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The first stop on our Book Tour…that’s right I’m touring, right from the comfort of my own messy house (the best kind of tour, am I right?)!

I am excited to say I have been given the great honor of reviewing a few amazing books from the fine folks over at Chronicle Books!  Some of you who have been with me a while, already know that I am a bit of a bookish nerd…There are just no two ways about it. That combined with my insane need to collect and hoard crafting supplies and tutorials (you should see my browser bookmark folder) makes the first stop on our Book Tour and especially exciting one (for me)!

Paper + Craft that delicious piece of work you see below…brought to us by my new fave bff’s (ok, so they have no clue who I am..but whose counting…or listening, or whatever) Minhee & Truman Cho, founders of the stationary company Paper + Cup!

The cover alone had me at hello.. Couldn’t you just die…die! So swoon worthy don’ you think? Let’s take a peak inside to see if the dream lives up to the reality (ok, so I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and IT DOES!) … Yahoo…feast your eyes on this beauty. For those of you who adore photography, crafting, hoarding, or day dreaming about photography, crafting, and hoarding…This is definitely an investment you should consider making!

I have an obsession with paper craft and art, among other things…

Of course I am drawn to any and all DIY projects for house and home. Pretty sure you all know this by now (where have you been if you don’t? we must have words…), but just in case you don’t and even if you do, to add something to the mix the I love almost equally (mentioned above) would be the collecting of supplies required for completing said DIY projects for house and home. Needless to say that the first image above, with the tray of goodies being used for making some of the beautiful paper crafts, has me heading for the door to find me some pretties and ready to get to work on giving something a try. I have a case of the Crafties…whatyagonnado?

Oh dear friends, I know how you all love a good silhouette project. Go grab a copy of this book, and get to work…and then send me a pic of what you made! Swapsies?

You will be able to make a recipe book, collect the required supplies (did I mention I have a things for this?) and make something stunning from an ingredient as simple and yet so completely elegant as paper. Surely one of man’s finest accomplishments! And now this book, which allows us to wield paper into the most amazing décor I have seen in a while…sigh…I suppose you know what I will be up to this weekend while I am finishing the build of my BED!

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