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My Tomato Surprise

07.28.11 By //

The spring brought an unexpected surprise to my garden! A glorious cherry tomato plant decided to grace us with it’s presence and frankly I was a bit floored when it did because I simply can’t put my finger on exactly how it happened.

I planted one zillion seeds last year from The Dinner Garden, as some of you might remember, and only 2 things actually grew…until now. Truthfully I’m not sure if this was from that round of seeds or if it may have been a stray from an Elmo plant with me gardening set my mom got for Monster Mash last year. Again those were planted last spring and nothing happened. I thought the birds had done a number on my seeds and had so graciously rid the garden of them, but now I wonder if perhaps they simply have a much longer germination period than I assumed? Not sure… but whether a late bloomer or a stow away from a bird this year, I couldn’t be more excited because they are so perfect and so tasty! I can’t think of anything better than walking outside and picking a few tomatoes for whatever meal I’m making at that moment! It’s just so fabulous and totally convenient! I think a little yahoo for Mother Nature is in order!

Any surprises ever pop up in your garden and do you find them just as fabulous…or are they generally more of the pesky variety?

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