Retail Therapy with Livette La Suisette

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There are those times, when you stumble upon a store that has so many amazing things, you pretty much fall in love… There are also those other times when “meh” is all that comes to mind, but this isn’t one of those that I am about to share with you, fear not!

For those of you who played along with my Nursery Mood Board using Neon and Neutral, some of these items may be familiar to you. I thought it was worth while to share one of the amazing stores I found the items from… retail therapy at it’s finest I tell you! Livette La Suisette is filled with eye candy from stem to stern, it’s sure to bring a bit of interest to your kiddo’s décor, not to mention their fashion styling. The variety of items they sell is quite amazing, you won’t be disappointed, I’m sure of it!

So fabulous don’t you think? Adore…

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