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I know you are all excited to see this, and would you know I was able to keep it under wraps…I was worried there for a bit, that I would spill the beans! I finished this design services project and kept the budget low by using DIY art, pieces they already own, and collectibles that can be purchased for very low cost.

Here are the before pictures for this area:

Not bad eh? The homeowner just want to pull things together and give the room a modern spin with the colors and shades you see in the Moodboard.

There were almost 4 pages of deets for this project, so I will refrain from including them here, but if you see something in this design plan that you love and want to know more about, feel free to comment and I will provide the source!

My goal here was to provide both a Shopping List of items and a list of DIY projects that could be completed at their discretion. Being able to choose between purchasing or making items makes this a flexible plan on many levels and potentially extremely budget friendly. I used pieces she already had such as her window treatments, bookshelves, and a few accessories. No point in letting them go by the wayside, if they don’t fit in the plan as is, we shall simply change them and make them work!

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