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This project couldn't be easier and might even be done for next to nothing. Old magazines, paper, fabric, just about anything can be used to create these cute little bird cut outs. I am providing a sketch that can be used as a template, but you can use any bird image or other image you fancy. Just print out your image and then cut it so you have something to trace onto your paper or fabric.

I chose cross stitch fabric for my background because I liked the color, it came prepackaged and had a texture I liked. It was $3.99 for a 15×18″ rectangle and I used the glass from my frames to cute 2 pieces to size. You can use inexpensive poster board, cardboard would be interesting, or anything you have around the house that will give you a surface for applying your shapes.

I found 2 rolls of gift wrap at Michael's yesterday that were wonderful and wonderfully priced at $.99 per roll. They acted as the jumping off point for the color story I was working with for this project. I also purchased a 54 sheet pack of heavy card stock, patterned papers, sized 4×6 because I don't happen to have access to magazines at this point in my unpacking.

I traced, I cut, I arranged my little friends in a way that was pleasing to my eye, and then I measured for placement. This was the most difficult part of the project, but I began by finding the center in each direction and roughly measured my fabric in thirds. I used Scotch Mounting Squares, that I cut in half, to apply the birds and give them a bit of depth. Hang and enjoy!

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