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Two New Online Mags to Keep on Your Radar

06.07.11 By //
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For those of you, who like me, love some good eye candy, and fabulous inspiration, you will not want to miss out on these 2 new online mags. They are only just this minute making their debuts, and of course by this minute I mean some time in the last week, give or take!!! I could die a happy gal surrounded by these amazing FREE online mags. So many that I am seriously loving… oh happy day!

The first up on the list is the fabulous est mag: Global living with an Australian Twist. Most of us are aware of how stylish those Aussie’s are, so this should be an easy love affair to begin!

The second new Fab Freebie is Styled. the art of merry making. This beauty is all about parties, events, and reasons to celebrate with a fabulous smattering of DIY Projects! You all know how I love those DIY Projects. Obsessed is more like it!


To view these mags and revel in the splendor, simply click on here for Est and here for Styled! Let’s give a warm welcome to these fine specimens of inspiration and show them a little love, eh?

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