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It’s finally done, and I think you will love it!…This room presented a challenge in that it is visually connected to the Living Room yet is a separate room with a separate purpose.  While I love the plan we did for her Living Room it would be a bit monotonous to continue the same exact style into her Dining Room.  That being said, having her Dining Room stand out like a sore thumb isn’t exactly high on my list of jobs well done, either.

No, what we need here is a complimentary design plan that isn’t too matchy matchy with her Living Room.

Let’s take a peak at her current room:

Here is the concept behind this color scheme…

The color scheme in her Living Room was very much about the shades of green in medium tones with white, black, and brown as the anchor colors. Well this room is just a smidge different in that I am still focusing on shades of green and yes there are a few medium toned items here, but the majority of the green is focused on the opposite ends of the spectrum nearing bolder darker more mustardy greens and lighter more silvery sages (spell check keeps telling me my color descriptions don’t exist…well I shall just beg to differ!).

Also rather than the brown being so prominent I am going to recommend she add a medium to dark gray. It still compliments but it adds a bit of individuality to this room. I am recommending she paint her accent wall which is currently brown to a gray somewhere in the range of the colors listed below:

Paint for Accent Wall: Behr (any brand will work, they just have an easy online center): Puddle, Gray Area, or Granite Boulder.

Let’s talk about the items I have chosen:

1. These window treatments are bold, very dramatic…yep I LOVE them!  However, it really isn’t necessary that they are these exact panels (especially since these beauties cost a pretty penny).  The idea is that she put up a panel that has a dramatic pattern with a white background.  this could be a white and gray fabr, white and green, white and black, it would all work well but definitely something with this mustardy green color would be my preference here.

2. Loving this print that was part of the inspiration for the Playroom Design Dilemma One of my favorite aspects of this is that she can either purchase it here, or she can easily make her own using white card stock and a beige or mustard green color paint and some plant life from her yard.  Graphic prints really look good almost always and it doesn’t really matter what the subject is.  She can use this tutorial for printing details: Spring Garden Pillow Project

The artwork next to it is fabulous and can be purchased at Ballard Designs.  Any artwork she likes with these colors will be amazing her on this shelf.  I encourage the attempt at creating art yourselves folks…It really isn’t the subject that matters its the color composition, and you can get creative by mixing the colors ofyour room in abstract long as you don’t make mud (we all remember finger painting in our youth and what happens when you get too crazy with the mixing) you should be fine.  Unless you color scheme is similar to mud in which case you are fine either way!

3. I couldn’t resist these apples to bring a bit of those medium tones into the room.  A little bold statement fitting for a place of eating!

Also these artichokes..just perfect in a room like this since they are green!

4. Simple Floating Shelf Display…yep I did these plans this morning and they are a snap to build!  Perfect for her newly begun milk glass collection…

5. I wanted something substantial in size here but that would bring a bit of ambiance to the space.  These hurricane type lanterns are fabulous but any other large candle holding object that is black would work well also…like these Mason Lanterns

6. I decided that her best option would be to entertain with sage colored dishes…I know, I’m obsessive about design, I am trying to dictate what she eats with…what can I say, would that be amazing!  This option is from Potterybarn , but I just know that Target or even a discount store (I saw mint colored dishes at my local dollar store the other day) would have several pieces more affordable

7. The Belgard Cabinet you might remember from her Living room Design Plan. This is an area where I chose to tie the rooms together just a bit.  Since the buffet and the media cabinet are along the same wall, I figure this helps it not look dysfunctional…

8. Urns and Ferns…a perfectly green addition to the top of the buffet.  The link I provided leads to a post I did outlining affordable options for urns and ferns…this particular image in the Mood Board is my actually urn and fern that sits atop my own buffet (also in my banner).  I purchased the Urn from Target and the Faux Fern from Walmart.  I just love that I can’t kill it!

9. I showed a bench she can build herself,  that would be fabulous as seating along one side of her table if she wanted to switch thing up a bit.  The chairs she has now, will actually work well, so this is really just an option that is available to her.

This rug is from Ikea and has a fabulous price tag

10. The same goes for this slipcovered Parson chair look alike.  This one is from Z Gallerie and would be great as the arm chairs of the table even though they dont’ have arms…I just really mean at either end of the table.  Ikea sells a look alike, almost identical to this chair for less than a third of the price!  I guess they also sell a version that does have arms, but that just is’nt quite as much fun!

11. Now the items I have as the centerpiece are a bit pricier than I prefer, and DO NOT at this point have a knock off or a very fabulous stand in, but still they are oh so fabulous, maybe they might be a splurge!  One is allowed, is it not?  I suppose if she just purchased 2 of the smaller size it would only be $44 for the 2…not bad really.

12. This art was in the Mood Board I did that was the inspiration for her rooms overall…I think she would just love it, but I also think she could attempt to smear a bit of paint on a canvas in similar colors and it would be fabulous!  It really isn’t as scary as it seems, you just have to dive right in, head first!

13. This was the inspiration picture for this room, from Ballard Designs.  The Framed print, the chandelier and the green dinnerware on the table are amazing.  For her lighting in this room, that chandelier is a wonderful option, however it is likely pricey.  She can very easily use a chandelier from Ikea and add the shades…or not, and it would still be amazing!

Here are some other great options some more pricey than others…

Berkley 4 Light

Carriage House Chand

Straw Pendant

She is going to be one busy gal for a bit until these rooms are finished!

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