Springtime Garden Delights

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My garden is in full bloom right now, my allergies tell me as much before I even begin to see the springtime delights appear! I love a variety of colors and textures to play off one another, especially in small space gardens, which is what I have, and must fully embrace. My philosophy for small spaces is that aside from requiring a clever approach to functionality, you may as well pack them to the gills with everything you love. After all, small spaces will appear as full and lush landscapes, much more quickly than large sprawling grounds. That very well may be one of the only benefits of small space gardens aside from easier maintenance, but I’ll take that any day of the week!

What’s a-bloom in your garden right now? Are you still in the throes of winter-like weather? Knee Deep in muck from snow melt and run off? Maybe spring snuck up on you like it did for me and suddenly you have almost missed the entire spring season as it relates to the temperatures outside? Seems like we go from 0 to 60 here in my neck of the woods with winter turning into blazing hot summer much more quickly than I am typically prepared for. I was able to snap a few shots of this very brief time of year and hope to enjoy them electronically once the heat sets in.

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