman, that sweet sweet new bff of mine! I swear it’s mutual? Ok, I mildly promise? Alright, it’s a one way street, what can I say, I am her newest stalker! I came across this first project a while ago, maybe a year ago now, but alas it was lost in the pile of rubble that was my last computer… BUT, then I re-found this, thanks to Pinterest, and was once again reunited with my long lost DIY partner in crime (yes we already covered the fact that she has no clue who I am…let’s move on from that alright! Let a girl dream can’t you?) anyhoo, as I was saying… only to discover that she has 3 full DIY projects with parts and diagrams for 3 separate and AMAZING Light fixtures! *Sigh* I heart her… a gal after my own DIY heart and one whom I greatly respect for not only making an amazing array of lighting that she sells, but finding a way to give back to us little people (as in me, I’m little…) and throw us a little DIY bone! Can I get a Yahoo? Amen

Did I tell you? Amazing…I have my eye set on the first one, without doubt! Though I am always loving a little clamp on light fixture.

Images via: lindsey adelman and project instructions can be downloaded here, here, and here

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