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So, I am dying to know…what’s in your toolbox? Are there any tools or tips and tricks you have that work wonderfully or perhaps don’t quite make the cut? For those of you who hang with us on the FB Fanpage you are aware that I have been in dire need of a new sander. So much so that I will be honest, my projects have fallen way behind. With a toddler in tow for all of the building and projecting I do, not having the right tools on hand to quickly get the job done, make those jobs exactly that…jobs. Part of my sanding problem is that I am a smaller person with tiny hands and most powerful sanders are either bulky and too large for my hands to hold comfortable for any extended period of time or they are simply to heavy, and sanding for ANY period of time is miserable and exhausting. Like jack hammer driver exhausting. Not so good for checking things off the list!

But, I finally pulled the trigger and got a new sander. I chose a 1/4 sheet sander by Makita that is only 2 pounds and had the highest rpms for it’s price point and the weight and hand hold simply can’t be beat for what I need. So far, a dreamboat, and that is not an exaggeration. Not to mention the sanding sheets are $1.97 per package rather than the $4 plus I was required to purchase for my previous sander. You can read the review of that here. It’s got quite a few features, but the fatigue and bulk were finally more than I could handle and the cost for paper, quite prohibitive.

It’s true love I tell you!

I mentioned in this post here, that I am a fan of drills with cords. There is no doubt there can be irritation with having a cord and most likely an extension cord in tow at all times. But I will tell you what a bigger irritation is…having a drill with batteries that isn’t ready when you need it to be. See, friends, I don’t live in a house where there is a hubs who gives a crap about tools and building. The hubs has his priorities, and those just aren’t them! But somehow he has this uncanny ability to foil my best laid plans and say…turn off a light switch that happens to be connected to the only plug where it’s logical to charge a battery pack or perhaps to misplace the crucial ingredients to an impending build, whatever they may be (ahem…countersink bits, kreg know important stuff).

While it isn’t the most convenient to cart a cord around with me that weighs almost as much as I do, it IS ALWAYS convenient to be able to use my drill wherever (thanks to my 1 million foot long extension cord) and whenever I like! yahoo

Perhaps one day I shall migrate to a tiny little impact driver with a lithium battery and not worry about the hubs losing my stuff, until then…it’s all cords all the time!

I use a DeWalt Miter Saw for the majority of my cuts. I adore this tool because it’s fast, easy, precise and completely functional…except when we are talking about wide cuts. Actually even then I might just flip the board and line her up as best I can because it’s just fast and simple. This tool to me, has so much power yet is the least scary of all the saw-like tools in my arsenal. Even my jig saw wigs me out a bit…probably just me, I tend to be a scaredy cat! Whatyagonnado?

Ah, now we are getting to some of my new toys…the hail mary to my board fastening…a ginormous CLAMP MONSTER! Can you see how beefy this friend is? Large and in Charge! no more struggling to secure boards that are wider than my arm span. nope!

Of course you can’t miss that beauty underneath my post and clamp…My new table saw! which I am thoroughly terrified of, but have in fact used with moderate success. I suppose I need just a tad more practice and perhaps some cajones…you know what I mean!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of What’s in Your Toolbox…we will continue with some other fabulous and favorite tools and products of mine! Would you like to share what’s in your toolbox? I would love to make this a regular series sharing reader tips and tricks…send me an email if you would like to contribute, even if it’s to share your follies..I have plenty of them, good thing I can laugh at myself.

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