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Happy Memorial Day

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This Fabulous Memorial Day Weekend has me in completely immersed in summertime splendor. Of course no summer season would be complete without the backyard bbq! I am so excited to be having a bit of a small shindig myself this very fine day while my family is visiting and I plan to pull out all the stops and make it larger than life with the small details… it’s always in the details isn’t it?

Meat is most likely a staple, but the side dishes, drinks, and desserts are where the fun begins!

I adore this method of serving a tomato salad. The recipe for this beauty below uses feta but I will be giving this a try with mozzarella in a bit of twist on the Caprese Salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and basil! It’s the presentation that seems like it would work well for one of my absolute favorite dishes with thinly sliced mozzarella rounds placed perfectly between layers of the tomato! You have got to love the french fry/potato chip side dish in a fabulous paper wrap and cooked in a healthy way…baked! The recipe for the dish shown below uses amazing Indian Spices, but for today I am thinking something simple like salt pepper and a touch of vinegar might be amazing!

Margaritas and beer are the epitome of a summertime fiesta, but the calories are something many of us could do without…am I right? Enter my girl Betheny and her skinny girl margarita…love it! But let’s not leave out the kiddos…serving traditional lemonade in mason jars on ice is such a fun festive way to bring the party outdoors and really make it special!

Of course if you prefer the Strawberry Daiquiri or Strawberry Margarita to the Standard Margarita, this would be such a fun way to serve it up and you could make some virgin daiquiris for le kids which would be such a wonderful strawberry ice treat! I am fairly certain that just like the paper umbrella, every drink would be that much better with a red and white striped paper straw!

Strawberry Shortcake is another childhood favorite of mine that I have taken into adulthood with complete joy, but this strawberry shortcake popsicle is a splendid way to serve it on a hot day! This adult freezer pop seems like the most exciting and ingenious way to bring a bit of the child like romance of summer to the big kids in my life! Mainly me…

But nothing, oh nothing says summertime fun to me like Smores! Oh how I adore the smore! Did you know there is a National Smores Day? True Story!

I can hardly decide which to make…maybe all of them?

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