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Hydrangea Topiary Eggstravaganza

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Project Image

This project was so simple and has had such big impact in my Family Room, that I’m thinking it may be used at other times of the year aside from Easter and Spring! At least I am hoping so, perhaps even hopping so? Like that Easter-ish humor?

Supplies needed for creating your own Hydrangea Egg Topiary:

Medium sized Styrofoam Egg

2 – 3 Silk Hydrangea Stems – can be purchased from most craft stores

Gorilla Glue Super Glue

That’s it, so simple!

Perhaps you can see in the image above that I actually had a little over 2 full stems of Silk Hydrangeas, 2 of which were missing large portions so it worked out to a little over 2 full stems of blooms total.

My cute little egg, isn’t it adorable? I kind of enjoyed it in it’s original state, and thought about leaving it like that, but then I thought that might make for a fairly boring tutorial? Just saying…

This is what the stem full of blooms looks like up close and personal, from underneath. You can see it’s made of tiny individual blooms and like all fabulous silks will do, each one can can be pulled off (and put back on when needed).

This is the step I attempted to get my Monster Mash involved, I figured it couldn’t be messed up at this point and he is always a fabulous taker aparter… so I put him to work! That lasted for 2 seconds and then he got bored, oh well, I tried!

A pile full of bloom-like buds…

Have your Gorilla Glue Super Glue ready, armed and prepped for gluing!

And so began the push-pin-like technique I employed for the entire circumference of the egg. I started at the tip top and worked my way down in a circular pattern with a bit of space between blooms.

By leaving space between the blooms, it allowed me to fill in by placing the blooms for the next row down and between the 2 just above in the prior row, or in an every other type of pattern, or a diamond shaped pattern, alternating positions on each row. Not that this is crucial but I wanted to get the most use out of my blooms to be sure I had enough, which I did precisely! I did this all the way down, and then with a few left over filled in the areas where I had left too much space. Voila, beautiful Egg Shaped Hydrangea Topiary!

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