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Color Connection: Honeysuckle the 2011 Pantone Color of the Year

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Pantone has released their 2011 color of the year! Last year's color was turquoise…do you think they hit the nail on the head there? Most definitely did…just take a peak around blog land to be sure. Just in case you haven't noticed the extreme overabundance of that beloved color…

Below are the other colors in this regalia and one of them may be a tad familiar to you all as the color I happened to mention here as one of my color picks for the coming year!  Funny, no?

While this doesn't appear to have much to do with decor, you may be surprised to know that the two inspire each other and tend to reflect and compliment one another beautifully.  While Fashion takes center stage as far as being in the public eye, you can bet your bottom dollar each of these designers take a cue from their environment and surroundings and that doesn't only include nature…their homes, places they travel, the setting for a garden party, they all have their contributions to the collections we see coming down the runway!

What we see in fashion we can virtually guarantee to see in home decor and lifestyle products…take a look around this year and notice the entry of some of the colors above, I promise you will find them.

As you head out to the paint store this season to purchase paint for all my Built projects…keep a fresh eye on some of these options, you will be ahead of the trend so to speak, since it take a bit of time for them to trickle down to main stream merchandise…

A few of the dresses sketched by the designers who helped shape this list of colors:

Do you love Pantone? Why not give the Pantone Inspired hotel a try? You don't live near Brussels? Well, I can't really help you there…but you know I luv ya!


Images from Pantone

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