Hitched: Sultry Color Palette for the Romantic

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This post kicks off what I hope you will feel is a fun and exciting new adventure! As I have been doing a bit of remodeling on the old Blog, I have also been doing a bit of mental remodeling, and assessing what it is that inspires me and brings me that warm and fuzzy feeling of having my design fill satisfied (is it ever actually satisfied? NO).

I have discovered (or simply become more aware) that some of my greatest sources of inspiration are not actually related to Interior Design and in fact stem from Fashion, Travel, Paper Goods, Product Design, and the very important and high on my list…Weddings! There are likely a million other fabulous things that I draw inspiration from and perhaps I will expand into sharing them as well, we shall see…

With this new series I am also launching a new addition to my Room Service offerings (actually a few)…I will be posting on this later so stay tuned…

For now, I share with you a sultry, spicy, and colorful affair inspired by exotic locales, with a richness of color and culture. If a place holds fond memories or represents something special to you, then recreating that moment or feeling is a fabulous way to bring that nostalgia to an event and share it with others.

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