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I was feeling the need for a sweet cupcake inspired table for my little family's Valentine's Day dinner. I took the remainder of my color story from my wedding bouquet (to be shown at a later date with a DIY tutorial) and added elements from around my house that I already had.

I used 4 silk flowers (counted by the number of stems, since one stem can have multiple flowers) that remained from the making of my bouquet and trimmed 3 of them down to bud vase height. A couple of the stems had more than one flower on them, so I removed the extras and I beheaded the 4th stem completely. I placed a series of mint julep cups (these can be purchased inexpensively, are fabulous as vases and obviously beautiful for drinking out of as well) around the table for that tarnished silver ambiance that I find soooo romantic and added a votive candle to each. If you have never paid attention to this before, take a look at any silver you may have, that has not been recently polished…pinks, browns, greens…its beautiful!

I used the china from my wedding registry, which has a beautiful romantic quality to the design, and mixed and unmatched estate silver at each place setting (also tarnished on the handles a bit).

I keep a silver (yes tarnished) candelabra in the center of my table, most of the time, and two silver candle sticks on either side of it. So other than setting the table and scattering a few added elements a table-scape can come together fairly quickly.

I added 2 jar candles that formerly sat atop my wall piano, and then scattered the leaves and branches from a few of the silk flowers around the center of the table as well.

Then I added cupcakes to each place setting and a few to the table-scape as well and voila…beautiful table!

This table-scape would also work well for a tea party theme or girl's birthday…it's a celebration of pinks, browns, greens and whites.

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