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A Monster Mash Toddler Storage Cubby Desk

07.15.11 By //
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Aside from the Low Loft Bunk I built for Monster Mash, This desk has been the best thing that ever happened to MY FEET! And of course by ‘my feet’ I loving refer to the fact that it’s the perfect storage cubby containment for those deadly leggos and other terribly painful things like train tracks! Yes deadly and terribly painful…any of you with toddlers and kids who adore leggos, small cars, train tracks and other tiny, sharp, little things know exactly what I mean! eek!

I began this build with the intention of making the Ann Marie Storage Cubby Shelves, and since I didn’t have a car that could carry a whole sheet of MDF…I had my local Home Depot cut my sheet down into the appropriate measurements.

Of course they did a mediocre job on my cuts…after the grumpy gentlemen argued with me for 5 minutes about how all of the cuts couldn’t possibly fit on one sheet. Of course they could…and no I didn’t need him to shave off a 1/4″ here and a 1/4″ there, thank you very much! Ugg…so back to the drawing board where I determined that my mis-measured (and mis-cut)pieces could be cut down and modified (even further) into the Desk! yay…and truly it was a happy accident because the desk gives MM a fabulous place to play with all of the toys we have stuffed into it!

Estimated Cost

About $25 since I already had paint and some of the trim pieces.

Lumber Used

I used 3/4″ MDF for the Entire unit with 2×3 legs and 1×2 mdf trim pieces with the exception of one 1×3 trim piece on the top trim of the cubbies.

Finishing Technique

I used Rustoleum Stone Gray (I think) in High Gloss to create a durable washable surface and make it easy to get into all of the nooks and crannies on this piece. Spray Paint was definitely the way to go for me since I get a bit lazy sometimes and for me lazy = sloppy and drippy, so this was really best for everyone!

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